Murray’s – Carrot Oil

A little while ago I got another shipment of Murray’s stuff from Jim. After having trouble ordering some stuff, Jim got me taken care of after a couple emails. I received my stuff a week later. Thanks for the fast and awesome service Jim!! So I got all of their conditioners, a long sleeve shirt and two grease rags. The one I am going to check out first is their Carrot Oil conditioner.

Like their beeswax and black beeswax, this one comes in a clear plastic jar with a black screw top lid. It has a single wrap around label on the jar. It’s a white label with orange and black writing. There is also an orange border. In the center is “Murray’s established 1925” inside an orange oval. Below that it says “Hair Energizer with Carrot Oil for stimulating dry, brittle and damaged hair.” At the very bottom is the weight info, 4oz. To the right of all that in an orange starburst is “Enriched with Vitamin A.” On the backside of the jar is the ingredient list, a blurb about this stuff, and the company info. Super simple layout and leaving out any kind of flashy design.


When you unscrew the lid you’re immediately met with a strong fragrance. It is a musky and floral scent, and reminds me of my great grandmother on my dads side of the family. It does have a slight hint of sweet carrot in there, but mostly smells of grandmas. I’m not too fond of this smell for a pomade. It could end up growing on me though, you never know. The color of it is a golden yellow, and it looks kind of like a darker version of their beeswax. Maybe it will perform like that one too! I like that pomade quite a bit.


As I dug my finger in it I was met with a slightly softer version of their beeswax. It has almost the exact same texture, just not as gummy/tacky, it’s a little more greasy. I have a feeling it’s going to hold a lot like their super light pomade. As soon as I worked it into my palms it turned into a light grease like their hair-glo. So I’m not sure how its going to hold, but I know it’s gona be shiny! The scent got really strong in my hands so it’s probably going to last all day long.


It went into my hair a lot like their super light and had a kind of yellowish look to it when I first ran my hands over my hair. Once I started to work it in it felt more like their beeswax, resistance wise. And when I first started combing it the resistance I got also felt like their beeswax. It has that signature Murray’s resistance against your comb. I noticed a pretty high shine before I even combed it an once I got it worked in as well. So I’m liking that about this stuff!

The hold on it is on par with their beeswax as well. Maybe slightly less of a hold, but pretty close to the same. I was kind of thinking it was going to be a lot like that one. I really liked the way this stuff made my hair look. It has a very healthy look to it. Nice and full bodied, shiny, and just healthy. The shine is on par with their super light, nice and high shine. The scent stayed pretty much the same as in my hands as in my hair.

All day long I kept getting asked what I had in my hair for the shine and look of it. But I did get a few “what’s making your hair smell like that”s. My lady was also not a fan of the scent. So that seems to be the downfall of this pomade for me. But everything else is perfect with this pomade for me. And the hold lasts all day long, no drooping at all. It’s also very easily recombable.


The next day I only added about half as much as I did the first day because every bit of this pomade stayed in my hair. Another signature Murray’s feature, but the build up is really nice with this pomade. Not like other ones that kind of drown your hair and scalp. The hold was about the same the second day. I did notice about a half an inch more height the second and third day. And the shine just kept getting higher and higher the more I used the pomade. The more days you use it, the amount of pomade you have to add each day goes down.

After a few days of using the stuff I am on the fence about it. I love how it works and how it shines up my hair!! However, I do not like the scent of it at all. I just can’t seem to get past it. It’s not a bad scent, I just don’t like it. But the pomade itself works great, and is definitely worth checking out. You can find it on their website;
They have 5 different conditioners to chose from so if you don’t think this one will work try a different one. I will be finishing these up over the next few months, but I think I’m going to review their super light next.

Take it easy,


Polished & Proper – Pre-Shave Formula

A few weeks ago I got in contact with Bree over at Polished & Proper. After a few message she said she was going to send me some stuff to check out. The first thing I’m going to use is her Pre-Shave formula.


