Sweet Pete’s Guapo Grease

Well I’m finally getting to this stuff. I’ve had it for a while and just forgot about it for a little while. Today’s pomade is made by a buddy of mine and ATP member Pete Lacka, it’s Sweet Pete’s Guapo Grease.


This one comes in a very unique tin. Now the size isn’t unique, and the color isn’t unique, but I’ve never seen them together. It’s a 3oz tin like the old High Life tins with the indented lid, but this one is gold. Hmmm, pretty cool to see a gold tin in this size. Usually you see the 4oz flat tin and the 4oz tall tin, but I’ve never seen a 3oz one until now. It has just a lid label, and this one is pretty small, about the size of a quarter. It’s a black label with white writing. In the center is a little greaser dude that kind of looks like a Garbage Pail kid with a Grinch-like smile. He has “cross-combs” underneath him and each one has a grease drop coming off the end. Then around the outer edge it says “Sweet Pete’s Guapo Grease” and “Lookin Good,” with stars breaking them up. Pretty cool little label, I like the little dude a lot.


Let’s see what this pomade looks like. It has kind of a light tan color to it, and has a waxy/greasy look to it. You can see that it’s more of a grease than a wax though. The scent of it reminds me of this ginger tea I tried once, but Pete said its clove and lavender. I don’t smell either of those, but that’s what he used. It’s a unique scent for sure, I don’t have one pomade that smell remotely like it. Which to me is pretty cool. It’s hard to do that these days.


Scooping it out was just as I suspected. A nice grease with a little bit of a waxy resistance to it. I really liked how this pomade felt when I scooped it out. I hope I like it just as much when I get it in my hair. Surprisingly this pomades scent died down a little bit when I got it out of the tin.

It broke down in my hands a lot like the Devil’s Doo pomade did. Maybe with it feeling the same it will hold the same as that one. One can hope, because that one held my hair up really good. It felt about the same going into my hair as well and hardly have to try to get it to go in. I was able to easily spread it around just my hands and get it pretty evenly dispersed throughout my hair. Even combing it was super easy I didn’t even need to really use the wide tooth end of my comb spread around. And finding my part was really easy as well. I was able to get a nice sharp part super easily.


As you can see I got a solid medium pomp going with this pomade. It also has a nice shine to it as well. I was able to comb this pomp pretty quickly too. It only took me like 3-4 mins to get my hair where I wanted it. A weird thing happened once I had my hair all styled the scent came back to the pomade. However nice it was in my hair it reminded me of hot dogs. I know weird right? No one else thought that it smelled like hot dogs, but I sure thought it did.

Unfortunately in this heat out here this pomade did not hold up. And I’m not sure anything will. Which is why after this review I am only review heavy hold pomades to see which ones hold up best in the AZ heat. My hair was super shiny at the end of the day though, which I liked! It would stay in place with just a part or slicked back, just not up tall.

So looking at this stuff without the heat aspect I gotta say its a decent pomade. I’m not too crazy about the scent, but it’s a great pomade. I love the shininess of it and the way it made my hair look. It was easy to apply yet held nicely. So I can definitely recommend this pomade as something to try out. Just know that in the summer time, depending on where you live, you might not be able to pomp with it. You can always use it as a topper though! You can get it from Pete on the pomades Facebook page;
So check it out and say hi to Sweet Pete while you’re there!

Keep it greasy,


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2 comments on “Sweet Pete’s Guapo Grease

  1. Leah says:

    YEA I got a question: why are you so hot?! Sheesh. You’re a cutie.

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