Lone Wolf Pomade – Eclipse

Today I am checking out a new water based company called Lone Wolf. After seeing them on Facebook we got in contact and they sent me out some stuff to try out. I’m going to check out their Eclipse first.


The packaging of this one is slightly different from that of your other water-bases out there. But at the same time it is slightly similar to a few. It’s an all black plastic tub with a screw top lid. It is kind of similar to the Suavecito tubs, but black instead of white. I personally like the changeup. This one just has a label on the lid, it does not have a can wrap like the other ones do. This label has a light blue/turquoise background and red border. In the very center of the label in a black-and-white banner it says “Lone Wolf Pomade” in red ink. Just above the banner is a little cartoon wolf holding a comb, and rocking a pomp, howling at the moon. On either side of him are white 60s style starbursts, with dots at the end of each point. Just underneath the banner it says “Tame your mane!” in black writing, and has the website and weight info. I really dig this label especially the little cartoon wolf. Very cool!


As you unscrew the lid you see a black looking goop. It kind of looks like Monkey Brains’ texture on the surface. I’ve never seen a black water-based before and I think that’s really cool and very unique. The scent on this one is unique but familiar at the same time. It has that distinctive water-based/salony smell. However, it has some notes of plants/flowers as well. I can’t make a distinction as to which flower, but it does have a slight floral scent.


As I dug my finger and I was reminded of Bona Fide. It has almost the exact same soft texture. And this stuff is black. Not like a clear black, it is jet black! I’m wondering if this will staying lighter hair or not. Only time will tell though. From their descriptions the colors do not permanently dye your hair and they wash out with just water. Maybe this is the water-based version of black beeswax. It spread my hands a lot like Bona Fide or JS Sloane lightweight. Just a nice soft silky texture, but tacky at the same time.

Running my hands over my hair was right on par with JS Sloane’s lightweight. Definitely one of the easiest water-bases to apply by far. It was very easy to distribute with just my hands as well, so I know combing is going to be a breeze. I did notice that a black tent was left on my hands after applying it. So I’m guessing that this stuff will slightly changed lighter hair. However they do make a brown colored one and a clear one for you guys that have lighter hair. It also washed right off my hands with just water and left no residue or stain on my hands.


Just as I suspected combing my hair was super easy, almost like coming it with just water. However as soon as I went to go style my hair noticed a little bit of resistance. It was really similar to how Lone Star does that. I was able to get a decent sized medium going. And this stuff has some nice shine to it! Not quite as much is Layrite super shine but it still has a nice shine to it.

For the first half of the day held really well, but in the AZ heat it ended up melting towards the end of the day. Around 5:00, which is the hottest part of the day, my hair pretty much fell apart. I wouldn’t recommend using this one if you’re going to be in the sun all day long in 90° plus heat. When I washed it out I noticed that my hair felt about the same as it was before I put it in. It wasn’t softer, but it wasn’t all dried out and coarse either.


However, the second day that I used it I wasn’t in the heat and sun all day and it held up very well. I didn’t have one hair come out of place. And my hair was shiny all day long. I’m definitely starting to dig this one quite a bit. I never saw any black dye residue or anything like that when I was rinsing out my hair. So I don’t know how or if the color of the pomade attaches to your hair, because I have almost black hair. One of you lighter haired and folks is gonna have to try it out and let me know how it works.

I have to say I’m pretty happy with this water-based. No it doesn’t hold up too well in the high heat, but then again nothing really does in Arizona. It did however hold really great when I wasn’t in the heat all day and I love how it shines up my hair. I also really like the label and the fact that this one is jet black. That definitely sets it apart from any other water based on the market these days. So for you guys that like water bases, and for you guys that use them on occasion I can definitely recommend trying this one out. Their website isn’t quite up yet, so I would say find them on Facebook and get a hold of them for a tub or two of this stuff.
Big thanks again to Ivan and Diane for sending this out to me to try. I really appreciate it guys!!

Tame that mane guys,



2 comments on “Lone Wolf Pomade – Eclipse

  1. sadko2@aol.com says:

    Hi ..came accross another suprise pomade “krew comb”…also used for flat tops and brush styles…like it because it tends to straighten wavy hair…not sure u have done a review of it …

  2. NOAM says:

    thanks man

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