It comes in a brown glass bottle with an eye dropper for a lid. It’s slightly bigger than the Suavecito bottle is. This one also has a wrap around label. It’s a tan background and black writing. On the front it says “Polished & Proper Pre-Shave Formula” with lines dividing the words and outlining them. Above them is a little top hat like Charlie Chaplin’s, and below is a mustache. Just above the mustache it says “men’s grooming supplies.” Very simple design, but super classy and vintage looking. The back of the label has the ingredients, directions, and the company info along with a smartphone barcode.


I sucked up some oil in the dropper and opened the lid. This oil is a little more yellow that past couple I’ve reviewed. It looks almost like vegetable cooking oil. The scent of it is very light and subtle. It took me a while to even get a scent from it because of how light the smell is. It’s a slightly earthy yet sweet smell, and has hints of almond and floral grape. I rather enjoy this scent even though it’s not very strong. But then again I don’t think I’d want an overly strong scent in a pre-shave oil. After all you want the scent of your shave soap or cream to really shine through not the oil.


The consistency of this one is slightly thicker than the past two. I’m not sure how this affects the shave as I’m still a little new to these. But, we will very soon find out! It feels more like a thick high grade mineral oil rather than a thinner essential oil. I have a feeling it might make the shave a little more difficult being so thick. I could be wrong though.

Applying it to my face also felt like a mineral oil and you can easily see the oil on my face. Unlike the last one this one isn’t soaking into my skin as fast. However, I did like the feel of this one better. And the scent was a little stronger once some airflow got to it. Or it could’ve been that it was directly under my nose. Either way I liked it. Now for the test.

20130528-233412.jpgDon’t mind that piece of lint hanging there lookin like a booger. Didn’t notice that until after I started writing this.

The shave was a little more difficult. I think it was, because the oil was still on top of my hairs and wasn’t allowing the razor to slice through them easily. I had to go back over the same are twice due to some of the hairs not getting cut. After my shave however, my skin was softer than with previous oils. So I definitely like that.

Also when I shaved with it again the following evening I noticed the shave was a lot smoother. I think I maybe just had too much growth for such a thick oil. I enjoyed it that much more the second time around. And really enjoyed how soft it made my face after both shaves.

Overall it’s a decent shave oil. It has a nice scent and works well. Plus it comes with cool labeling. So pick a bottle up and try it out for your next purchase of a shave oil. You can find it on their etsy store;
They also have a pomade and bay rum. Their bay rum will be up next! Thanks again Bree!!

See ya soon,


Devil’s Doo Pomade

We are at the final pomade in Joe Capobianco’s Slicker Thn Hell line. Today I am reviewing his Devil’s Doo Pomade. I did receive the full tins he sent me during the Ginny Grease review! Thanks Joe, I really appreciate that!! But in the spirit of consistency I’m gona use the sample tin he originally sent me. I will show the full tins and what the pomades look like at the end of this review tho for you guys. Lets get started shall we?


The layout of this label is just like the last two. Only this time the colors are red and white. In the same style writing is “Devils Doo!” On each one of the “D’s” are some horns, in the the “o’s” are a pair of eyes, and there is also a tail just under the “Doo!” The stars are above the name this time, and below is “pomade.” Just like the others “cause chicks dig it slick” is above the outer rings. And the website is below them. I think I still like the Ginny label the best, but this one is frickin rad too!


This sample tin is a flat 1oz tin instead of a tall 1oz tin. I kind of like that each one was a different type of tin, makes it unique. Just like the others this one has the white rectangle label on the lid of the tin. And the ink is red on this one and says “devils doo hair pomade sample.” It also has the website on it in black ink like the others did.


I’m really digging the color of this one the best out of the 3. It’s straight up Laffy Taffy red. It almost makes me want to eat it, but I’m not an awkward kid anymore. You can tell this one will have a little more hold than the last two because of the slight waxy look it has. But it does have some shine to it on the tin so I’m sure it will shine up my hair pretty nicely. The scent is a nice light cinnamon and pine or something. I can’t really make out the second scent but pine was the first thing that came to my mind. Either way it’s a good scented pomade.


Even though I was expecting a waxy pomade I wasn’t totally surprised to find that it was pretty soft and greasy. You can see the cracks in the surface to show the waxiness of the pomade, but its also really soft and greasy/creamy at the same time. Very unique texture. It’s kind of a hybrid of sorts I guess. I’m not sure how I like the texture though. It’s not a bad texture, just very unexpected and different. In my hands it was also very light. Just slightly less greasy than Slicker. I have a sneaking suspicion this one will hold something like that one did.

