Grant’s Golden Brand – Junior Comb

Hey guys, I’m finished checking out Grant’s other comb. So here’s the review on it. It’s their 5″ comb called “The Junior.” After the Jake comb I put this one into use right away. So let’s see how this one was.

Unlike their other comb, this one is a back pocket comb. So the day they both arrived I threw it in my pocket and started using it right away. It’s a little different from your average pocket comb. It’s slightly shorter and has a rounded end on the fine tooth side. It also has some gold writing on it like the other comb did. This one says “Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade” and leaves out the USA. I like the gold writing on these combs, makes me feel like they’re better in some way haha.


So we all know how back pocket combs work. Hair gets messed up, you take your comb out, fix it and put the comb back. This one made an impression right off the bat. It being smaller makes it fall and lay sideways in my pocket unlike my normal comb that stands up. So I could feel this one more in my pocket than my other one. I’m not sure how I feel about that quite yet.


Using it on a daily basis made me appreciate the smaller comb. I was able to fix the little areas without having to recomb all of my hair like I do with the bigger pocket comb. I can definitely fix my hair a little quicker with this smaller comb.

When I do have to recomb all of my hair it takes a little longer with a smaller comb. So that part I’m not that fond of. But, I very rarely have to recomb my entire head so it’s ok. I also have to grip it a little differently when I use it because of the size. With my old comb I could just grab it, this one I need to grip the very end of it. I have to use my thumb and my index finger while its bent in toward my hand. If I try another way it just keeps falling out of my hands. It was kind of frustrating when it would fall out of my hands at first, but I figured it out as I went along.


Having used it for a while it developed a bend in the comb and the gold kind of came off. I was surprised to see it bend because my other comb never did and they’re both made by the same company. And I was a little bummed about the letting coming off, but I kind of expected it to with the use of it. As used it more and more I got used to the feel of it in my pocket. I was pretty happy that it didn’t stick out like a sore thumb the whole time.

So after quite a while using it I like it. I’m not overly enthralled with it, mainly because it’s just a comb. But I do like it. I’d say I like it as much as my other back pocket comb. I do like the look of it better. So if you need a decent pocket comb while you’re picking up pomade grab one of these they’re pretty cool. You can get them off their website
I have a bunch of new combs I will be checking out really soon, all kinds of different ones, so stay tuned!

Stay classy gents,



2 comments on “Grant’s Golden Brand – Junior Comb

  1. NOAM says:

    Kent – has the best combs, I buy only handmade combs, there are other companies that sell handmade combs, most of my combs from Kent, I also have a comb of layrite and he good but not as good as handmade combs

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