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Hey guys, I am back with the final installment from the Polished & Proper company. Today I am checking out their pomade.


This sample comes in a flat 2oz, stainless, slip cover tin. It has both a lid label and a bottom label. Pretty awesome sample packaging. I just write on my sample tins, maybe I will switch to labels next time. Anyway back to this pomade. The lid label is tan with black ink like the other labels were. This one has a little gentleman looking face in the center. It kind of reminds me of the Monopoly guy. He’s wearing the same single eye glass, has the top hat from the other labels on, and also has the mustache on as well. To the upper left of him it says “Polished and Proper” and to his bottom right it says “Men’s Hair Pomade.” Just like their other labels this one is very simple and classic.


The back label is pretty much the same as their other labels. So has a ring around the outside and then some filigree down at the bottom. It has the ingredient list, the directions, and the company info. I noticed something in the ingredient list. This Pomade does not contain petroleum or any kind of processed wax. It only has soy wax and natural plant oils. So I’m pretty sure that this pomade can be classified as a “vegan” pomade. So for any of you out there that only use vegan products this one would be right up your alley.


When you pull off the lid you see a nice cream colored, waxy looking pomade. Now soy wax is a pretty hard wax to the touch, yet it is super greasy once you break it down. So I have a feeling this one may be hard to scoop out, but will be pretty light in my hair. The scent of this one is very very subtle, but kind of distinct. It reminds me of this tea we used to carry at my old work. It was a ginger, cinnamon and lemongrass teas with safflower petals in it, but it smelled like hot dogs. Now this pomade doesn’t smell like hot dogs, but it reminds me of the ginger that was used in that tea. I know weird little side note, but I had to use it to describe the scent of this pomade.

I got a surprise when I got my claw ready to dig out some pomade. It was really soft and easy to scoop out. It did pull out very waxy even though it was soft. But it was kind of as soft and Bone Crusher light, but scooped more like a soft version of South Side Soaps’ pomade.


It got very light and greasy in my hands just as I knew it would. It felt very similar to the Levin’s that I reviewed. It was very very light in my hands. I’m not sure how its going to hold though. I think that it will hold very light. The scent got really strong when it was in my hands. However I’m not sure if I like the scent or not yet. I mean it’s not bad, but I’m not a huge fan of that tea, so I’m still unsure. We will see how I like it and how it does throughout the day.

Being such a light pomade, this stuff goes in your hair super easily. I could disperse it through my hair fairly evenly with just my hands. When I went to grab my comb I just used the fine-toothed end of it. You can use either end, but I didn’t see it necessary since it was such a light pomade. I did have a hard time at first trying to comb my pomp because of how light this pomade is. But after messing with it for a while I kind of got it to go into somewhat of a pomp. You can kind of see that it’s not a nice round one, and that my cowlicks and waves are little more pronounced than they usually are. One thing I really did like about this pomade was how shiny it was. It really gave my hair a very nice sheen.


Even though it was a really like pomade this stuff held pretty well all day long. I didn’t have to recomb it at all. However, for the sake of the review, I did recomb my hair. And just as I thought, it recombs easier than it went in. The scent of it kind of faded as the day went on. But the shine stayed right where it was. One thing I noticed with this one was that when I did my insanity work out a lot of the pomade came out of my hair as I sweated. Then once I got in the shower afterwards and washed my hair, almost all of it was out of my hair. So for you guys that like pomades that wash out easily this will be a great one for you.

Overall this one is a decent pomade. It’s not my favorite and I don’t see myself using this one on a daily basis, but it does have great qualities. For one it comes in a cool tin and has cool labeling. It has a very decent hold for being such a light pomade. The shine on it is really awesome and it recombs very easily. Plus it washes out very easily. So if it seems like something that you might like I would definitely recommend trying it out. You can find it on their etsy store;
I would like to take a moment and think Bree again for sending me all three of her products to try out. I had a great time using them and reviewing them!! Thank you again Bree!

Til next time,


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2 comments on “Polished & Proper

  1. NOAM says:

    thank you

    I sent them an email Last week to send me Sample and I’m waiting for an answer, I did not know that this is light pomade but pomade Without Petroleum work Better on my curly hair Because they are less oily

    this week I tried these

    S-Curl Wave Control Pomade – Scooping it out from the tin was ok but when i applied this on my hair it pulled me some hair and my hair was at this time 2.5 inches Length so If you have longer hair It’s going to be painful, Usually my hair is 6.5/7 inches Length, so this pomade not for me

    Sportin Waves Maximum Hold Gel Pomade – the best pomade/not grease that i’ve used so far, its tame my curly hair great and Even whan I get up in the morning my hair look great, and it easy to use but it not very healthy. It contains Paraben

    DAX Neat Waves – is my second favorite pomade, Green & Gold also my second favorite, Both are easy to use, the Neat is more easy, and Both Managed to tame my 6.5/7 inches curly hair

    S-Curl 360 Style Wave Control Pomade – not bad. but too light for my curly hair

    Schwarzkopf Pro Styling Unbreakable Waterproof Gel – Straight to the garbage, there is no hold at all and they say ultra strong hold, Bullshit


    I noticed that when i use Oily pomades like Murray’s Beeswax, SGB Blue, After two or three hour My hair starts slightly to wave and if i applied Oily pomades and go to sleep in the morning my hair look Bad and curly and i take a comb and Comb my hair It still remains curly Even whan I add water and comb

    Sportin Waves Maximum Hold Gel Pomade is the only pomade with petroleum that i can comb in the morning and my hair still look good

    I remembered that once I have not washed my hair in three days and my hair look messy and curly, and What happens when you dont wash the hair a few days he Begins to be Oily, so now I understood why Sportin Waves works best on my hair Because he is the Least Oily pomade that i’ve used so far, and now I understood why water soluble work the best to tame my curly hair Because thay not Oily at all, but i hate that thay hardened the hair

    I do not know if it’s like that for all the people with curly hair or just me

  2. Be careful with soy wax products during the summer. Soy wax has a significantly lower melting point than beeswax (about 145° F for beeswax to 115° F for soywax). I’ve already had an entire tin of soy based moustache wax turn to liquid and leak out of its container.

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