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Alright, back with another DAX product. After the veggie oils pomade review I decided I wanted to get to reviewing a bunch of the jars. I mean I bought everything the company carries, pomade wise. And I might as well get started on them since there’s over 20. Yeah 20! Some are discontinued though. So I’m checking out their Kocatah first. Don said that I should review this one first since it’s the one he likes least because of the scent.

20130611-010835.jpgDon’t mind the hat.

Just like the veggie oils it comes in a plastic jar with a metal screw top lid. The label is very similar to the veggie oils as well, color wise. It’s just backwards, the red is on top this time and the blue is on the bottom. This one says “contains genuine coconut oil and tar oil” in the red area. In the white area is “Kocatah dry scalp relief” in blue and red ink. Then in the blue area is “DAX” and the weight info. Like the other on the other side if the label is the ingredients, directions and the company info.


The moment you open the jar you are met with a strong campfire-ish scent. Very strong charr scent, almost like a burnt steak from a charcoal grill. I happen to like the smell quite a bit. My lady on the other hand does not like it at all. She says it smells “like when they’re putting down new black top.” You’ll have to decide whether it’s a scent you like. The pomade itself is black. Well the scent goes right along with the color.


I could tell just by looking at it that this one was going to be a lighter greasy pomade. And as soon as my finger touched it, I knew I was exactly right. It’s a bit lighter than the veggie oils pomade was. So I’m not sure how this one is going to hold my hair.

Right when I rubbed my palms together it turned into a melted butter consistency. This stuff got really greasy and oily once I worked it a little. I think this one might be best for slicking or as a topper. The scent took on a new note after I got it out of the tub. It had almost a sweet undertone to it in my hands and was a little stronger. I’m not sure how I feel about the sweet note though.

I didn’t even bother with the wide tooth end of my comb as I was spreading the pomade and styling my hair. This stuff goes in so easy that there’s no need for it. I did have a difficult time trying to get a pomp going however. There were just some parts of my hair that didn’t want to stand up. As you can see I had a little dip in the side of my hair by the part. And it didn’t want to hold the shorter hairs by my part either. I’m still recovering from that bad cut. Man it’s been 6 months!!! And I still can’t shake the results of that cut! Choose your barbers wisely folks, and pay attention to what they’re doing if you’ve never sat for the one you chose before.


On a good note, this stuff is super shiny and really glistens up your hair! I’m diggin that a lot! And being so light and pliable, it recombs easier than it goes in. I decided after about halfway through the day to just slick it bak because it won’t hold anything in this 100° heat out here. The scent became too much for me as the day went on. It started to kind of bother my nose because it didn’t die down at all. It lost the sweet note and kind of took on a tar smell toward the end of the day. At the beginning of the day I got lots of “you smell like a camp fire” compliments though. One guy said that he “has to go camping now, it’s been too long! Thanks guy.” I didn’t really know how to take that one, thanks I guess?

I was able to get a little more control going the second day with the build up. I didn’t see any height difference, just no dippage. The shine stays about the same the more you use it. I couldn’t take the scent about halfway through the second day though. I had to throw a hat on because it was just too strong for me. I mean I love it in the jar, but in my hair for more than a few hours is too much for me. I think I know what you mean now Don.

I think I will leave this one in my “use sparingly” category. The pomade itself is a great lighter pomade. It will work great for slicking or topping a heavy base for some high shine. I just couldn’t deal with the scent for very long. It’s just a little too strong for me. But this is one of DAX’s top selling pomades. So I say check it out if you like campfire scents. You can find it and all their other great products on their website;
Thanks again for putting that invoice together for me and shipping me everything at once Don! See you at the next DAX adventure!



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5 comments on “DAX – Kocatah

  1. NOAM says:

    thanks man

  2. sadko2@aol.com says:

    not sure how to leave a comment…but do like dax products…did not realize there are over 20 products…just a couple at our local drug store….any ways not sure about the scent.seems like OK control from photo…but not as good as , say, layrite…….

    • jchmotox57 says:

      Hey there,

      You left one ok. Yeah there are actually, in total, over 30 products. Including gels, sprays, etc etc. yeah it has a light hold but good control. Definitely not like Layrite though. Layrite’s products are water based products and most of DAX’s are petroleum based products. So totally different. However, DAX does have some product that hold like Layrite’s. try Green&Gold, Wave&Groom, Super Neat, and their Washable Hair Wax. Hope that helps!


  3. tito says:

    Hey man how does it make ur scalp feel like since it says for dry scalp? And how does this stuff wash out?

    • jchmotox57 says:


      It’s about the same as their veggie oils pomade on the scalp. Nice moisturizer and conditioner. It washes out pretty easy, it’s a lighter grease. A regular shampoo should have it out in 2 washes. Hope that helps.


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