Parker – 22r Butterfly Safety Razor

Hey guys I am back with another razor review finally. I bought this one a couple months ago and have been using it pretty regularly since. So lets check out how it works!


This razor is uniquely colored. I’ve only seen a couple razors like this one before. Instead of the typical chrome or nickel this one is a shiny gun metal color. I really like the color of this razor, it’s very sleek looking. The handle is shaped like a rounded star bolt. And each rounded point has notches in it. There is a smaller star part above the main handle that doesn’t have notches in it. The longer part of the handle is the part that turns to allow the doors to open. This one is about 1 1/2″ longer than my Merkur 1904 razor. I think I’m going to like that a lot. Not that my other razor is too short, I just like the longer razors a little more.


The feel of this razor is really awesome. You can get a really good grip on the handle. And the weight of it is really nice! It has a nice heavy feel to it, I’d say almost twice the weight of my other razor. I think that will give me a lot more control. But at the same time I don’t know how I will like using a heavy razor. It could hinder my shave, only time will tell though.


I twisted the handle to open the doors and saw how much shinier the inside is compared to the outside! It’s like a mirror almost. Being a DE razor it has the familiar horizontal bar with the circle in the center to hold the blade. Below the bar is a diamond shaped divot. The blade rests very sung in the head of the razor. It fits so snug around the bar that I kind of had to pop it on. That will definitely be a good thing though. It means the blade won’t move side to side one bit while I’m shaving and that will prevent nicks.


The bar on this razor is rounded downward to allow the blade to stick out right at the curve. This bar also snugs up to the blade nicely without being too close. It has very soft grooves along the length of the bar. I love the contrast in colors between the blade and the razor. You can really see the blade easily against the darker razor. Now time for a shave!


The moment I made the first stroke I knew I was going to love this razor. At first I was a little concerned with the weight of it, but that was put to rest very quickly. The longer handle and heavier weight of this razor make it really easy to shave with. I could make nice smooth strokes and make them very fast and efficiently without nicking or cutting my face at all. Going both with and against the grain was a breeze. As well as being just as easy to use in my left hand as in my right hand, even though I am right handed. The more I use this razor the more I grew to love it.

After using this razor for a little over a month, I have to say it’s my new favorite. Don’t get me wrong I love my Merkur razor, a lot! It’s just that this razor works a lot better for me. For you DE razor fans, this one is a must! I literally cannot list one bad thing, or mediocre thing for that matter, about this razor. I bought mine from , but I think carries Parker razors as well. So when you’re ready to try out a new razor, grab this one!!

Stay class gents,



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