Tool Structure – Tortoise Styling Comb

A while ago I bought quite a few combs when my local beauty supply store was having a sale. Today I’m checking out one of the styling combs that I bought. It’s made by this company called Tool Structure. The same company makes my blue styling comb. Today I’m checking out their imitation tortoise, rectangular styling comb. It doesn’t have a particular name, but it does have a number on my comb. The number is 502129, I’m guessing that’s the model number.


So this one is a styling comb with a rectangular shape. It has an imitation tortoise shell color to it. Light and dark shades of amber blended together. Kind of a cool colored comb in my opinion. Better than the standard black for sure. I mean I dig black, but it’s nice to see other colors. It has “Tool Structure” and the model # in white ink in the center of the comb.

This comb is a pretty decent sized styling comb. It is about 2 inches shorter than my current blue styling comb. I’m not sure how being an inch shorter on each side is going to affect the styling effect, if at all. I’ve been so used to using my blue comb that it may take some getting used to. But I am definitely excited to get started trying out new combs. So let’s see how this one does.


Even though the teeth are spaced apart the exact same on both combs this comb seemed to comb easier. I didn’t have quite as many tangles when combing the pomade through my hair as with the blue one. So this comes already off to a great start. Dispersing the pomade through your hair is really easy with this comb. Even with the heavier pomades it’s pretty easy to comb through.

But I had a feeling it would take a little bit of getting used to. When I tried to call my palm it didn’t quite sculpt as easy as my blue one does. It may be because it’s a little more squared off and my blue one is rounded, but I had a little bit of trouble with getting a nice round pomp. And what I mean by round is the outer edge of your pomp. From your part around to your other ear, or from ear to ear. It wanted to make a more squared pomp than circular. So it took a little while to get my hair to do what I wanted to, but I eventually got my hair where I wanted it.

I found that this comb worked a lot better and easier with the heavier pomades, rather than the lighter ones. For some reason it just did not want to cooperate very well when I was combing the lighter pomades. It kind of made it really hard to sculpt a proper pomp. It just kept making it kind of triangular or pointy in the front.

Another thing that I really loved about this come was how easy it was to make a sharp part. Much easier than my blue comb or any other comb that I’ve used for that matter. Each time it was super easy to get a really sharp part that looked almost like it was a hard line. No matter where I was making a part it would allow me to create a super sharp part every single time.

So this comb has its ups and downs. It disperses the pomade through your hair very easily. Yet it doesn’t allow you to comb a nice rounded pomp that easy. It makes getting a really sharp part super simple and effortless. On the other hand it doesn’t really work that well with lighter pomades. It has a cool color to it and rectangular shape. I also like the “M” look that has to it. Where it dips down like the middle of an “M” where the two teeth sizes meet. So if this sounds like a comb that you might like or want to try out I say pick it up. They’re only about $3-$5 at pretty much any beauty supply store. I picked mine up at Sally Beauty Supply. Stick around for the next comb review, I picked up quite a few different kinds and styles.

See you soon,



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