Barber Side – Bay Rum

Hey guys, back with another Barber Side product. This time I am checking out their Bay Rum. The guys over there sent me this one along with the shave oil to try out as a combo I think. Let’s see how they work together!


This bay rum comes in very unusual packaging. It’s a very tall, thin, clear, plastic bottle with a gold lid. It’s maybe 6″ tall and only 1 1/2″x1 1/2″ wide/deep. It has one label that covers two sides of the the bottle. It’s a clear label with red writing. The layout is the same as their shave oil too, just skinnier and red. The logo isn’t in color this time though, but it has “estd 2007” above it. Below it says “fine bay rum spice after shave” and at the bottom is the volume info.


The other side the label wraps onto is the right side. The words aren’t positioned the same way though, they’re sideways in comparison to the front side. This side has the directions on it, the ingredients, a caution and the company information. It also has a barcode on it as well. Pretty simple and familiar labeling.

When you pull off the gold lid you see something very different from your average aftershave. It’s a pump action spray dispenser kind of like a cologne bottle. It’s very different, but could be cool. I like the fact that it is very different from the norm and think it will help with cutting down on spillage and waste/over use. You can see the golden yellow color of the bay run through the clear plastic.


I gave it a couple test sprays in the air to get a feel for the scent and how the pumper sprays the stuff out. It really aerates the liquid very well and gives you a really fragrant smell from it. It smells almost identical to the WM Neumann bay rum, or a sweeter version of Bees Knees’ V-Day. I like the scent of it quite a bit!

So I shaved up and got ready to apply it. I started spraying my face and noticed that this bay rum burns a bit more than the others I have tried does. At first it was a little difficult for me to get used to spraying my face, but after a couple shaves/uses it became a lot easier. I did spray a bunch in my hand and try it out that way a well thinking maybe the aeration of it made it burn more. It still burned the same when applying it directly to my face rather than spraying.


I got quite a few compliments on the scent of it when I used it. Even from my lady, who is pretty particular about the scents she likes. I decided one day to use it as a cologne as well as an aftershave and I was pretty pleased with how it worked.

So I have to recommend this stuff to you guys. It’s one of the better bay rums I have used. I don’t know of its my favorite, but it is great. And it is one you should definitely check out!! You can find it on their website;
Also check out their other shave products and hair products while you’re there. They have some awesome stuff up on that site!! Thanks again guys! Well for now we’re done with the Barber Side products, but I will be placing an order with them soon for something new, so stay tuned.

See ya,



6 comments on “Barber Side – Bay Rum

  1. thehairnest says:

    Do you know of anywhere besides their website that sells this? Shipping to Canada is $50 :(I did some googling but couldn’t find anything.

    • jchmotox57 says:

      That’s the only place I know of. They’re a barbershop and they make their own stuff. Maybe contact them and see if you can work something out with them. Hope that helps.


  2. Brock Buildersteel says:

    Bimart – Stor

  3. Brock Buildersteel says:

    Sorry about that brother, I have a little son at 2 years 9 months old and as I was in the begging of writing a reply he hit the enter key and I didn’t get there quick enough to intercept it. Anyways I was writing to Reply that ‘Bi-Mart Stores here in the State of Oregon Carry it, it sales for just over five bucks, not a large .ozes bottle, but to also state the bottle is not glass but plastic clear and that may be how the cost / price is cheaper. Oh I though Bi-Mart stores were in Canada, it appears they are Oregon / Washington State and Idaho located thus far.

    I was also writing that thus far I have Zero cool here in this liberal City in catering to the Dapper Men and the bearded society. Zero. I found Murray’s Superior yesterday at the local Employee owned Store which is liken to a Costco but the customers do not need a membership to shop there.

    And in the Gentlemen’s Barer Shops Zero Pomade Products. In the Ladies Hair cutting / styling salons ‘CREW’ in a jar screw on lid and that my Man is it. I think it is mostly due to this town and state being so liberal; it’s a collage hippy region – Portlandia – so very few if any dapper establishments.

    A lot of Rainbow –ish in this state, there are a few Punks that come through sporting Mohawks; I have ever only seen one authentic Rat Rod occasionally driving around. (Not that Murray’s and ‘Crew are not Cool’ just to save grace is what I was saying there.

    There is a Beard Contest and that is at a annual town summer community gathering / music bans event / block party.

    I blade my Skull cap, I have a beard and am here for Barber shave soap and brush and blade products reviews speaking for myself. But I have to say that your Blog is 100 percent cool and quality at that and I appreciate your dedication to get product awareness out there of guys. I first came in search of a couple of tin lid hair Pomade art.

    -As an artist searching for them to create a piece for the wall of my Man cave to hang with my Tool Tins and Pool hall memorabilia. I think If I had to deem one establishment in town it would be Luckey’s Cigar Shop / Pool Hall, a family owned establishment sense 1911. It’s a very cool Brew / Pool hall with live music and it is the Place of cool. Check out their sight ‘ at http://www.Luckeysclub Dot Com. or Google Lukey’s Eugene, Oregon.

    Take care and thanks JC –

    Brock –

    • Gotcha. Yeah there isn’t too much there. My friend Drew, who owns Bees Knees Pomade is up there, and my buddy Chris who owns The Iron Society is up there, but that’s it. Most of my Oregon customers say the same thing and wish that shops would carry my pomades and others as well. I’ve got family up there and have noticed the same thing she I’ve been up there. It’s like that here in Phoenix too tho. There’s really only two places that carry pomade and they only carry like 2-3 brands. Other than that, it’s very slim pickins at the store. Murray’s, Royal Crown, and a couple others. Thank you very much for the kind words about my blog man, I appreciate that. Have you checked out my pomade shop on etsy? I’ve been making pomade for about 5 years now. Crazy how time flies too, seems like yesterday I was just starting out lol. Sounds like a cool place. Next time I’m up in OR I’ll have to try and make over there to check it out. Thanks again for the comment and following my blog! Stay tuned for some cool pomades and shave products coming soon!



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