Cool Grease – Red

On to the next installment of the Cool Grease line. Today we are checking out their red can, this is the other one that Regina sent me. After loving the blue and hearing great things about this one I’m pretty excited to try this one out! Thanks Regina!!!


This tub is a candy apple red color, where their others have been blue and yellow(the used reference). On the lid of this bright red tub is a big black circle with some squares with the “Cool Grease” letters in them. Looks very space age, really cool layout. You never see these types of letters anymore! Way to bring them back guys! Above the letters is the planet Saturn, and a star. Next to the letters is their signature “water type.” And below it says who it’s manufactured by. I like this design the best of all them so far, really cool!


On the front is the same letters with “water type” again in a black box. Just to the left is the guy from the yellow tub. As you turn the tub you see the most awesome little addition to a tub of pomade ever. A badass little space rocket-ship flying above “Be Cool! Instantly.” This tub just gets better and better! Then there’s the ingredients and whatnot in Japanese, along with the barcode. Finally there is the “wonderful shaping” blurb. I really like the look and design of this tub, best one yet!


Just like the others, this one has that little plastic disc. A few of my other Japanese pomades have that as well, so I’m thinking that may just be a Japan thing. Either way it’s kind of cool. So I pulled it off and it immediately felt like the blue tub. Same sticky feel as I removed the disc. When I got it off the scent was almost exactly the same as well. Only this one smelled red instead of blue. I don’t know if it’s because I’m looking at the red tub or if it actually has a slightly different scent, but it smelled red instead of blue. This one also has the same transparency as the blue. I have a feeling it will be the same as the blue, just tinted red.


Yup, it has a very light red tint to it. Making it look kind of pink because of it being so clear. It has the same texture as the blue does as well. Is this stuff going to hold any better? I mean the guide says its a 4 and the blue is a 3, but they feel the same. Only time will tell I guess. I really like the scent of this one out of the tub, more so than when it’s in the tub. Let’s throw it in!

I rubbed the pomade around in my hands and it still felt exactly like the blue one did. Just a medium weight tacky water based feel to it. The only difference I noticed between the two is that this one feels slightly more tacky, but not much. As soon as I ran my hands over my hair I noticed the difference. This one doesn’t like to go in very well. It kind of tugs on my hairs and wants to stay on the top of my hair. Most of it came off my hands as soon as I ran them back. So I had to scoop out another time to get an even coating.

Combing it was also a lot different. This one combed really resistantly unlike the blue. It reminded me of Layrite deluxe the way it kind of tugged slightly and took a while to comb all the way through. I’m not really liking this about it. I don’t mind having to do some combing, I just don’t like a bunch of resistance to the combing.

As far as more hold, I can see that it does have a little more hold than the blue, but not much. I’d say it’s more of a 3.5 than a 4, if the blue is a 3. My pomp really wasn’t much higher if at all with this stuff in it. I did notice more control with this pomade though. And the shine is a little bit higher with this one, liking that! The hold stays exactly where it you put it all day long. And it also gets soft in the heat like the blue. This one doesn’t harden like the yellow one did, it feels more like a medium waxy pomade in your hair. I love that these pomades do that!!


This one washes out with just a quick rinse of water and leaves my hair soft! Finally I have more than a couple water soluble pomade that does this! I get tired of dry coarse hair after using water bases. So this one is creeping up my list of favorite water based pomades pretty quickly. I have to give it some more time and use though.

So the second day it combed in a lot easier. It went in with my hands the same, but combing was much easier. Maybe you just need to use it more often and it is easier to comb. Throughout my using this one, one day I got sweaty and the same thing happened like with the blue. It seemed the more I sweated/it got moisture the harder it got to recomb, but still maintained its hold. When I wasn’t sweating it just recombed like a waxy medium pomade. It’s really nice!

So I have to say I dig this one as well. I think I like the blue better than this one, but I like this one better than the yellow and a lot of other water bases out there. The only thing I didn’t like was the resistance of it in my hair. Other than that, it was a great experience! You guys should definitely give this one a look. It’s one of the better ones out there, plus the tub is just badass! You can find it on Amazon or when the site is up
Thanks again Regina I really appreciate it! These were really awesome to try out, I really like both of them quite a bit. I’m waiting on a couple of their other ones to arrive from Japan so we won’t be checking another one out for a little while. But I have some other awesome pomades coming up!!

Be Cool! Instantly



10 comments on “Cool Grease – Red

  1. NOAM says:

    Thank you about the review, I guess I will buy both, blue and red but first the blue, i will wait for your review on the Cock Cool Grease Xxtra Hard

    when I enter to the website of hairgoop. It sends me to, Why?

    I saw on the site etsy that you sell Frankengrease pomade, what is this stuff, I search this pomade on google and find nothing, In what year it was created and this suitable for long curly hair?

    • jchmotox57 says:

      Well the hairgoop website isn’t quite finished yet, but they have the domain paid for. It’s having payment and shopping cart issues I guess. I make Frankengrease pomade. It’s a heavy hold pomade. Yes it would work great with curly hair.


  2. NOAM says:

    thank you, I plan to buy Frankengrease pomade and Atomic shampoo but I will buy the shampoo first

  3. Tom says:

    I thought you liked the yellow stuff, too?.

    I definitely like the yellow stuff. It makes you hair look nice and thick and very shiny. I’ve bought myself some a few days ago, but have yet to use it.

    • jchmotox57 says:


      I do like the yellow stuff, just not as much as the red. And I like the blue better than both the red and yellow. They’re all good products though and I’m sure you’ll like it when you use your tub.


  4. shelbtron says:

    I have always been on the hunt for the perfect hair product. I bought the Cool Grease Double XX Max Hard (black jar) the other day per the recommendation of the place I bought it, and went online looking for reviews, when I stumbled across this. After using it, I think you’ve gotta try it! It’s really come along as my favorite; rock solid hold, shiny finish without making it feel like you’re wearing a helmet. Try the black!

    • I will review it eventually. I have every single product that company makes. I plan on reviewing all of them 🙂


      • achtor says:

        Hey man,

        Any plans on reviewing the rest any time soon ?

        I tried the Cool Grease – Blue based on your review and I’ve got to say it’s my favourite water based out there. However I wouldn’t mind a little more hold as I have very thick almost curly hair and I was wondering how their Cock Grease, Double X and Z were before buying them.

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