Polished & Proper – Pre-Shave Formula

A few weeks ago I got in contact with Bree over at Polished & Proper. After a few message she said she was going to send me some stuff to check out. The first thing I’m going to use is her Pre-Shave formula.


It comes in a brown glass bottle with an eye dropper for a lid. It’s slightly bigger than the Suavecito bottle is. This one also has a wrap around label. It’s a tan background and black writing. On the front it says “Polished & Proper Pre-Shave Formula” with lines dividing the words and outlining them. Above them is a little top hat like Charlie Chaplin’s, and below is a mustache. Just above the mustache it says “men’s grooming supplies.” Very simple design, but super classy and vintage looking. The back of the label has the ingredients, directions, and the company info along with a smartphone barcode.


I sucked up some oil in the dropper and opened the lid. This oil is a little more yellow that past couple I’ve reviewed. It looks almost like vegetable cooking oil. The scent of it is very light and subtle. It took me a while to even get a scent from it because of how light the smell is. It’s a slightly earthy yet sweet smell, and has hints of almond and floral grape. I rather enjoy this scent even though it’s not very strong. But then again I don’t think I’d want an overly strong scent in a pre-shave oil. After all you want the scent of your shave soap or cream to really shine through not the oil.


The consistency of this one is slightly thicker than the past two. I’m not sure how this affects the shave as I’m still a little new to these. But, we will very soon find out! It feels more like a thick high grade mineral oil rather than a thinner essential oil. I have a feeling it might make the shave a little more difficult being so thick. I could be wrong though.

Applying it to my face also felt like a mineral oil and you can easily see the oil on my face. Unlike the last one this one isn’t soaking into my skin as fast. However, I did like the feel of this one better. And the scent was a little stronger once some airflow got to it. Or it could’ve been that it was directly under my nose. Either way I liked it. Now for the test.

20130528-233412.jpgDon’t mind that piece of lint hanging there lookin like a booger. Didn’t notice that until after I started writing this.

The shave was a little more difficult. I think it was, because the oil was still on top of my hairs and wasn’t allowing the razor to slice through them easily. I had to go back over the same are twice due to some of the hairs not getting cut. After my shave however, my skin was softer than with previous oils. So I definitely like that.

Also when I shaved with it again the following evening I noticed the shave was a lot smoother. I think I maybe just had too much growth for such a thick oil. I enjoyed it that much more the second time around. And really enjoyed how soft it made my face after both shaves.

Overall it’s a decent shave oil. It has a nice scent and works well. Plus it comes with cool labeling. So pick a bottle up and try it out for your next purchase of a shave oil. You can find it on their etsy store;
They also have a pomade and bay rum. Their bay rum will be up next! Thanks again Bree!!

See ya soon,



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