Going in my hair it was a lot like Slicker as well. It went in super easy and I was able to distribute it pretty evenly with just my hands. And I could nice a nice shine to my hair before I even started combing. I knew I would like this pomade. Doing the little combing I had to do to finish spreading the pomade was very easy. I combed just like the Slicker did, just very smooth and effortless.


The hold on this one is almost double that of Slicker on the first application. How Joe got these pomades to do this being so greasy is baffling to me. I mean I make pomade and have never been able to create a greasy pomade that holds this well! Fantastic job with this pomade Joe, it holds awesome! It also has a great shine to it as well. The scent is nice and strong once it get some air being in your hair. I really like the smell of this pomade a lot when it’s in my hair, to me it smells better. It held nice and high all day long too. The only time I noticed any kind of hold loss was when I was out in the direct sunlight for about 45 mins. But it wasn’t anything a little cold water and combing couldn’t fix.

I did notice the next morning that a lot of the pomade had come out during the night. So I don’t think the build up will be much at all. And once I got out of the shower I had hardly any pomade left in my hair. So for you guys that like pomades that don’t stay in or a lot of build up this one would be a great one to check out! I don’t mind that most of it came out at all, and I’m sure my lady will like that. It just means I won’t get much more hold the more I use it because of the very little build up. Which is fine by me because this stuff holds great on its own without any build up! And the second day was just as good as the first. I did notice a little more shine the more I used this one. And you guys know I like my hair shiny, so it was perfect for me.

I have to say I think I like this one the best out of the three from this line. I dig the others as well, but this one just worked best for me. I can definitely recommend trying this one out. And trying the other two out as well. Joe really has some great pomades on his hands and I’m really glad to have tried them. Thank you again for sending them to me and letting me give them reviews man!! I had a blast with this line of pomades but now it’s time to say goodbye. You guys should really check all three of his pomades out! You can find them at
Thanks again Joe! Below are the pictures of what the tins look like and what the pomade looks like in the tins for you guys.




I was surprised to see little white flecks of stuff in the Ginny Grease. And to find the other two overflowing with pomade!! You really get a lot in the tins!! You never see that from companies. Which is yet another reason you should buy these pomades. They also come with little prizes inside the tins. They’re little clear fluorescent red charms. A heart with a bite mark in the right side and “Slicker Thn Hell” engraved into them. Pretty cool little touch! Check these out!!




MCC • Cream • DX – Aftershave Cream

Well it’s about that time I check out another aftershave cream. This one comes from the Cool Grease company. It’s their MCC • Cream • DX. Regina sent me this one a little while ago after she had gotten a lot of good feedback from her clients about it. Let’s see how it holds up.


It comes in the same type of tub as the pomades do, only this one is a little bigger. My guess is it is a 5oz tub. It’s white with black ink printed right on the tub just like the pomades. The lid is a very simple design, and I really dig the black and white look, very old school and classy. It just says “MCC • Cream • DX” around the edge and has a sailor shaving with his knife in the center. Very cool lid logo in my opinion. This company has the coolest labeling!

The front of the tub has the name of the cream again then says “after shaving cream” below the name. This time the sailor in the center is rubbing his face as to apply the cream. To his left it says “right now good fragrance,” hmm sounds familiar. To the right of him is “grooms skin perfectly” we will see of that’s true. There is also “classic” to the right of him as well. As you turn the tub you see the cool grease logo in red just above a little quib. It also has “dispose of properly” and “made in Japan” over there. The end of this labeling is their standard Japanese ingredient list and barcode. But to the left of the front design is the sailor guy shaving again. Above him is the name and “natural flavor.” Natural flavor? I think they mean scent/smell. Below him it says “after shaving” and “Tokyo Japan.” I love how they lay out these labels, they’re really rad!


