Bada Bing

Well after trying some of the lighter petro based pomades and having them melt in this AZ heat, I decided I wanted to try a water based. It’s supposed to be 110°-117° this week/end so hopefully a water based will work. I did a big trade with a good buddy of mine from Australia a while back as he recommended this one. So I said “sure I will try it out.” Even though I hadn’t heard of it before I thought it would be a cool experience, so let’s see what’s up with Bada Bing Pomade!


This water based comes in a traditional pomade tin rather than an aluminum one or plastic tub like the other water bases out there do. I like this stuff already. The labeling is also pretty cool. It has both a lid label and a can wrap. The lid label design looks a lot like a poker chip. It is black and white with a little bit of orange thrown in there. In the black areas on the edge is each suit, the white areas contain the royal card letters. In the center it says “Original Bada Bing! Pomade.” Just below that are two girls and their website. Pretty cool lid label if you ask me. The can wrap also follows the poker theme. It has the Ace of each suit behind a sign that looks like the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. On either side of the sign is a straight razor. The sign itself has “Pomade” in the circles, then in diamond area is “Original Bada Bing! for your hair.” Underneath the sign it says “Makin’ the bad look good.” There are three of these designs on the can wrap. Then on the bottom of the can there is a silver label that has the ingredient list, directions and caution, the website again, the company info, and the weight info. I really like the label design on this can!



The instant the lid comes off you getting very strong scent from this pomade. And the scent is very very good! It’s butterscotch candy! This is by far one of the strongest smelling water bases out there. And this one doesn’t have that typical chemically water based undertone smell to it. It actually smells like butterscotch candies. The color of it is a golden yellow, almost like melted butterscotch candies. I can’t wait to get this stuff in my hair. It just smells so good!


So I got my finger ready to dig out a scoop of it. What I was met with was a more firm version of Shiner Gold, but it was also more gummy. So a very firm yet goopy water based. That’s the best way I can describe it. It was the hardest to get out of the tin out of any other water based I’ve used so far. I wonder how it’s going to apply since it’s such a tough water based. Let’s see, shall we?


In my hands it felt very tacky like Shiner Gold, but also had the more silky feel like say Monkey Brains or Bona Fide does. I also noticed the scent kind of explode and take over the whole area around my bathroom once I scooped it out. As I applied it to my hair it felt almost exactly like how Layrite Deluxe did. It also combed like that stuff did as well. Some resistance applying and combing it at first, but once I got the first combing done it was very easy to work with. I can tell its going to have some decent hold to it too.

I was able to get a really nice medium pomp going with this stuff. And I noticed it has some shine to it! Where were these shiny water bases a few years ago? I wouldn’t have put off using them for so long if I had found these good ones at first. But hey, that’s the fun in pomade, finding stuff, trying it, liking it or not liking it. Trial and error or success is what makes this fun. Besides if I didn’t like something I can just get rid of it. Anyway, enough of that, back to the pomade. Being a water based this stuff does harden up once it dries. However, it doesn’t harden up like most of them. It has a more soft hard feel to it, if that makes any sense. Kind of like a hair spray does.


I was very thrilled with how this one held up in the Arizona heat. As you can see my hair didn’t move it all! And the shine stayed all day long as well. I think I’m liking this stuff quite a bit. I got a lot of compliments on the look and the smell of my hair throughout the day. That’s always a plus when reviewing a pomade. It doesn’t determine my thoughts on it entirely, but it does help. Now to see how it washes out and leaves my hair feeling. Just like all the other water bases out there this one washes out with only water. And it leaves my hair feeling really soft, the same way that Lone Star did. I’m liking this a lot! The rest of the water bases need to do this! I hate when my hair feels all coarse and dried out after using one.


Unfortunately, the second day this stuff did not hold up to the AZ heat. Within an hour it had softened up and my hair started to droop. Bummer. Living in Arizona has its downfalls sometimes. I’m going to be trying a couple more heavy pomades, but if they don’t work I may just rock a slick back for the rest of the summer. One cool thing about it softening up in the heat was that I didn’t have to add water to my hair to recomb it. I was able to just take my comb and run it through my hair and it actually went through pretty easily. Once I did that though, all the shine went away. My hair felt softer than the first day after I washed it out the second time.

This is one of the few water bases that I really really like. It comes in really cool packaging, has a cool color, a really good sent, holds nicely, shines up your hair, and leaves your hair really soft once you wash it out. So what’s not to love? Well for me, I didn’t like that it hardened up. Those blue and red Cool Greases spoiled me. I can definitely recommend this one though. It is a really decent water based. If you want to try it out, you can find it on their website;
I’ve heard from a few people that this stuff is hard to get ahold of, that it takes a long time to receive, and one person even didn’t receive their order. I’m not sure what’s up with that, but if you really want to try it out order a tin. The people that have ordered it and try it out seem to really like it from what I have heard. I can’t say since I traded a friend for this one, but I like it. So I say get a tin!

Catch ya later,



4 comments on “Bada Bing

  1. NOAM says:

    I heard about this pomade, Maybe I will buy it in the future

    Thank you for your review


    Today I tried New pomade – Rockabilly Bird Pomade Firm Hold

    The tin of this pomade Looks nice, The scent is soda with a hint of aromatic sandalwood, In my opinion The scent not bad and not good is okay, Scooping it out of the tin It easy and the The color is black that not stain the hair, applied it to my hair it felt like About as Dax Green & Gold not difficult and not easy, Combing This Stuff was easy, the hold is good but I do not know if this wax tame curly hair, because now I tried this on my 2.7 inches hair Length. Usually my hair is 6.5/7 inches Length and when i have 6.5/7 inches Length I have curly hair, When my hair grows up to 6.5/7 inches I will try it again and see if this pomade tame curly hair

    They give me a discount of 10$. I paid them only on the shipment 15$

    I can recommend this pomade, you can find it on their website

  2. NOAM says:

    I forgot to mention that he has a bit of shine, but less than Green and Gold

  3. akbpun says:

    Does this smell like reuzel red? Because they describe reuzel’s scent as butterscotch too

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