American Gentleman – Bar Soap (bay rum)

Along with the shave soap Chops and Bangs sent me out a bar of soap. I decided I should review it. I mean after all we all use soap in the shower. Well most of us, some guys use body wash. I personally don’t like body wash at all, I’m just more of a bar kind of guy. I’ve never reviewed one before, but I’m going to give it my best shot.


This soap is wrapped in plastic with the TAGSCo sticker/logo on the top of the bar. Along with a little label that determines the scent, in this case, bay rum. Very simple packaging. It would be nice to see this in a box in the future. Maybe with the logo on top, some directions and ingredient list on the long sides, the name on the small sides, and a cool blurb on the back. But I get why it’s not, I mean after all most of us just chuck out the packaging as soon as we open it anyway.


Unwrapping the plastic I got a nice whiff of a classic bay rum. It was really a nice scent, one of the better bay rum scents out there. The bar itself is a rectangle. And it’s very angular cut bar of soap. It’s a nice light tan colored soap, not a color you see very often. The top has a rectangle indented in it. I’m guessing this is for your brush as this bar can also be used as a shave soap. I will try it out as one as well as its normal purpose. The back is just flat, but does have a kind of foamy look to it. This side was definitely the surface when it was being made. Now for the actual review of the soap.


At first the soap didn’t really want to lather all that well. However the more I used it the thicker the lather got. It wasn’t quite as thick as the lather from your average soap, Irish Spring, Dial, etc etc, but it did get a medium lather to it. After using it for a few minutes the bay run scent really got nice and strong! I love it when soaps do that as you shower, it makes the shower that much better. And especially on the days you’re really tired or under the weather that boost in the shower really helps.

I have been using the bar for a couple weeks now and I like the soap. I’m halfway through the bar and I noticed my skin having a nicer feel to it. It’s not a huge difference, but I noticed it and that’s what counts. I think I’ll keep using it for a while longer and see how it does. I also ordered another bar with a different scent from Chops. Mainly because I forgot to use it as a shave soap, but I also really like the soap and wanted another bar.

After using it for a few weeks I have to say I really like this soap. The scent is awesome and the soap has made my skin feel nicer. If you guys use bar soap, check this stuff out! If not into bay rum don’t sweat it, he has a bunch of other scents to choose from. So go get one from his etsy store
Check out his other products as well he has all kinds of stuff on there! Check back for the revisited review with me checking it out as a shave soap too. Thanks again for the soaps Chops!!

Stay fresh fellas,



One comment on “American Gentleman – Bar Soap (bay rum)

  1. Brittius says:

    Very good. The coloration of many years ago for soaps. That is a body soap, because they contain more glycerin and to tell a common soap from a body/glycerin based, you hold the soap up to a source of light. If light is blocked, it is common/general purpose soap. If some light passes through, as what the photograph indicates, then it is a body soap. The way those soaps, or any other soap used for shower purpose, is just like your shaving soap, as the soap should be pre-soaked for about a minute or two in hot/warm water, then the lather is immediately rich. Commercial shower soaps are formulated differently, they also reduce to nothing and dissolve rapidly. The product you reviewed was always considered a high-end item and was always very sought after. I think the soap with other ingredients to care for skin, that were in body soaps, made them reduce quickly but, people liked them. In the mid-1960s, was my real last memory of seeing those soap types in department stores. They were called “movie star” soaps.

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