As you unscrew the lid you see a creamy light yellow substance. It reminds me of the Johnny B street cream in color and look. It’s not as shiny as that stuff though. The scent of this one is a strong menthol scent but its more of a medicated cream menthol than like an essential oil menthol. It reminds me of this medical arthritis ointment my grandmother used to use when I was a kid. It reminded me of spending summers with her and my dad and her using it every day. Not a scent I like or dislike because I’ve smelled it so often so I’m kind of indifferent to it.


Getting some of this cream out of the tub was different than most creams. It felt more like thick lotion than aftershave cream. It also didn’t have the whipped consistency like the Suavecito stuff did. This one was very creamy, almost like a pudding. When you rub your hands together the scent explodes! It was almost irritating my eyes it was so strong. I wonder what it’s going to be like on my face! It gets kind of thinner in your hands when you spread it around. But not overly lotiony or anything.


As soon as I put it on my face my eyes started clinching on their own due to the extra strong menthol. And my skin felt like it was in a walk-in freezer. Yeah it has that strong of a cooling effect! It kind of acted like a vanishing cream too. Although most of it soaked in right away there was some residue left on my skin that needed to either be rubbed in or left to soak in.


Over the course of getting ready and driving to church I noticed that the cooling sensation didn’t really go away. It took a good 30 to 40 minutes for my face to stop tingling!! I was really surprised at the stamina of the cooling effect if this cream. At one point I wondered to myself “is this going to last all day or what?” I’m still on the fence about whether I liked that long of a cooling effect or not. You guys will have to judge that for yourselves. I did notice that my face was significantly softer using this one as opposed to other aftershave creams.

Overall it is a decent aftershave cream. I’m not too crazy about the scent or the fact that it bothers my eyes when I apply it. I do like the cooling effect of it, but I don’t know if I like the fact that it lasts for 30 to 40 minutes. I absolutely love the packaging, however! So for me it’s just a so-so product. It has its ups and downs. I can see myself using it again but I don’t know how often I would use it. But if it’s something that you would like that I suggest getting a tub of it, because it’s made by a pretty good company. You will soon be able to find it off the website
I know that they’re still having some technical issues with getting the site up and running, but I’m sure that it will be up very soon. Thank you again Regina for sending this out to me, it was an awesome experience! I also really appreciate your support!!

Stay fresh fellas,


New stuff!

I got quite a few new things in the mail this week, both hair and shaving products. I’m really excited about this stuff and can’t wait to get to checking it out and review it!

So having 3 safety razors and 5 brushes I decided I should probably get a couple stands to help hold these in an orderly fashion. I also picked up a new straight razor after really liking that Dreadnought shavette. The coolest thing is that I got it all from one site and shipping was free! So check out which is also

They have a facial hair care site as well. Their tag line is “3 sites, one cart.” They have great stuff on their sites. And they will be soon carrying all of my products one there as well!!

Ok so here’s what I got, list is top to bottom, left to right.


DAX Roots – Hair Mayonnaise x2(these are for my friend Valerie)
DAX Roots – Olive Cream
Cock Grease – XXX
Imperial – Gel Pomade
Imperial – Matte Paste
Lucky Tiger – Control Stick
Cock Grease – XX
Schmiere – Shampoo(had to try the new updated one)
Dr. Dittmar – Shave set(wooden best badger brush, ceramic bowl, shave soap)
30° – Chrome stand s5
Timor – 5/8″ Blue Steel Straight Razor
Omega – Black stand
Nickel Plated Straight Razor Stand

I also contacted Bree over at Polished and Proper and she sent me some stuff out to review! What I got when I opened the box gave me a nice surprise!!


P&P – Bay Rum aftershave
P&P – Pre-shave Oil
Thank you note, sealed with wax and a P&P seal(that’s the awesome surprise!)
P&P – pomade

I have never seen a company put a thank you note in a envelope and seal it with wax and their personal seal before! That is just badass!!! Thank you Bree!! That was a really cool touch! These will be out into the rotation immediately, so be on the look out for them!

Stay fresh fellas,


Cool Grease – Red

On to the next installment of the Cool Grease line. Today we are checking out their red can, this is the other one that Regina sent me. After loving the blue and hearing great things about this one I’m pretty excited to try this one out! Thanks Regina!!!


