Softee – Bergamot (blue)

After searching and searching for more Softee products and not having luck with their online store I contacted them about getting some to review. I was promptly put on the phone with Ed and he had me fill out an order form of which ones I wanted. So I did. About a week later I received a large box from them. I was thinking “that’s an awfully large box for 12 pomades,” but when I opened I saw way more than what wanted to try out! So thank you yet again Ed! The first one I will be trying out is their Bergamot (blue). So lets get to greasin!

This one comes in the same style plastic tub with a screw top lid. This one is white instead of black like their Herbal • Gro had. The labeling is a lot different though. I’m guessing this is their new, updated label design/layout. This one has “Softee” in big white letters up top. Then a big blue wave looking thing takes up the majority of the center of the label. Inside that it says “Bergamot hair dress” and has the weight info, 5oz. Just above it reads “prevents hair breakage” and in a blue bubble is their “more value” tag line. On the back side of the label is the ingredients and directions and all that good stuff.


You can easily see the cobalt blue color of the pomade through the clear plastic. But when you unscrew lid you see the true color and texture of the pomade. It looks a lot like your typical grease in the tub. Very shiny, greasy look to it. The scent of it kind of reminds me of blueberry dumdums. But it does have a slight bergamot scent to it as well.


Scooping it out reminded me a lot of Blue Magics pressing oil. It was really greasy and light, but still held its shape. I have a feeling it’s going to hold about the same as that one did. There wasn’t any difference in the strength of the scent. It’s not quite as pronounced as their Herbal • Gro was, this one is more subtle. It still a noticeable scent though.

Working it in my hands I knew it wasn’t going to have very much hold to it. It felt a lot like Blue Magic or Royal Crown. It got super greasy in my hands and turned a whitish blue color. I’m thinking this one might be best for that slick look rather than a pomp. However, I am going to try and see what kind of pomp I can get with it.


Surprisingly I didn’t do too bad. It held a low pomp pretty decently. When I applied it was certain it wouldn’t hold anything because of how light it was and how easy it went in. I was able to evenly disperse it with just my hands. I only needed a comb to style with. And being so light this stuff combs like butter. But it did end up holding a pomp, a low one at that but still a pomp nonetheless.

About halfway through the day I noticed a hair sink in front of my eyes. So I looked in the nearest mirror and noticed all the hold was gone and my pomp and dropped down to nothing. Bummer. I tried to comb it back into a pomp, but it just wouldn’t stay. It recombed nice and easy, but wouldn’t hold any more. So I just kind of combed it over and back. The shine was still very present though so I was happy with that. This stuff shines up your hair like a new penny.


The next day as I knew what I was in for, I just did a quick combing to make a slicked doo. I just combed it over and back for a decent look. The build up was nice, but I knew it wouldn’t hold my long, wavy hair all day. Plus I didn’t want to risk looking like a dork in public when my hair fell. The shine wasn’t any higher the second day or anything, just still a nice high shine like before. With my hair in a more slicked style, it didn’t move at all. I was pretty happy with that fact.

So overall this pomade is a decent lighter pomade. For you curlyhaired guys this one won’t hold your hair that well, but it might hold straighter hair better. It has a great shine a decent scent, so it’s worth checking out for at least a topper. I know I’ll use it as a topper in the future with the lightly scented, no-shine, waxy pomades that I have. You can find it on their website if you want to check it out.
Big thanks again to Ed and the people over at Softee for sending me out all that stuff. I really appreciate it guys!! I will be getting back to another one from this line in a few weeks.

Stay greasy,


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One comment on “Softee – Bergamot (blue)

  1. Devon says:

    I swear this stuff smells like fruity pebbles bro! If it held better I’d rotate it but no cigar.

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