Dreadnought – Cut-Throat Razor Shavette

Well today is a first for me, in the method I’m trying, the products that I’m using and the company that makes them. Today I’m checking out my first straight razor. It’s the Shavette made by Dreadnought. I was contacted by Justin from them and after a few emails he said he would send some stuff my way. After a few weeks I received the razor and some blades in the mail. Thanks Justin! He also said he would be sending me some more stuff soon so I’m also looking forward to that!


The razor comes in a nice box. It’s a blue box with some metallic looking writing. In the center it had the Dreadnought logo along with the name just underneath it. The logo reminds me of the movie 300. Under the logo and name is the definition and pronunciation of “dreadnought.” Nice little touch.


On the other side of the box is the logo in the center again. Only this tone it kind of looks like a hologram card. Above the holographic logo it says “the ultimate shave for real men” in some all caps tattered looking writing. I guess you have to be a “real man” to use this razor. Underneath the logo it has the name of the razor “the shavette” and it also has “contains one manly shavette” at the very bottom. Inside the box the razor comes in its own blue and clear vinyl sleeve.


Also inside the box were some instructions on how to load the razor with the blade and whatnot. The razor itself is faceted with blue plastic scales that are riveted together with brass rivets. It has the logo and name on one side of the razor along with the logo on the tang. The head of the razor/shavette comes apart to allow you to put the blade in. It has two nubs to allow the blade to sit it the razor properly and not slide back into the razor. The other half has two holes to allow the nubs to rest in them allowing for a tight fit for the blade. The face is angles toward the cutting edge to allow for easy shaving. And there is a cap that goes over the two halves to keep them shut together tightly so the blade stays in.


I’m using their blades with the razor since they sent me those and I’m assuming they go well with this razor. They’re just plain stainless blades, no logo, no name, just a plain blade. So I snapped it in half and put the blade half in the razor. You can see how it sits in the nubs perfectly. They’re situated right were the holes for the posts in a DE razor would be. I closed everything up and checked out how the blade sits in the razor. You can see the tiny little bit that sticks out of the razor. Basically just a little bit more than the cutting edge of the blade sticks out to complete the face and make the cutting edge of the razors head.

The weight of this razor is really really light. So much lighter than your average DE razor. The weight feels more like a cartridge type razor. I’m guessing its the plastic sales and thin tang that make this one so light. It’s a little weird to have a razor this light in my hands, because my DE’s are much heavier and that’s what I use regularly. But I think the light weight will help me with shaving with this razor.


So I oiled up and got my soap, brush and water ready. Here we go. As I started to shave I immediately noticed that the blade wasn’t very sharp. Not nearly as sharp as my feather blades or even my derby blades are. It didn’t make the shave unbearable but I expected it to go more smoothly. The light weight of the razor really made the shave nice though. I liked how easy it was to maneuver the razor where and how I needed to to get a decent shave. The only part I had trouble with was the left side of my jaw and neck. But I think it’s mainly because I’m just not used to shaving with my left hand or with a straight razor quite yet.


Even though the blade wasn’t very sharp the shave wasn’t too bad. I do like a little bit of a closer shave, but at least it didn’t tug my hairs as I was shaving. The second time I used it I decided to try it with my derby blades and I noticed a significant difference. Much smoother shave and a little bit closer of a shave as well. I do need to get better with this type of razor in order to get a really close shave. But for my first go of it I don’t think I did too bad. And I had a really fun time trying out this razor. I think I may buy a blade and strop to use on a regular basis after using this one some more to get a better grip on this type of shaving.

Overall I was pretty happy with razor. I didn’t really care for the blade, but I could’ve gotten a bad blade. I will go back to them and officially review the blades at a later date with my DE razor to see how they work with that. I really had a decent experience with this razor and my first experience shaving with a cutthroat razor. I actually dug it quite a bit and can see myself using this razor pretty often in the future. If you guys like these types of razors I’d say check it out, it’s not half bad. You can find it from their website
They also have some other shaving supplies as well so check out the other stuff as well! Thanks again for the razor and blades Justin! Can’t wait to try out the rest of the Dreadnought line!

Take it easy fellas,



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