New stuff!

I got quite a few new things in the mail this week, both hair and shaving products. I’m really excited about this stuff and can’t wait to get to checking it out and review it!

So having 3 safety razors and 5 brushes I decided I should probably get a couple stands to help hold these in an orderly fashion. I also picked up a new straight razor after really liking that Dreadnought shavette. The coolest thing is that I got it all from one site and shipping was free! So check out which is also

They have a facial hair care site as well. Their tag line is “3 sites, one cart.” They have great stuff on their sites. And they will be soon carrying all of my products one there as well!!

Ok so here’s what I got, list is top to bottom, left to right.


DAX Roots – Hair Mayonnaise x2(these are for my friend Valerie)
DAX Roots – Olive Cream
Cock Grease – XXX
Imperial – Gel Pomade
Imperial – Matte Paste
Lucky Tiger – Control Stick
Cock Grease – XX
Schmiere – Shampoo(had to try the new updated one)
Dr. Dittmar – Shave set(wooden best badger brush, ceramic bowl, shave soap)
30° – Chrome stand s5
Timor – 5/8″ Blue Steel Straight Razor
Omega – Black stand
Nickel Plated Straight Razor Stand

I also contacted Bree over at Polished and Proper and she sent me some stuff out to review! What I got when I opened the box gave me a nice surprise!!


P&P – Bay Rum aftershave
P&P – Pre-shave Oil
Thank you note, sealed with wax and a P&P seal(that’s the awesome surprise!)
P&P – pomade

I have never seen a company put a thank you note in a envelope and seal it with wax and their personal seal before! That is just badass!!! Thank you Bree!! That was a really cool touch! These will be out into the rotation immediately, so be on the look out for them!

Stay fresh fellas,



3 comments on “New stuff!

  1. says:

    well i have seen this stuff around and about, but never thought to try them….so looking forward to the reviews…

  2. Tom says:

    Some of the containers are pretty cool!

  3. Keith says:

    JC, looking forward to your review on the Imperial Classic Pomade !

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