I know I just posted one a few days ago, but I got some really good pomades in the past couple days and felt I needed to share some awesome additions to my collection. Some of these won’t be reviewed because they’re old and collectibles but most I will end up reviewing at some point.

Jim from Murray’s sent me out a nice care package for me and I got some rare pomades from a friend on ATP. I also traded for a couple of these and bought one for myself.


Jim sent me two of those grease rags and a long sleeve shirt with the same wolf on it.
Murray’s conditioner with carrot oil
Murray’s conditioner with pure lanolin
Murray’s conditioner with olive oil
Murray’s conditioner with shea butter
Murray’s conditioner with tea tree oil
My knight pomade
Murray’s classic salon pomade
Lander’s version of Dixie Peach(had to see)
Murray’s super light
Acme Axle Grease
Black & White 90th anniversary edition

After the Slicker thn Hell review Joe sent me out a care package, thanks Joe! I ended up scoring some new combs to review/try out from Sally’s Beauty Supply that were on sale. And I finally decided to order some Danny Boy pomade from frank.


Dr. Miracle’s strengthening cream
Rosewood and Maple pocket comb
Rosewood and Maple detangler comb
Tool Structure styling comb
Tool Structure super comb
Tool Structure long styling comb
Tool Structure super styling comb(replacement)
Support Your Local barber stickers, comb and post card
Danny Boy comb
Danny Boy pomade
Sample tin of Murray’s superior
Slicker Thn Hell pomade
Ginny Grease pomade
Devil’s Doo pomade
Slicker Thn Hell combs – black, blue, red, and green

I had been in contact with the Softee company about reviewing some of their products after I had tried their Herbal Gro and Indian Hemp. After a few emails Ed sent me off a care package. I thought I was getting a few to check out, to my surprise this is what arrived yesterday!

20130501-102450.jpgO.o dang!!!

Thank you very much Ed and the rest of the Softee family for the support and these products to check out! Looks like they sent me one of everything they carry for hair care!
3in1 cleansing shampoo
Olive styling gel
Lavender brilliantine
Brilliantine original
Cocoa butter creme
Bergamot – blue (both sizes)
Curli-Q Fondue (hair fondue?)
Argan Oil serum
Bergamot – green (both sizes)
Mango growth
Vitamin E
Herbal Gro (both sizes)
Extra Virgin Olive conditioner
Argan Oil finishing spray
Indian Hemp (both sizes)
African Shea Butter conditioner
Petroleum Jelly
Hair Food (both sizes)
Growth Oil – stimulating
Coconut Oil (both sizes)
Green Tea conditioner
Castor Oil (both sizes)
Growth Oil – thickening
Mango Butter
African Crown hair dress
Marcel Wax
3in1 daily conditioner

Dang that’s a lot of stuff for a few days! Huge thank you to Jim over at Murray’s and Ed over at softee!!! I can’t wait to get started on all of these. Thanks to my friends in ATP for swapping with me, and thanks to the other companies for their quick and great customer service! I will be starting the Softee line in about a week or two. I will be including other pomades in between each one to keep a nice flow to the blog without sticking on one company for too long.

Catch you later guys,



11 comments on “POMADE!!!!!

  1. NOAM says:

    i’ve heard that Acme Axle Grease has great hold and smell and is great for straighten curly hair, Sounds good but I just hope that this pomade Not hardened like Most water soluble

    i will wait for your reviews on the Acme Axle Grease & Murray’s olive oil & shea butter & Devil’s Doo

    This is the first time I hear about Danny Boy pomade, I Google It and the texture look good, This medium weight So it is easy to use and It comes in 6 ounce tin With cheap price, I will definitely buy it next purchase

  2. Tom says:

    Seems to me that you have enough new stuff over the last few days to get another cabinet and have another contest — and the first one isn’t even over yet!!

    Are the Murray’s with lanolin, shea butter, etc. the vintage ones you’re talking about? Have you ever tried mixing yourself? I have some shea butter stuff that’s really nice and seems to be very high quality. It moisturizes my skin so well! I’ve often thought of mixing a small amount into pomade right before I put it in my hair and see what the results are. I’m a little wary of experimenting, though. But maybe I should try.

    • jchmotox57 says:

      Ah I don’t know about another cabinet mines not quite full yet. But I do have quite a few hair care products. No the My Knight, and Murray’s Salon Classic are the older rare ones. Yeah I’ve mixed all kind of pomades together as bases and toppers and mixing them together in my palms. The butters would be good over night scalp treatments as they moisturizes your skin and will do the same for your scalp and hair follicles. Hope that helps man!


  3. Neesy says:

    What is your email address?

  4. Tom says:

    Do you know what bergamot is, by the way? Bergamot is a citrus smell — it’s kinda lemony, but a bit more high-end. It’s really nice — if you wanna try one of those soon.

    • jchmotox57 says:


      Yes, it comes from oranges peels. The blue will be the first one I review. Should be a week or two and it will be up for ya. The green will be second.


  5. Tellison says:

    So I’ve been looking for My Knight hair pomade for like no lie…….6 years! Please tell me where can I get my hands on a jar……hook me up!

  6. WOW!!! I’ve been looking for the MY KNIGHT HAIR PROMADE and some of the other products for a great deal of years! Please let me know who I should contact to make purchases!

    • Hey Merle, that’s cool you know if this particular pomade. Not too many people do. What ones are you looking for exactly? Once I know what all you’re trying to find I can figure out the best person/place for you to contact to get the ones on your list.


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