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Alright, I am finally back with another shampoo review! It’s been a long time coming. Today’s shampoo will be the one and only Tipsy shampoo. While I was up in Vegas at Viva I went by the DiceNDolls booth and bought some pomade from Tipsy and Annabel. He remembered me from buying a big order from them a while ago and he gave me a bottle of shampoo to try out. Thanks man!


This shampoo is a bit smaller than the rest. Coming in a clear 6oz push top bottle, it has just one label. The label is actually the exact same label as his pomade. Hmmm. It’s a green circular label with a white and black border. In the center it says “Tipsy” in some script. The “T” is a barber pole with a straight razor above it. At the bottom is a little dapper dude with some black and white rays around him. Then to the left of him it says “Super 90wt.”


You can see the color of the shampoo through the clear bottle. It’s a white shampoo with little blue dots in it. I’m guessing those are degreasing beads or something. But in the bottle you can’t tell how the consistency of it is. It squeezed out of the bottle pretty easily and you can see that it has a very thick texture to it. It’s consistency is like a very thick lotion or body cream.


When I was getting this from him I was talking to Tipsy about how to use it since it did not have any directions on the bottle. He said it does not need to be put in the hair dry but cannot put it in your hair soaking wet either. So I will splash a little little water on my head, lather up, and let it sit for a little while and see what happens. As you can see I have very greasy hair I was using the DAX Kocatah pomade. Let’s see how this stuff works!


Just as I said above, I splashed a little water on my hair and then lathered up with the shampoo. The lather is pretty thick. Thicker than most lathers, but not quite as thick as my own shampoo’s lather is. The scent of the shampoo is very soapy, it smells like the blue Irish Spring bar soap. Very fresh and clean smelling shampoo. I like it quite a bit, especially since I use the blue Irish Spring bar.

I let the lather sit on my head for the entirety of my shower which was about 5 to 6 minutes. I then proceeded to do what I do with my own shampoo and rinse my hair with really really hot water. The lather took a little while for all of it to rinse out of my hair. Once all of it did my hair felt pretty decreased.


I got out of the shower, dried my hair and noticed how the shampoo had worked. To my surprise it got rid of a little over half of the grease that was in my hair. I have to say I was a little skeptical at first if it would work or not. Especially with the texture, because most of the other “degreasing shampoos” that had the same texture didn’t work at all. But, this one works pretty good. Now it does not get rid of all of the grease in your hair. But it does remove over half of it. So I think with two washes it should get everything out. I would let your hair completely dry between the two washes though. Just to help the shampoo work good.

So for you guys that are looking for a decent degreasing shampoo that works I’d say try this stuff out. You can either pick it up from them at their store in Bakersfield, CA or get a hold of them on Facebook. Here’s their page;
They also carry all kinds of other pomades(including Tipsy’s pomade), aftershaves, shampoos, and tonics. And for you ladies they have all kinds of cool vintage dresses and handbags and shoes. So check them out and pick up some stuff. Thanks again Tipsy and Anabel for everything!

Keep it clean kids,



3 comments on “Tipsy Shampoo

  1. NOAM says:

    I asked them Tipsy to send me Sample of the pomade and they accept to send me but when I told them that I live in Israel they Did not answer me any more but I’m still waiting, Happened to me the same thing with American Greaser Supply

    the Companies that accept to send me and the Shipping is on its way is

    Dr. Rubin’s Original and firm

    Slick 50 Barbershop Pomades I think they going to send me everything

    and Bees Knees send going to send me everything in $5 plus shipping.. Great deal.. But only next week he will send me Because he is out at the moment


    What’s better to degreasing pomade – Groom and Clean that Discontinued or your Atomic shampoo, I heard these two are the best degreasing shampoos

    I ordered a few days ago Groom and Clean and my next degreasing is your Atomic shampoo, Who works better?

    all the dax shampoos sucks, Palmolive Oxy – dishwashing soap suck

    Say you have tried these?

    Lucky-13 Royal Flush Shampoo?

    HAIRGUM Anti Dandruff Tonic Shampoo?


    I found that the best way to Clean the hand from the pomade is Wipes. work Great

    • jchmotox57 says:

      Well it is difficult to get stuff to you because of how much US shipping is now that the rates went up. Both groom & clean and my shampoo work best for me so far. My shampoo does it quicker though. G&C I have to leave in for a few hours for it to work. I have most of those big haven’t tried them just yet. Soon though. I use just regular hand soap to wash the pomade off my hands. I just put it in my hands and work it around before I get my hands wet and most, if not all, of the pomade comes off. Whatever doesn’t, will come off on the towel you wipe your hands on. Hope that helps.


  2. NOAM says:

    Thanks for the response

    I also use just regular hand soap to wash the pomade off my hands but after i use baby wipes and work best, I do not want to dirty the towel

    When I’ve used in the past Mr. Ducktail Grease, I Washed 3 times my hands with soap dishes And still my hands were sticky I had to use a towel

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