Polished & Proper – Bay Rum

After reviewing their pre-shave oil I was pretty excited to get to their bay rum aftershave. So today I am trying out Polished & Proper’s bay rum. Thank you again Bree!


This bay rum comes in a hot sauce bottle, like Tapatio comes in. It’s a clear glass bottle with a long neck and a black screwtop lid. It has one wraparound label. The label is very very similar to their pre-shave oils label. Same tan background and black lettering. The main difference is where it says “Bay Rum Aftershave” it’s a black background with tan lettering. But it has the same gentleman hat up on top and mustache down at the bottom. The back of the label has the same things as well. Ingredients, directions, and company information along with the website. I think I like this labeled with better than the pre-shave oil label.


Just like the Tapitio hot sauce this one also has the little plastic piece on top of the bottle to keep it from gushing out. I think I like the fact that it’s in the same type of bottle that my favorite hot sauce comes in. The scent of this Berumen reminds me a little bit of Grandad’s bay rum. This one just has a slight rubbing alcohol undertone to it unlike the booze smell of Grandad’s.

Being in a clear bottle it’s very easy to see the shade of this bay rum. It reminds me a lot of Captain Morgan private stock rum, a nice dark amber color. Which is also badass since it is a bay rum and it looks like rum. I think this one is one of my favorite colors/shades of all the bay rums that I have. It’s a really cool color. It’s about the same consistency as Master’s bay rum. Slightly thinner than say Bees Knees or Grandad’s.


As I rubbed my hands together and patted my face and neck I noticed that this one is more like Master’s bay rum. It burned my face more so than Bees Knees and Grandad’s did. And the scent really exploded once I got it on my skin. It almost burned my nose when I applied on my upper lip and took a breath. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that yet, but I do really like the scent. I really liked how it works in conjunction with their pre-shave oil. Bree really did a great job with both of those! And then make a great shaving combo. Now I just have to find the perfect shave soap to go with them.


I have to say I like this bay rum pretty well. I don’t think it is beat out V-Day by Bees Knees for my favorite, but I like it a lot. I would deathly recommend checking this one out! And when you do make sure you buy the pre-shave oil as well. They really do make a great combo. You can find this on her etsy store;
I have one more P&P product to review, their pomade. So stay tuned for that one soon! Thank you again Bree I really appreciate it!! Make sure you check her store out, great products.

Stay fresh fellas,



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