Danny Boy Pomade – Heavy

Hey guys, back with another heavy pomade. This time I’m checking out a central California based pomade, Danny Boy Pomade. After buying their medium, which I thought was their only one, from an ATP member and barber, Daniel contacted me. He said he had seen my blog and noticed I bought his medium pomade and wanted me to call him. So I have him a buzz and we chatted for a bit about my family living in his area and me working up there as well. Then we talked about Phoenix and my blog and his pomade. We ended the conversation with him saying he wanted to send me the other holds to review as well. Very cool dude to reach out to me and offer me that!! When I received my care package a little while later I was very surprised. He also sent me some really cool gifts! Thank you very much Danny, I really appreciate it man!! So let’s see what’s up with the heavy hold Danny Boy Pomade.


This one comes in a 4oz stainless slip cover tin with a lid label and a can wrap. However, this one doesn’t have your typical lid. It’s a flat lid, which is out of the norm for this style tin, because most are either raised or indented. Kind of cool to see something unique! The lid label is also very unique, it’s a plain white background with a cool pinstripe design in the center and a blue border. Up at the top is says “¡ORALÉ!” then “Danny Boy Pomade” in the center, and “Heavy” down at the bottom. Very simple, only a few words, but really cool looking. The can wrap has “Danny Boy Pomade” on it like the lid label does. It also says “Exclusively for” then a little barber pole character guy and “The Gentleman’s Parlor Barber Shop.” Very simple can wrap, but also kind of cool.


Opening the tin up you see a nice white waxy pomade sitting in tin waiting to be scooped out! I’m not sure why, but I really like the look of white waxy pomades. They are just very appealing to me. Another thing that is very appealing to me about this pomade is its scent! It is a really nice powdery scent, but not what you’d expect from a powdery scent. It smells like a vanilla scented talc or sugar scented talc. I know that might sound weird but that’s what it smells like to me. And it is a really good smell!

When I anxiously dug my finger into the pomade I pulled out exactly what I was expecting. It’s a nice waxy pomade. It kind of scoops out like Schmiere’s Hart pomades. But it has a creamier texture to it than Schmiere does. I really like the feel of this pomade just digging it out of the tin. I also like that the scent stays nice and pronounced without getting too strong when you scoop out the pomade. I my hands it felt a lot like High Life’s ATP pomade. It had a very waxy feel to it, yet spread like a medium does. I really like the feel of this pomade as it spreads around in my hands. Let’s see how it works in my hair.


It applies a lot like Schmiere does as well. The only difference I noticed is that it has a slightly more waxy feel to it in my hair than Schmiere. With it being more waxy it was a little more difficult to comb into my hair. But not nearly as hard as some other heavy pomades out there. It didn’t take very long to disperse it evenly throughout my hair.


I was able to comb a nice pomp with this stuff. I didn’t get a whole lot of height but I got a really good amount of control. My part was nice and sharp using this pomade, and very easy to find. I also noticed that for being such a waxy pomade this stuff does have a decent amount of shine to it. I’m digging all these heavy holds that have shine to them. Hopefully this pattern continues throughout the rest of the summer!

After I had put this stuff in I needed to go outside for about an hour and a half to do some stuff around the house. I figured out be really good test to see how the stuff holds considering it was over 107° at the time. I came back in and took a picture of my hair in my bathroom to see how it looked. To my surprise my hair hadn’t moved one bit. Not one single hair was out of place! Now that’s awesome!!!


The second day I was out on my route and was in and out of the sun and the AC in my truck. Towards the end of the day I noticed that my hair had lost a little bit of it’s hold, but my hair didn’t look terrible. And after my final stop I said in my truck filling out the paperwork and when I got done I felt my hair. This is where I was really really surprised. The pomade had cooled to a point where it felt as hard as it does on the surface when it’s inside the tin. Really weird! Not in a bad way, I just never had up pomade do that before. So to see if I would be able to do anything with, it I tried to comb my hair back up to where was when I started the day. To my surprise it combed very easy and went back up to the height it was in the morning. This stuff is the shit!!

The more I use this stuff the more I liked it. From the way that the tin looks, to the way it scoops out and spreads around, to the way it holds and builds up. This stuff is just a really really good pomade. And it is definitely worth checking out! Now from what Daniel said he has an exclusive listing of this stuff with The Gentleman’s Parlor Barber Shop. They have a website, but I didn’t see an area where you can buy it. So I’d say contact them on their website and see if the can sell you some. Or get a hold of them on Facebook. Here’s their website for you guys;
So hit them up and get a hold of this stuff as soon as you can! Daniel also makes a medium and a light hold. I will review those after the summer is over. Thanks again Daniel I really appreciate it man!!



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7 comments on “Danny Boy Pomade – Heavy

  1. NOAM says:

    I responded here earlier and My respond was deleted, why?

  2. NOAM says:

    I definitely have to try it, also the medium

    Today I tried Pete and Pedro Pomade –

    • jchmotox57 says:

      Yeah the medium is good as well.

    • jchmotox57 says:

      I notice you keep sending the same comment over and over again. You must have something in the comment that WordPress doesn’t like because its not allowing the comment. Also I noticed its very very long and basically a review of another pomade. I ask you not to post such long comments and not to post your reviews of pomades on my blog please.

  3. NOAM says:

    yes WordPress deleted my Reviews, and ok I understand From now on I will not post long comments

  4. John S. says:

    My brother hooked me up with a tin of the medium a while ago. Great stuff! I’ll have to get some of the heavy. Thanks for the review!

  5. rubada jahan says:

    I found a really cool mens gift site called thegiftsformen.com

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