Hello readers!

I got a really nice haul of stuff these past few weeks from all different companies. I’m really stoked to have some of these as a few are pretty rare. It will most likely take me a long time to do so, but I plan on reviewing them all at some point.

I have three pictures and I will list everything in them, underneath them in order as I usually do. Top to bottom, left to right. So here they are for ya!


I didn’t feel like laying them all out, and this picture looks better anyway! They’re all the Sioux Guitars Pomades. They are all said to have the same hold and packaging, just different scents and labels.


American Gentleman T-Shirt
Lucky Tiger – Aspen aftershave
AG – bar soap (peppermint)
AG – medium pomade
AG – medium/heavy pomade
AG – heavy pomade
AG – vegan pomade
AG – washable pomade
Black & White 90th anniversary edition
AG – mustache wax
Black & White pocket mirror
The Iron Society – original
Deluxe Pomade
F.A.E.R. Quiff Grease
Cock Grease – no x
Sweet Georgia Brown pocket mirror
Beer Scented pomade
Joltin Joe pomade
Hairgum – road line (coco)
Hairgum – road line (tiare)
Hairgum – road line (vanilla)
Hairgum – apricot/rosemary pomade
Hairgum – fig/lavender pomade
Hairgum – almond/pine pomade
Hairgum – gummy
Hairgum – matt
Hairgum – classic
Hairgum – strong
Hairgum – water
Cool Wax – shining base
Cool Wax – ultra super hard
Cool Wax – rabbit super hard
Cool Grease – mcc cream dx (aftershave cream)
Cool Grease – blue 7oz
Bs Grease plastic tub
Bs Grease tin
Dreadnought straight razor
Linetti solida brilliantine
Dreadnought razorblades
Schmiere – Doktor Corvus edition
Electric Grease – black label
Barber Side – secret sauce
Barber Side – bay rum
Bs Grease – shave soap
Barber Side – pre shave oil (lemon)
EvolutionMAN – shave cream
Dixie Peach x 50(I just didn’t want to lay them all out again)Yes they’re for sale

20130426-234725.jpgSorry for that glare spot :/

High Life – lip balm
High Life – stache wax
High Life – tattoo balm
Lucky Tiger – rose hair dressing
Grandad’s – light
Grandad’s – old fashioned
Grandad’s – heavy
Grandad’s – tin
Sweet Georgia Brown – red
E.F. Young Jr.
Slick 50 barbershop – lil red rooster
Grim Grease – green label
Grim Grease – red label
Gamma Grease – red hulk edition
Blue Dutchess
DAX – Roots bergamot butter
DAX – Roots jojoba oil
The Iron Society – original with black label
The Iron Society – firm
Duke – gel pomade(not gel)
Duke – wave pomade
ISOplus – pressing oil
ISOplus – avacado oil conditioner

I want to thank the people who sent me stuff to review, I appreciate the support guys! I will do my best to get them reviewed as quickly as possible!! I’m very stoked to try the products out so they will get put into rotation pretty quickly. And thanks to all the great pomade makers out there! I’m happy to add your stuff to my collection. My cabinet is ever filling up! Can you guess how many pomades I have?! đŸ˜‰

As I stated above, the Dixie Peach Pomades are for sale, but please email me. DO NOT comment on here please, and thank you. I have 48 left. I will be finishing the lines I have already started as of right now, but I will be checking some of these out pretty soon. So stay tuned and see what’s first. Also check the contest and enter if you haven’t already! You could win some free Dixie Peach along with some other cool stuff!

See you soon!!



13 comments on “POMADE!!!!!

  1. NOAM says:

    If you can please start with those pomades

    Hairgum, Cool Grease blue, Cock Grease no x

    those in my list to buy

    Grandad’s old fashioned, Duke wave pomade, Duke gel pomade, Slick 50 barbershop lil red rooster, Grim Grease Light Green

    Too bad they didn’t send you the Grim Grease Light Green

    i’ve tried these

    Hairgum water – good wax and this didn’t hardening at all but The sad thing He has very low hold

    Bs Grease Sucks – very Difficult to Scooping and didn’t manage to straighten my curls

    Tomorrow I will buy Hairgum strong and few more, One of them may be Dixie Peach

    I heard from The Rebel Rouser that Dixie Peach is held up in the sun and wind, in the heat he slightly melted, Hard to believe that pomade With only Petrolatum and Lanolin held up in the sun but If he said he knows what he’s talking about

    JC. Thank you for all your reviews, I read all your reviews, every morning I check If there is a new one

  2. Christopher Copeland says:

    Do you sell these pomaded? I would LOVE to try some. I cut hair & these would be great! If not, do you have a preferred resource?

    Thanks in advance, Christopher

    Sent from my iPad

  3. NOAM says:

    Sorry. i’m meant to wrote Cool Grease red, not Cool Grease blue, the blue i’m will buy soon

    And about Grim Grease Green I remember reading your review on it, you write above Grim Grease – green label So I thought maybe there is a new scent to the green, I did not know that you meant Light Green, I can not wait for your review on the Light Green

    They sent you stache wax And you dont have a mustache, I have a mustache, please send them to me and I will write review on them, LOL. Just kidding

    Sorry if there is spelling mistakes. I’m from Israel and I’m not good in English

    • jchmotox57 says:

      Oh no worries, the red is next in line. I’m finishing up the review on the yellow now so stay tuned. As for the light green, I have to review the red first then the light green, but I’ll get to it. Yeah I collect stuff like stache waxes as well as pomades. I used to have one and may grow it back out I’m not sure yet. Your spelling is good no worries! Thanks for reading! Stay tuned!


  4. NOAM says:

    Thanks you for everything

  5. Matt says:

    How much are you charging for a jar of Dixie Peach?

  6. Victor Trinidad says:

    How much are the dixie peach pomade?
    How many ounces are in each bottle.?

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