Tres Flores Aftershave

Today I am checking out a newer product from Tres Flores line. I have been wanting to try this for a while! I bought it a few months ago but I’ve been busy trying out a bunch of other ones. So let’s see how this one holds up to the others out there.

This one comes in a plastic bottle, unlike the glass bottle of their liquid brilliantine. I was really hoping for a glass bottle, oh well. It’s kind of a square shape with a small neck and a green lid. It has a front label and a back label. The front label is their traditional red and green colors. Up at the top it says “Tres Flores” in the green. In the red, up at the top are the three little flowers and “Three Flowers.” Then underneath that is a yellow “NEW!” banner. Under that is “aftershave splash,” “classic scent,” and “cooling, refreshing, invigorating for the face and body.” The volume info is at the very bottom of the label. It’s very similar to their liquid brilliantine label.


The back label is very simple it’s just a soft mint green with black writing. Up at the very top is a little blurb about the aftershave. Then are the directions. Under those is a warning and the ingredient list. Then it says “keep out of reach of children” just above the barcode. At the very bottom is the company info. Very simple back label and very commonplace. Most grooming products these days have a label almost identical to this, so it’s very familiar.


Under the little green lid that looks like Clubman aftershave lid is a little plastic piece to keep this stuff from dumping out everywhere. And right when you take off the lid you get the familiar Tres Flores jasmine scent. Only this one is more of an alcohol jasmine scent. Makes sense since it is an aftershave. I still love it though, it reminds me of family get togethers. Most of my dad’s side of the family wore Tres Flores and Jockey Club, so this stuff always brings back memories.


You can easily see the like green color of this through the bottle so I don’t really need to describe the color. And like most aftershaves that are lightly colored this stuff looks clear on your hands. You can make out the slight green color in the wrinkles in my palm though. In my hands the color looks more like a soft mint green instead of the bright lime green it was in the bottle. Also in my hands it has a kind of murky/cloudy look to it, unlike the clear appearance it has in the bottle.


Surprisingly it didn’t burn as much as I thought it would. It did slightly burn, but not nearly as much as most aftershaves do. I’m not sure if I like that or not yet. I mean I don’t like it when aftershaves really burn my face, but I do appreciate the stinging a good aftershave give you. I also like it when aftershaves or balms don’t burn at all. So you’ll have to be the judge yourself on whether or not you like the feel of this one.


It did leave my face nice and soft, but more of a talc kind of soft. What I mean is, it had kind of a powdery after feel, but my face was still soft. Like the feel you get after a barber just talced you after shaving your hair line. Being such a strong scent I could smell this aftershave on my face throughout almost the whole day. I think if I were to wear this in combination with their brilliantine it might be too strong of a jasmine scent, so be careful. I like the smell of this stuff a lot and the fact that it lasts quite a while.

Overall, it’s a decent aftershave. It’s not the best out there and it’s not a bad aftershave either. It’s a solid aftershave that comes in cool packaging. I dig the scent, color, look and feel of it. I can easily recommend this stuff. It’s pretty hard to find though. I tracked mine down on amazon. So that would be a good place to start if you don’t have any marts around you that carry it. But for sure check it out it’s a nice aftershave.

Stay fresh,



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