Bone Crusher Hair Tonic

Well I finally got to another hair tonic. I know it’s been forever since I reviewed the Vitalis tonic, but I have just been super busy with stuff I needed to review for people. But we’re here now. I’m checking out my good buddy Korbinian’s hair tonic today. I know I went backwards in his line of stuff, but that’s how he released them so I kind of had to. Anyway, let’s see what’s up with the Bone Crusher tonic.


This tonic comes in one of the coolest bottles out there! It reminds me of an old school pirates rum bottle. It’s a sharp looking bottle, a cool cylindrical bottle with sharp edges. The spout flares out at the top making a flat and wide surface by the opening. The bottom kind of pushes up into the cylinder like a cone. And it’s sealed with a cork, even cooler! Bad ass little bottle you have here Korbinian! There isn’t really a label on this bottle. There is just a little signature Bone Crusher skull on the front of the bottle. But I kind of rather like that. It’s very simple, but cool.


The bottle is sealed with some shrink-wrap plastic around the cork. Once you get the plastic off and the cork out you get a nice whiff of this lovely tonic. It has the exact same citrus and mint smell as the other Bone Crusher pomades did. And this is one of my favorite smells! You can see the bright golden yellow color of the tonic through the glass.

As soon as you pour it out you realize that it is all oil. Oil tonics can be really really good for your hair, so I am excited to see how this one does! It has a pretty light and smooth texture to it. Very velvety or silky feel. I know it’s going to go in my hair very easy. And I’m very interested to see how this one shines up my hair.


It went in just like any other oil tonic, very easy. The moment I put it in my hair I knew I was going to be in for a shiny do today! This stuff is very very very shiny, I love it! Being just oil you know that it’s not going to have any kind of hold to it. And that’s kind of the point of tonics. They’re not made to hold your hair up high, they’re made to treat your hair. Just like his pomades, this hair tonic also gave my scalp a nice tingling sensation due to the menthol. It did give me a little bit of control but as you can see it doesn’t hold my cowlicks too well. But it’s an oil tonic, it’s not supposed to.


The scent of it lasted quite a while during the day. My lady really likes the scent of this whole line of stuff. And she doesn’t like very many of my pomades’ scents, so that’s a good thing. And the shine lasts all day long too. At the end of the day, my hair was still just as shiny as in the morning. I did notice that my hair was softer at the end of the day too. Very silky feeling.

One thing I was surprised about with this tonic is how it washed out. I had tried another oil tonic and most of it stayed in my hair, like I expected it to. However, with this one, when I washed my hair, almost all of it came out of my hair. Is that a bad thing? You decide that for yourself. I am ok with it. I am also ok with oil tonics that don’t wash out.

I am thoroughly pleased with this tonic. It has definitely becoming one of my favorites. I love the packaging, I love the color and scent, the texture is great, it shines up nicely, leaves my hair soft, and washes out. If he still ha some available I would definitely grab a bottle of this stuff! Unfortunately with EU laws Korbinian has to put this on the back burner for now so he can get the Bone Crusher original off the ground. So either way support him! He’s a great dude that makes a great pomade! The original is a pomade must have! You can get ahold of him on his Facebook page;
And I highly suggest you get some of his stuff! And this completes the Bone Crusher line, for now. It’s been a great run and I look forward to a revisited review or a new product in the future. Thanks again for everything Korbinian!!




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