Ginny Grease Pomade

Hey guys, I’m back the second pomade in the Slicker Thn Hell line. Today we are going to be checking out Joe’s “Ginny Grease Pomade.” I dig the name quite a bit! But will dig the pomade? After using the last I think I will, but lets check it out and see.


Now after the first review Joe and I exchanged emails and he told me he meant to send me full size tins and that he’d get em out right away. They haven’t arrived yet so we’re going to proceed with the review and I’ll depict the full tins on the next/last stop. This ones label is reminiscent of the first one, only slightly different and has different colors. In the center in the same style lettering, but this time blue and purple colors, is “Ginny… Grease” and “pomade” is just underneath that. Behind the name is a gold and purple bar and it has the stars just above the name inside a purple ring. Above the ring is the signature phrase “Cause chicks dig it slick” and below is their website. I really like these labels, they’re badass!


The sample tin it came in is the same tin as the Slicker pomade did, only this one is gold. Hahahahaha that’s an awesome touch to this pomade! I hope the large tin is gold as well, that’s just cool. On the lid is the same white sticker as last time. This one has blue writing instead of orange like the other one did. And it says “Ginny Grease Hair Pomade Sample” right across it with the website below. I really like the fact that it’s in a gold tin, makes me laugh, nice touch.


This pomade is purple to match the label. And it’s kind of a lighter purple almost a lavender. I like it. You don’t ever see purple pomades. I think I only have one or two. I’m glad to have another one! As I sniffed the purple pomade I thought I was in heaven. It’s a grape scent!! And it smells like NuGrape sodapop and grape Jolly Ranchers/grape candies. Ohhhhhhh this stuff smells so good, almost as good/better than Sweet Georgia Brown’s purple tin! Yeah it actually smells that good.


The smell made me anxious to scoop this pomade out and get it in my hair! So I dug in and pulled out a pretty soft pomade, softer than the Slicker Thn Hell. Dangit! I totally thought this one would be heavier than the first one, oh well. I can’t be right all the time. The texture of this one reminds me of Royal Crowns Hair Dressing, but more creamy than oily like that one. By the feel of it I think it will hold like RC as well, but I could be completely wrong. Last time I used one of Joe’s pomades it felt soft, but held really well so maybe this one will too.

In my hands it felt the same as the Slicker did. A nice light, creamy, greasy texture to it. It’s not overly greasy or oily in your hands, just a lighter cream feel. Almost like a light hair cream feels in your hands. I knew what I was in store for when I ran my hands over my hair, easy application and combing. And that’s exactly what I got. Absolutely no resistance to it when you’re coating your hair or when your combing it around.


It took me a little whole to get this stuff to work for me. It didn’t want to hold up the front of my hair very well and took a bit of work for me to get it to look like this. It does have some shine to it though, so I’m not too bummed. And the smell is still nice in my hair after all the combing and recombing trying to get a pomp going. Thought out the day I noticed the hold kind of go out the window. It just kept sinking and splitting on me. I wasn’t outside in the heat for very long either. I’m thinking this one is the lightest hold of the 3, but I could be wrong. The shine stayed nice all day which I was happy with. And it is recombable really easily which is also a good thing.

In the morning I noticed that quite a bit of the pomade had come out of my hair during sleep. Not a horrible thing, but it makes it hard to get a nice buildup with it coming out of my hair. When I greased up again I tried again to get as much height as I could, but the second day it was harder to pomp than the first. Really bummed me out. So I parted my hair and started combing my hair over from the back to the front to get some sort of height in the front. You can see the gaps in my hair, it didn’t have anymore hold to it the second day. I also saw that the second day the shine was a matte shine. What? How did that happen? Not a bad thing, just kind of weird that it went from glossy the first day to matte the next.


It kind I stayed in place all day, but like the first day it kept splitting and falling on me. But after the whole day, my hair was back to a glossy shine. Weird… Still glad it was shiny though. After I made dinner and put my kid to bed I washed my hair with a cleansing shampoo and most of the pomade came right out with the shampoo. It didn’t completely come out, but a lot of it came out with just one wash with an average cleansing shampoo. Could be a good thing if you use this one in between trying new pomades.

My final words on this pomade? I’m not that thrilled with it other than the scent. The scent is really awesome, but other than that this pomade just didn’t really work with my hair type. It will be one of my go to toppers though. The scent and shine really make this pomade a great topper. It may also work for you guys that have straight, thin hair. So I’d say if you have that type of hair or like toppers that smell great and shine up good, give this grease a try. To find it head over to their website
I will soon be finishing up the line with Joe’s “Devil’s Doo” so keep your eye out for that. I’m pretty curious to see how that one is going to work!

Keep it greasy,


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6 comments on “Ginny Grease Pomade

  1. NOAM says:

    Thank you about the review

    Who has more hold this purple pomade or Sweet Georgia Brown’s purple?

    I hope that Devil’s Doo Be easy to use and not like heavy pomade, in Their site written that Unlike traditional heavy wax pomades, Devils Doo is softer and easy to work into
    your hair, I really hope so

    • jchmotox57 says:

      Hey there,

      This one is lighter than Sweet Georgia Brown for me. The two would make a pretty good combo I think as well. As for the Devils Doo, from the texture I think it will go in nicely. Like the other pomades in this line. Hope that helps.


  2. Hey guys thanks for the review. Yes Ginny Grease is the lightest hold from the Slicker thn Hell collection. Good call on the comparison to Royal Crown, that was my introduction to proper pomaded, and used it for many, many years. More for minimal hold, and lots of shine. Plus I really tried to get a scent I dug. Never got nu-grape out of it my self. It’s more of a lemon/citrus anise scent. Tried to go old world for this one. I usually use it for a light hold after many days of Devils Doo, my heaviest hold pomade.
    Hope this helps clear up the weights. Ginny Grease, Slicker thn Hell, and Devils Doo being the heaviest. All with great scents, and keen shine. More shine, less wax. Just more my style.
    Thanks again for the good honest words.
    J. Capobianco

    • jchmotox57 says:


      Yeah I did get the citrusy undertones, but for some reason it smelled like grape pop to me as well. Awesome thanks for letting me know the order of holds. I’m pretty stoked to try the Devils Doo. And I have a few bases in mind that I want to use this one as a topper with. Good shine and great scent! You’re welcome, thanks for letting me review your pomades!

      Take care,


      • Tom says:

        I get scents that smell like grape from things other people don’t get it from; I think it’s just certain noses. It’s a super-sweet fruity thing and a certain brightness that’s in grape juice/soda more than anything.

        I can see what you mean about the gaps, but man, your swoop is fantastic in that last pic; I love it. Is it the combing, the cut, the pomade itself? It’s kinda hard to tell. But anyway, really, really nice bottom pic. It certainly looks weighed down to me, especially the front. Top of the line — I love it.

      • jchmotox57 says:


        Yeah I have stated weird smells from pomades that no one else gets. Like I’ve said in my reviews, “my sniffer picks up different scents I guess” haha. Thanks man I appreciate that. I think it’s a combination of all three. This pomade is a quality pomade, it just didn’t quite give my wavy hair the hold it needs. Plus I just got a fresh cut a week ago, and I combed it ALOT. Thanks for the kind words though!



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