Cool Grease – Fiber Grease (yellow)

Here’s the next installment of the cool grease line. This one is the same hold as the blue, being a 3 out of 10 for hold. It’s their yellow or Fiber Grease. After using the blue and loving it, it’s now my favorite water based pomade, well grease actually, I was very anxious to get started on the next one. So here we are, lets check her out!


This one comes in the same style and size plastic tub with a screw top lid, only this one is yellow instead of blue. It also has the labeling printed right on the plastic like last time. I really like these little tubs, they’re really cool and stand out like a sore thumb, in a good way, in my collection/cabinet. They’re just awesome, they really make a nice addition. Anyway, the lid has “Fiber Grease” right across the center of the lid in some cool retro lettering, along with a checkered background. Does that mean this pomade is made for wearing in a garage? Or a 50’s diner/soda shop? Or is this the finish line? Either way it’s pretty cool. Just underneath the name in that same area is “water type” which is on every one of their products that I have. Above the name area in the checkered background is “Special Making!” and below is “manufactured by fine cosmetics.” Pretty cool design, I like the classic look it has.


Around the side is a bunch of stuff like the last one. To the left of the name is a little greaser dude sporting a nice pomp. Next to him it says “Be Fiber! Instatly” they forgot the “n” oops. In a checkered box it has “Fiber Grease” again along with “water type.” Then to the right of that is a blurb about the pomade like last time. Finally is the ingredient list and company info, in Japanese again, and the barcode. Pretty similar to the last one, but some differences at the same time.


Just like the other one, when I unscrewed the lid I saw the clear plastic disc covering the pomade. I’m not sure why they do this, but I think I like it. It keeps any of the pomade from spilling out of the tub. And like the last time this stuff is packed to the brim, I love it! This pomade appears to be silverish in color. I pulled the disc off. My nose was greeted with the nice scent of citrus pop, so far each one I’ve tried smells like soda pop. This one smells like a lemon-lime and grapefruit pop. Makes me thirsty. However, if you smell this pomade too much like I did, your nose and head may start to kind of hurt. I think it’s the chemical undertone of it, being a water based and all. So be careful.


I dug my finger into the tub expecting a lighter water based pomade and pulled out a heavier pomade. Huh? I thought this was a 3 out of 10? Maybe it breaks down in your hands. At closer look this pomade is clear with silvery flakes/specks in it, kind of like the ones in the JS Sloane pomades. They’re very reflective and there are a lot of them so they make the pomade appear silver. Still cool even though its not actually silver.

In my hands it definitely doesn’t break down at all. It has the texture of JS Sloane heavy meets Lone Star classic. Kind of a heavier, gummy, rubbery, tacky texture. It is a very unique texture for sure. And it makes me wonder if it will actually be a 3 out of 10 hold or more. Time to find out!

20130428-013738.jpgO.o huh?!

I ran my hands over my hair and I was reminded of Shiner Gold. It went in almost identical to Shiner Gold. It took me a little while to spread it around with my hands. And for sure this isn’t a 3⭐ hold, it had my hair standing almost straight up and out! This stuff feels like it will be a pretty heavy hold. However, when I combed it, the pomade felt more like a 3⭐ hold in my hair. It was very easy to comb around, just as easy as the blue was. This one did take a little while to spread evenly throughout my hair though. I had to keep combing it back and forth and side to side. I also had to add just a little to the back side of the hairs on the sides of my head, because it wanted to just stay on top of my hair.


Once I got it worked in evenly I started combing my pomp. And it definitely held more than the blue, so I have to say that this stuff isn’t a 3 out of 10. It’s more like a 7 or 8 out of 10 for hold. It holds really really well. I will see how high I can go later on in the week! And like the blue this stuff is nice and shiny!!! Yes! I love shiny pomades, especially water based ones. The hold did sort of diminish throughout the day. And by the end of the day, my hair was a good 1″ – 1 1/2″ shorter than it was in the morning and my cowlick in front was showing pretty heavily. Maybe I need more pomade? Maybe that’s why it’s a 3 out of 10? It also slightly hardened. Not like most water bases, but more like a light gel. Very soft hardened feel, but not wispy at all.


The second day I had to see how much hold I could get with this stuff. And for sure this stuff can hold your hair up high! It doesn’t allow you to get a nice full pomp that tall, but you can get a pointed one going. I left it to dry like this and it stayed! However I don’t like this look so I recombed it into a medium pomp and went about my day. In the heat this stuff softens up and isn’t hard anymore, but it retains its hold perfectly. Once your hair cools back down it hardens back up. I am starting to dig this pomade quite a bit. I don’t really like that it hardens but it is recombable so it’s not too bad.


At the end of day I wanted to check the shine on it. So I snapped a pic and took a look. This stuff is way shiny!!! It’s really really shiny! I really like that a lot about this stuff. Then I rinsed it out before I went to bed. I noticed that after a couple day using this stuff my hair was silky soft. I mean like baby hair soft.

I don’t know what this company puts in its products, but man, these are awesome!! They smell great, work fantastic, wash out with just water, and leave my hair super soft. You have to check this stuff out! Even if you aren’t a huge water based fan, you should give it a try. This stuff is pretty awesome. You can find it on either or when it’s up or
And I suggest you give it a try, it really works great! Next from them I will be checking out their red one.




6 comments on “Cool Grease – Fiber Grease (yellow)

  1. NOAM says:

    slightly hardened. this is not for me, i hate pomade that hardened, this look like my Lone Star Super and And I’m not satisfied with this pomade, Because it hardened so i will wait for your review on the Red

    Hard to believe that It’s more Stronger than blue, in the website in Japan writing that the yellow is 3 out of 10 and the blue 4 out of 10

    thank you for your review

    • Adam Beck says:

      One thing I’ve found with this is that you can really maniupulate the hardness/hold by changing how wet you hair is when you put it in. What I started doing was putting it in dry, getting it relatively how I wanted, then using a spray bottle, getting it a touch wet and styling again.

      The red is pretty similar to the blue, just a small touch heavier, you may want to move on to the Cool Grease Z instead. The red is rad though, I loved it.

      I’ve also recently gotten my hands on their “Charming Pomade” (the white blue and orange one), it’s sort of like Tancho, but a little different. Shit ton of shine, not much of a hold though. Would be awesome to use in conjunction with some products with more hold.

      The whole Cool Grease line uses Parabens (Charming Pomade doesn’t), so if that’s something that you’re concerned about (my doc told me I needed to stay away due to a specific health issue), you gotta stay clear. Most water based pomades do though. 😦

      • jchmotox57 says:


        Yeah it definitely does harden more when your hair has more moisture in it. Most water bases do do that. A few don’t though. The pamphlet I received said this one has less hold than the red which is why I tried it after the blue. The red will be next then their Z pomade. I also just purchased their charming pomades, both the white and blue and the black and grey one. Along with their cock grease pomade. I still need to find their pink and purple ones. Those seem to be the hardest to get ahold of. I will be checking out their new cool waxes pretty soon as I was sent those for review a few days ago. Yeah I’m not worried about parabens I use all kinds of different water bases and haven’t had any kind of reaction or issue. I am excited to try their petro pomades though!



  2. OC says:

    Hey what up JC,

    Where were you able to find the charming pomades, specifically the black and grey one? Thanks dude!

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