Grant’s Golden Brand – Putty

I know I said in the last Grant’s review that the original was the final installment to their line, but that’s not actually true. They used to make this pomade a couple years ago but they discontinued it. Luckily through a friend in Germany I was able to locate a half full tin of the stuff. So I’m going to try it out and review it!


Just like all of their other products this one comes in their 4oz twist top tin. It has a lid label and a bottom label. The little table looks kind of like their medium blend and matte dressing labels do. Only this one is white background with black and gold lettering. As always in the center is “Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade” in their signature font and banner with the comb above the name. Just above the comb it says “Limited Edition Putty Pomade.” Below the banner it has ” Custom Formula 4.5oz.” Then at the very top is their catch phrase “Style is Everything!” and at the bottom is “Made in USA.” This one is by far my favorite label.


The back label appears to be the same type of label as their original. It’s a yellow background with black writing. Up at the top is the name, then is a blurb about the pomade, followed by the instructions and ingredient list. Finally down at the bottom is the barcode, the weight info, their website, and “made in USA.”


As I twisted the lid off I saw a half used water-based sitting in the tin. It’s yellowish in color kind of like their medium blend is. It is also not quite as clear as their original. It appears to have a more gritty texture than any of their other products do. This one has a slight almond scent, but not as strong as their original. However, this stuff is almost a year old if not older, so the scent could’ve been stronger when it was first in the tin. I wish I would’ve gotten one of these when I had the chance so I could’ve done a proper analysis of the scent. Oh well, I have one now.


As I dug my finger into this yellow goop, I was reminded of Lone Star’s super and Shiner Gold. It was kind of rubbery like Lone Star but hard to scoop out like Shiner. And as you can see the stuff is very cloudy. I thought at first the photo was blurry, but you can clearly see my finger’s print. Plus I snapped the same picture a few times and it always looks like that. It also has a very gritty looking texture to it, but it doesn’t feel gritty.

As I spread it in my hands it acted kind of like Lone Star super meets microcrystalline wax. It was really really weird how much it felt like a waxy pomade. At the same time it still had that rubber cement field to it as well. It took me a little while to get it all worked out evenly, but once I did it felt a lot better.

It was a lot like applying Lone Star as well. I had a few chunks that didn’t want to go into my hair that I had to work in with my fingertips. It took me a little while to get all the wood on clumps worked into my hair with my hands. Once I did I grabbed my comb to get everything worked in all the way. Combing my hair was a breeze it was easier than combing their medium blend or their original. Not sure how it’s going to hold you to this but I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to act a lot like Lone Star does.


I was actually able to get a decent sized pomp going. And this stuff makes my hair look very full-bodied. Surprisingly it also gives my hair a decent amount of shine! I’m definitely stoked about that. It did take me a little while to get my hair where I wanted it though. I think that may be due to the age of this stuff, which may have made it a little more difficult to use. But I was still able to get a nice looking hair do with this stuff.

Being a heavier hold water based, this stuff hardens more than any of their other products. Which is typically what happens with most water bases out there. The more hold the harder your hair becomes when it dries. Usually with it being that hard once your hair is dry you get a really good hold throughout the entire day. Hopefully that’s true with this one.

Unfortunately the first day I happened to use this it was 113° outside. So naturally being out in the sun for a little while my hair is going to heat up since I have pretty much black hair. Luckily my hair didn’t really droop that much with this stuff. I only saw one tiny little dip towards the middle of my pomp/head over to the right side. Other than that little spot my hair held up great in the heat.

While it was warmed up I took the liberty of recombing my hair to try and put it back in place. To my surprise it went right back where I had it in the morning. So I quickly went inside into the air conditioning to let a cool back down and harden up. Once it had cooled down and hardened back up there was a difference in the feel of my hair. Now it was more gummy than hard. Even though the textured changed I was not able to recomb my hair while it was gummed up. I tried thinking I might be able to since it wasn’t hard like it was before, but no dice.

I experienced the same thing all three days that I used it. I think the only thing that I don’t really like about this one is the little clumps that I get when I try to apply it to my hair. Oh and one other thing about this, not that I dislike it, I’m just stating, is that it’s kind of hard to wash out. It’s not like your typical water based that rinses out very easily with just water. This when you kind of have to wash out with your hands while your hair is under the water. I also had to use a little bit of shampoo to get some of it out. But after the shampoo everything was gone. This stuff also left my hair pretty dried out after I washed it out. That is kind of been the norm for most of the water bases that I have tried. But hey, that’s what conditioner’s for right?

So all in all I like this stuff quite a bit. Mainly because it is a discontinued product and I have one in my collection now. But as for the product itself it’s pretty good. It has a very unique texture to it, and a nice scent. The label alone is worth having this, but it also has a great hold. And the best part is that it leaves your hair shiny!! Now like I said before it is discontinued, they haven’t made it for about a year now. So if you can find one I’d say grab it up if you get the chance. On a high note Grant’s is coming out with a new product soon. Maybe it will be something like this one, maybe it will be a traditional pomade. Who knows, but you need to stay up to date with them so you can get it when it comes out. To try their other products, and I highly suggest you do, head over to their site
They have great products and accessories over there! Thanks for making great stuff guys!!




3 comments on “Grant’s Golden Brand – Putty

  1. NOAM says:

    thanks jc, If you can please review Lockhart’s GOON GREASE next time

    • ken sadko says:

      judging from the photo only, the product really gave a great shine and control…also liked the sharp part…too bad its disconintued

  2. martyesbueno says:

    Aww lucky! I’ve always wanted to try this!

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