EvolutionMAN – Cleanse and Shave

Today I am checking out a brand new product from a brand new company. I was contacted by Tracy from the EvolutionMAN company about reviewing one of their products for them. So I emailed her back asking what it was and she informed me of what type of stuff they have and I told her I’d be happy to. After a few weeks I received this stuff along with a stainless steel thermos bottle. Thanks Tracy, thanks Marco!


This shave cream/cleansing cream comes in a oval tube, kind of similar to a sunscreen tube or toothpaste tube. It’s a flat black tune with white writing and a shiny black flip-top lid. On the front side is a little round sticker indicating that its new. I haven’t seen one if these on a product in a long time. The main design is very simple and modern. It’s just some white lettering that says “EvolutionMAN” vertically. Then just underneath that in two languages is “cleanse & shave.” By far the simplest design I’ve seen in a long time on a product. I’m not sure if I like it yet or not though. It may be too modern of a design or something I don’t know. Very sleek and nice looking though.


On the back of the tube is all kinds of writing, much like you see on average grooming products nowadays. It starts with directions for use as shaving and as cleansing. Then there is a caution. Under those is the same thing in a different language. Towards the bottom it says that this product isn’t tested on animals, do people still do that crap? I really hope not. Along with this cream being paraben free. The there is the ingredient list, the company info, the weight, then the website and phone number.


Popping opening the lid shows a very small opening for the cream to come out. When you squeeze some of the cream out you’re met with an off-white string of cream. It has a kind of slimy and sticky texture to it so I’m not sure how it will lather, but we will soon find out. The scent of this stuff is just awesome!! It smells like a mix of orange and yellow starbursts or skittles!


I used this cream twice, once with my brush and bowl, and once with just my hands. The lather came out the same both times. It’s not anywhere near the puffy clouds of lather you get with a shave soap or foamable cream. This one is a very thin, stuck to your face type of lather. And as it lathers it turns bright white and kind of turns more to a paste than foam. The scent stays right about the same as the cream gets spread around your face. I wish it would of burst out and got stronger as it lathered, but it still smells great. Very unique scent, especially for a shave cream. I like it quite a bit.


After shaving I noticed that my face was left with a kind of slippery, silky film. Slightly slimy at the same time. I wasn’t too thrilled with this. I just don’t like that feel after I shave. I’m sure I was supposed to just leave it and let it soak in and dry to get some benefit from the cream or something, but I just couldn’t. It felt too weird to me so I just grabbed a towel and wiped my face off then splashed on some Bees Knees bay rum. My face didn’t really feel that much softer after shaving. It may be due to the fact I wiped the film off my face, but I just couldn’t take the feel on my face.


After using the cream a couple times, I’m not sure if I like it or not. I absolutely love the smell, but that’s about it. I know a lot of guys use modern creams and in that sense this stuff is pretty good. And I could absolutely recommend it for you guys. As for myself, I like the old school soaps and creams. So for you guys that like those I don’t know if this one would be for you or not. But, there’s only one way to find out, order a tube. You can order it directly from their website
I will say its better than the store bought canned creams, at least the ones I’ve used. It’s a bit more expensive, but it’s for sure higher quality. So I’d say check it out if you have some extra cash and like more modern creams and/or unique creams. Thank you again to Tracy and Marco for sending me this shaving cream and letting me give it a review. Also thanks for the extra gift guys! I love it and use it all the time when I’m riding my bike!

Well, til next time,



2 comments on “EvolutionMAN – Cleanse and Shave

  1. Brittius says:

    Give it a test. About one inch of shaving paste either onto the tip of your brush or into the mixing bowl. Stiffer brushes generally work best with pastes. [Stiff-to-Soft: Synthetic; Boar bristle; Pure bristle; Pure Badger; Best Badger; Silvertip Badger]. They take a moment or two tow develop a lather in the mixing bowl. About a minute or two if lathering directly on your face. Basic consideration for paste shaving soap is to conserve weight when traveling. Military uses this because a soldier can carry something more vital that contains weight, if weight of other items are kept at a minimum, therefore something like more drinking water, can be carried by the soldier. Also an interesting point, I can see the packaging of that product contains words of “cleanser”. All shaving soaps, when you are in the field, and there is a water source available, after shaving, the remaining soap lather is taken in your hand and used as personal hygiene soap for armpits and groin areas and a general body cleaning. Never use a shaving brush for bathing as bacteria can develop, especially while afield, and cleaning the brush may not be possible. Synthetic brushes are used as “gun brushes” because they are inexpensive but then must never be used on your face. Synthetic brushes develop less bacteria, and may possibly be okay if bathing. Synthetic brushes and the paste shaving soap are best when traveling because you do not soak synthetic brushes, and water usage is at a minimum.

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