The Classics Pomade – 40’s (new scent)

Hey guys, Brian over at The Classics made another scent for his 40’s pomade! He sent me out a tin to try out so that’s what we are checking out today. Thanks Brian!!


This one comes in a stainless slip cover tin with a flat lid instead of a indented lid like the black one. This one has the same label as the the other one. With this one being on a stainless tin it almost looks like a ghost label. Pretty cool!


The pomade is the same color and looks like the same consistency as the black tin. However the scent is a little different. Instead of being vanilla pipe tobacco it’s cherry pipe tobacco!! I love this smell ALOT, it reminds me of my great grandpa. And kind of reminds me of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mainly because that’s when I was around him most and have the strongest memories of him.


Scooping it out of the tin I was surprised that it was different from the black tin. This one scooped out more waxy than creamy. I wonder if it’s going to have the same hold or not. As soon as I rubbed my hands together I knew it would have the same hold, it has the same texture as the black tin does.

Putting the pomade in my hair was the same as the last one as well. Nice creamy light feeling pomade going in and combing. These pomades, well this formula the 40’s, is becoming one of my more favored pomades. It really is a good pomade.

Even styling with it was the same as the black tin was. So this review is kind of turning into a revisited review. Because the only real change is the scent. Well the tin color too, but that’s it. I tend to like the medium holds a little better than the heavy and light holds. And this one is right smack dab in the center of the medium spectrum.


The hold lasts all day long too, which I really like. Even in the wind and moderate heat my hair was in the same place at the end of the day. Didn’t even have to recomb it throughout the day. It does recomb super easily though, if you do need to. One thing I do like about this pomade is that it somewhat washes out with just regular shampoo. Not all of it comes out, so you can still get a buildup, but it doesn’t all stay in your hair.

The buildup is really nice with this pomade. It’s not too heavy like some and it isn’t completely gone like water soluble products. It leaves a nice light buildup for a decent base the second day. I like the combing even better the second day with the buildup. I noticed a little more control with it the second day. And it really makes your hair look good the more you use it. I mean the first day is great, but it just keeps getting better the more you use it.

20130508-004330.jpgCruel Hand – great hXc band! Check ’em out!

You don’t get much more height with it the second day, but the shine is higher. And you guys know I like a nice shine to my hair. However this one is a high matte shine. I didn’t think that was possible, but it is. Towards the end of the day it starts to become a slightly matte slightly gloss shine. Kind of weird how pomades do that sometimes. I still like the shine on this one though.

Overall, this is a solid pomade. Both this tin with its fragrant cherry pipe tobacco scent, and the black tin. I definitely recommend trying this one out, the scent alone is worth it! Along with the cherry pipe tobacco you pick up other subtle scents as well. To pick up a tin from Brian, head to his etsy store
And check out his other stuff too while you’re there pokin around. He’s got a new pomade coming out soon and he has shirts as well!

Keep it greasy,


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5 comments on “The Classics Pomade – 40’s (new scent)

  1. NOAM says:

    thank you about the review

    my shipment of 5 pomade/wax and uppercut quiff qoller arrived yesterday

    I tried the cock grease X, he has very very good smell but the smell is only in the tin, on the head the smell is gone

    I also tried hairgum strong wax, he has poor smell but not disgusting like hairgum mr. ducktail

    the hold of hairgum strong wax is better than cock grease X but after I tried quite a few waxes I realized that waxes is not suitable for me and I need to use pomade

    Yesterday I read that wax is suitable for short and oily hair and he has better hold for spiky hairstyle, and pomade is for dry hair and for all length hair and better for slicked back

    I have 7 inch wavy/curly uppercut dry hair, so now I’m starting to buy more pomade and grease But still there are waxes that I want to try like AGS 90, Schmiere, Uppercut Monster Hold and few more

    Today I will try Dax Green & Gold or Murray’s Nu Nile

    JC. If you know website that sell grease with soft texture like mr. ducktail Please tell me

  2. Tom says:

    I like it when you first open up a tin of pomade and get the pure flat plane of unused pomade; it’s such a nice, pure look.

    Really nice, sharp part on the first pic. I really like how full and rich the pomade looks in the second pic. I guess that’s what you mean when you say it looks better the more you use it.

    Perhaps you should try shots from the back every once in a while; styles look good from the back, also, sometimes.

    • jchmotox57 says:


      Me too. I love getting a brand new tin of pomade and looking at it an smelling it for the first time. Yeah that’s what I meant about it getting better the more you use. I would shoot those if I could, but I can’t reach my hand at enough back to get a decent picture. There are a couple posts with the back of my head depicted though.


  3. Arrrgh noo I cant get this stuff to Australia! 😦

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