Murray’s – Carrot Oil

A little while ago I got another shipment of Murray’s stuff from Jim. After having trouble ordering some stuff, Jim got me taken care of after a couple emails. I received my stuff a week later. Thanks for the fast and awesome service Jim!! So I got all of their conditioners, a long sleeve shirt and two grease rags. The one I am going to check out first is their Carrot Oil conditioner.

Like their beeswax and black beeswax, this one comes in a clear plastic jar with a black screw top lid. It has a single wrap around label on the jar. It’s a white label with orange and black writing. There is also an orange border. In the center is “Murray’s established 1925” inside an orange oval. Below that it says “Hair Energizer with Carrot Oil for stimulating dry, brittle and damaged hair.” At the very bottom is the weight info, 4oz. To the right of all that in an orange starburst is “Enriched with Vitamin A.” On the backside of the jar is the ingredient list, a blurb about this stuff, and the company info. Super simple layout and leaving out any kind of flashy design.


When you unscrew the lid you’re immediately met with a strong fragrance. It is a musky and floral scent, and reminds me of my great grandmother on my dads side of the family. It does have a slight hint of sweet carrot in there, but mostly smells of grandmas. I’m not too fond of this smell for a pomade. It could end up growing on me though, you never know. The color of it is a golden yellow, and it looks kind of like a darker version of their beeswax. Maybe it will perform like that one too! I like that pomade quite a bit.


As I dug my finger in it I was met with a slightly softer version of their beeswax. It has almost the exact same texture, just not as gummy/tacky, it’s a little more greasy. I have a feeling it’s going to hold a lot like their super light pomade. As soon as I worked it into my palms it turned into a light grease like their hair-glo. So I’m not sure how its going to hold, but I know it’s gona be shiny! The scent got really strong in my hands so it’s probably going to last all day long.


It went into my hair a lot like their super light and had a kind of yellowish look to it when I first ran my hands over my hair. Once I started to work it in it felt more like their beeswax, resistance wise. And when I first started combing it the resistance I got also felt like their beeswax. It has that signature Murray’s resistance against your comb. I noticed a pretty high shine before I even combed it an once I got it worked in as well. So I’m liking that about this stuff!

The hold on it is on par with their beeswax as well. Maybe slightly less of a hold, but pretty close to the same. I was kind of thinking it was going to be a lot like that one. I really liked the way this stuff made my hair look. It has a very healthy look to it. Nice and full bodied, shiny, and just healthy. The shine is on par with their super light, nice and high shine. The scent stayed pretty much the same as in my hands as in my hair.

All day long I kept getting asked what I had in my hair for the shine and look of it. But I did get a few “what’s making your hair smell like that”s. My lady was also not a fan of the scent. So that seems to be the downfall of this pomade for me. But everything else is perfect with this pomade for me. And the hold lasts all day long, no drooping at all. It’s also very easily recombable.


The next day I only added about half as much as I did the first day because every bit of this pomade stayed in my hair. Another signature Murray’s feature, but the build up is really nice with this pomade. Not like other ones that kind of drown your hair and scalp. The hold was about the same the second day. I did notice about a half an inch more height the second and third day. And the shine just kept getting higher and higher the more I used the pomade. The more days you use it, the amount of pomade you have to add each day goes down.

After a few days of using the stuff I am on the fence about it. I love how it works and how it shines up my hair!! However, I do not like the scent of it at all. I just can’t seem to get past it. It’s not a bad scent, I just don’t like it. But the pomade itself works great, and is definitely worth checking out. You can find it on their website;
They have 5 different conditioners to chose from so if you don’t think this one will work try a different one. I will be finishing these up over the next few months, but I think I’m going to review their super light next.

Take it easy,


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One comment on “Murray’s – Carrot Oil

  1. NOAM says:

    thank you

    i will wait for your next review on the Super Light and on Olive Oil and Shea Butter

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