This tub is a candy apple red color, where their others have been blue and yellow(the used reference). On the lid of this bright red tub is a big black circle with some squares with the “Cool Grease” letters in them. Looks very space age, really cool layout. You never see these types of letters anymore! Way to bring them back guys! Above the letters is the planet Saturn, and a star. Next to the letters is their signature “water type.” And below it says who it’s manufactured by. I like this design the best of all them so far, really cool!


On the front is the same letters with “water type” again in a black box. Just to the left is the guy from the yellow tub. As you turn the tub you see the most awesome little addition to a tub of pomade ever. A badass little space rocket-ship flying above “Be Cool! Instantly.” This tub just gets better and better! Then there’s the ingredients and whatnot in Japanese, along with the barcode. Finally there is the “wonderful shaping” blurb. I really like the look and design of this tub, best one yet!


Just like the others, this one has that little plastic disc. A few of my other Japanese pomades have that as well, so I’m thinking that may just be a Japan thing. Either way it’s kind of cool. So I pulled it off and it immediately felt like the blue tub. Same sticky feel as I removed the disc. When I got it off the scent was almost exactly the same as well. Only this one smelled red instead of blue. I don’t know if it’s because I’m looking at the red tub or if it actually has a slightly different scent, but it smelled red instead of blue. This one also has the same transparency as the blue. I have a feeling it will be the same as the blue, just tinted red.


Yup, it has a very light red tint to it. Making it look kind of pink because of it being so clear. It has the same texture as the blue does as well. Is this stuff going to hold any better? I mean the guide says its a 4 and the blue is a 3, but they feel the same. Only time will tell I guess. I really like the scent of this one out of the tub, more so than when it’s in the tub. Let’s throw it in!

I rubbed the pomade around in my hands and it still felt exactly like the blue one did. Just a medium weight tacky water based feel to it. The only difference I noticed between the two is that this one feels slightly more tacky, but not much. As soon as I ran my hands over my hair I noticed the difference. This one doesn’t like to go in very well. It kind of tugs on my hairs and wants to stay on the top of my hair. Most of it came off my hands as soon as I ran them back. So I had to scoop out another time to get an even coating.

Combing it was also a lot different. This one combed really resistantly unlike the blue. It reminded me of Layrite deluxe the way it kind of tugged slightly and took a while to comb all the way through. I’m not really liking this about it. I don’t mind having to do some combing, I just don’t like a bunch of resistance to the combing.

As far as more hold, I can see that it does have a little more hold than the blue, but not much. I’d say it’s more of a 3.5 than a 4, if the blue is a 3. My pomp really wasn’t much higher if at all with this stuff in it. I did notice more control with this pomade though. And the shine is a little bit higher with this one, liking that! The hold stays exactly where it you put it all day long. And it also gets soft in the heat like the blue. This one doesn’t harden like the yellow one did, it feels more like a medium waxy pomade in your hair. I love that these pomades do that!!


This one washes out with just a quick rinse of water and leaves my hair soft! Finally I have more than a couple water soluble pomade that does this! I get tired of dry coarse hair after using water bases. So this one is creeping up my list of favorite water based pomades pretty quickly. I have to give it some more time and use though.

So the second day it combed in a lot easier. It went in with my hands the same, but combing was much easier. Maybe you just need to use it more often and it is easier to comb. Throughout my using this one, one day I got sweaty and the same thing happened like with the blue. It seemed the more I sweated/it got moisture the harder it got to recomb, but still maintained its hold. When I wasn’t sweating it just recombed like a waxy medium pomade. It’s really nice!

So I have to say I dig this one as well. I think I like the blue better than this one, but I like this one better than the yellow and a lot of other water bases out there. The only thing I didn’t like was the resistance of it in my hair. Other than that, it was a great experience! You guys should definitely give this one a look. It’s one of the better ones out there, plus the tub is just badass! You can find it on Amazon or when the site is up
Thanks again Regina I really appreciate it! These were really awesome to try out, I really like both of them quite a bit. I’m waiting on a couple of their other ones to arrive from Japan so we won’t be checking another one out for a little while. But I have some other awesome pomades coming up!!

Be Cool! Instantly


Cock Grease – No X

Well guys, this company is way over due for me. They’ve been around for a minute, but for some reason I just hadn’t gotten around to buying their stuff. I had contacted them a couple times, and had planned to buy their stuff and then would find something else to buy or something. So when I ran into Rea at Viva I talked to her about her stuff and she gave me a smokin’ deal for reviewing her products. Thanks for the deal Rea, I really appreciate it!! And today we are checking out the Cock Grease No X pomade.


This one comes in a 4oz slip cover stainless tin, similar to the Rob’s Chop Shop tins. It has both a lid label and a side label. The side one is an oval label like the High Life labels. It’s just a black oval with a yellow border and says “cock grease no x” on it. The lid label is also black with a yellow border, but this one is a pointed border just inside the edge of the label. In the center is “Cock Grease” with a white and red cock (rooster) above it. There are yellow and black stripes behind everything, kind of looks like a bee. Above and below the name on top of the stripes it says “extra slick” above, and “no x keep it up all day” below. Outside the design but inside the pointed border it says “*hair pomade*” above, and “quality control” below the design. Pretty cool design.

Popping open this tin you’re shown a nice vibrant yellow pomade. It has the color of a lot of ‘hair food’ products out on the market these days. The surface looks a little gritty or grainy along with have a very oily look to it. I’m thinking this one isn’t going to have very much hold, if any at all. The scent is awesome which will make this one a great topper! It’s the sweet smell of vanilla cream cake icing! It took me a long time to place the scent. I kept thinking it smelled like a candy, but couldn’t place which candy it was. Then I was smelling it and a cake popped up on the ol’ boob tube and it clicked. Cake icing, vanilla cake icing! Fantastic smell!


Even of it doesn’t have any hold I can’t wait to get this pomade into my hair just because of the lovely scent! So I dug a finger into the yellow grease. What I pulled out really surprised me. The texture was greasy and light like I expected, but as you can see in the picture it wasn’t a typical grease. It kind of has the gritty texture and kind of rippled in a rough way when I scooped it out. It reminded me of what mud looks like when I run my finger over my chain guard or brake guard on my dirt bike to scrape the mud off of it. The mud kind of ripples in the same way. I know, weird comparison, pomade and mud, but that’s what it reminded me of.


In my hands it got really greasy when I rubbed my hands together. As greasy as it got I’m not sure how it will hold. I’m thinking I may get a low pomp with it, but only time will tell. I was surprised to see the scent kind of die down a little as I rubbed my hands together. Bummer.

When I ran my hands over my hair the grease showed up nice and light yellow on my hair and had some resistance to it as I applied it. The more I worked the pomade in with my hands I noticed it all soak in really nicely, but kept the texture. Because of the resistance I didn’t use the fine toothed side of my comb like I’d originally planned. And as soon as I ran my comb through my hair I immediately flipped it around and used the fine toothed side. It combs like butter, so smooth and easy!

I was still wondering how it is going to hold my hair so I tried to form a pomp. To my surprise I actually got some right with this grease. It was a really light hold, but it stayed pretty well. And boy is this stuff shiny! It has a really nice shine to it, I’m really diggin it! The heat of the day kind of made my hair fall down quite a bit. So by the end of the day I just went with a slick back and a high sheen one to boot.


The more I used it the better the control got with this stuff. I didn’t get any more height, but the hold was better. As the days went on I found my hair staying in place better and better. And the shine kept on gleaming each day. The buildup of this one isn’t too overpowering at all. Mainly because a lot of the pomade comes out of your hair in the night. So your hair and scalp don’t feel smothered after a few days of using this one. I did have a big problem on day 3 though. I just could not get my hair to do anything I wanted it to do that morning. So I threw on a hat and went about my day. Then I wet my hair and dried and reapplied a touch of grease. That time it was fine, I guess I just had a bad hair morning. I also found the scent to be stronger the more you use it which was a nice little turn around for me.

I can see myself using this stuff in the future for when I want a low pomp or as a high shine and good scented topper. If you guys like the lighter pomades, either as stand alones or as toppers, check this stuff out. It’s worth it strictly on the scent and the shine. You can find it from their website
They have 5 different holds, including one for the ladies out there. So if you don’t like light ones they have something for everyone. Thanks again Rea! See y’all at the next stop from this company!

Keep it greasy