High Life – Heavy

Ok, I’m done trying heavies made in other states. I’m trying out AZ’s own High Life heavy. It was made here in the Phoenix valley for years by my buddy Adam. And now it’s being made by the fine folks over at DAX as most of you know. This one will be another side by side review like the last one was. As usual I will be starting with the old first in my hair then completely degreasing and using the new. Let’s get started, shall we?


The old one comes in their signature 3oz slip cover stainless steel tins, and has the lid and can labels. The new one comes in the new 4oz slip cover tins and has both the lid and can labels. However, these labels are a little different from the mediums labels. The old one is the same layout with “High Life” in the center, “heavy” underneath that, and “High Quality Hair Dressing” around it. This one has a black back ground and yellow accents, without the large solid dot in the center. This time it’s just yellow rings. The can label on the old one is the same way. The new one is the same layout and colors, but there is some new stuff added as well. First is a little “↗Peel Here” symbol to the left of the name. Once you peel it you see a blurb about High Life Pomade, the directions for use, and the ingredient list. The can wrap is also a little different. It’s not just the oval labels anymore, they’re clear rectangle labels that kind of wrap around the tin half way. On the front is the familiar oval label that’s the same as the old, except that this one indicates the hold also now. The back has a warning, the manufacturer and a barcode.


Opening up the old one you see an off white super waxy pomade. You can tell by the look that it’s a heavy pomade. This one looks a little more cream colored than the medium,m. Which makes sense since this is the heavy and it is going to have more wax in it. The new one is bright white like the new medium was. You can tell its a lot more waxy than the medium though. The old one has the exact same scent as both the light in the medium. The new one smells softer like the new medium did.


Digging the old one out wasn’t nearly as tough as I thought it would be. It was about as easy as scooping the medium, it just had a waxier feel to it. It feels about twice as waxy, but isn’t super hard like straight wax or anything like that. The scent gets a little stronger when you scoop it, but not a whole bunch. The new one is kind of similar in that its twice as waxy as the medium, but it scoops out harder than the medium. It also has a very waxy texture to it. I really like the way it feels scooping out. I can’t really compare it to anything though, it’s very unique.

As usual I will be starting with the old first. It doesn’t really break down in your hands at all. In fact it kind of does the opposite and gets to be more of the feel of straight wax in your hands. It wasn’t as bad as say Putrescence was in my hands, but it was pretty waxy. I did the whole clap my hands together thing and that made it really tacky and pretty easy to apply. Now it wasn’t super easy to apply, just easier after I clapped my hands together to tack it up a bit. It had a very tough feel in my hair and was a little difficult to comb. I did notice quite a few hairs in my comb after I had gotten it all worked in. Not as many as when I used that Knockout stuff, but still quite a few.

20130830-005219.jpgOld High Life Heavy

At first it wanted to kind of make my hair stick straight out, but I stood outside for a couple minutes and it became a little more manageable. I was able to get a really nice looking medium pomp with it. I didn’t want to go too high, because I didn’t want to have to keep recombing my hair all day. I was pretty happy with the way it looked with this stuff in my hair. For being such a waxy pomade it doesn’t leave straggly hairs sticking out like other waxy pomades do.

I ended up being outside a little more than I wanted to that day, but that was a good test for this stuff. The pomade held my hair really well! I didn’t notice any hairs come out of place, or any splitting or drooping of my hair at all. Yes!!! Finally! You can see that at the end of the day my hair hadn’t moved at all. I did get bit by about 8 or 9 Mosquitos on my face though. And my hair was a tiny bit shiny at the end of the day. Definitely happy with this pomade’s performance in the humid heat and dry heat out here. So far this is the only pomade that holds any sort of pomp all day. It will for sure be one of my go to’s next summer.

20130830-005249.jpgOld High Life Heavy

Now on to the new High Life heavy. This one breaks down in your hands much differently than the old one. This one spreads around a lot easier and doesn’t get super waxy in your hands. It does have a waxy feel in your hands, it just spreads easier than the old one. When I applied it to my hair I noticed a big difference. This one was quite a bit harder for me to work in with my hands and comb. I also noticed more hairs in my comb after combing this one in. Almost as many as the Knockout pomade. I was pretty bummed out about that. Even after I got it worked all the way in, it was still somewhat difficult to comb my hair. And also my hair wanted to stick straight out like it did with the old one. So I went outside again for a few minutes to soften it up.

Since the old one held really good I decided to comb a taller pomp to see if it would hold all day. It wasn’t as full and nice looking as I wanted it to be, but I wasn’t having the best hair day. It didn’t look terrible though, I just couldn’t get it to be as smooth as I wanted. I was able to get a pretty tall pomp with the pomade, so that’s cool. This one is a tab bit shinier than the old one too, which is also nice.

20130830-005323.jpg-.O New High Life Heavy

Unfortunately my pomp didn’t stay that tall all day. But it did stay a nice medium pomp once I recombed my hair. It wasn’t as easy to recomb as the old one though. I had to really try to get my little pocket comb to go through my hair. But once I got it where I wanted it, it didn’t move at all for the rest of the day. Looks like I got another solid go to for next summer! The second day I had to add a grease to my hair in order to comb it. With the build up and what I added it was just too hard to comb. The grease didn’t compromise the hold at all, just gave me lots of shine. Most likely I will always use a little grease with it in the future to make it easier to work with.

I can highly recommend both of these products. They’re great heavy pomades with awesome hold. The old one will be pretty hard to find, so if you find one snag it like there’s no tomorrow! It’s more than worth the money you’ll pay for it. To find the new one just go to the the high life website.
And while you’re there get the light and medium too! Those are also both great pomades. Plus you can use the light with the heavy for easier workability and higher shine with the good hold you get from the heavy. Next will be the VooDoo Brews by High Life, and maybe some of the old private labels Adam made for people!

Get greasy!


Stay Gold Pomade – Bad Juju

Hey guys I’m back with another brand new pomade. My friend Wade who owns Stay Gold Pomade is releasing a new heavy pomade and I was one of the fortunate ones to get one of the first couple cans he made. Needless to stay I’m pretty excited to try it, especially because he let me pick the scent I wanted it to have! I went with Viva Vanilla!


This one comes in the increasingly popular black flat 4oz slip cover tins. It has just the lid label, but the label is awesome! It’s very simple, but very eye catching at the same time. The background is a bright emerald green and it has black writing. In the very center is a voodoo shrunken head with a pomp. He has both of his eyes sewn shut a bone through his septum and his mouth sewn shut. So awesome!!! I’m into the macabre and oddity type stuff so this label is right up my alley!! Above him it says “Stay Gold” and below him is “Pomade.” I was a little bummed that “pomade” kind of got cut off though. On either side of his head is the pomades name “Bad Juju.” I absolutely love this label! Great job with this one Wade!


The instant the lid was off of this pomade the scent hit my nose. It smells exactly like vanilla cake! And it smells good enough to eat. Although, don’t be that awkward kid and actually eat it, it probably won’t taste good. The color of it is a nice slightly off-white color. It has a super waxy look so I’m sure it’s going to have really nice hold.


Surprisingly it scooped out really easily even though it was really waxy. It feels a little bit thicker than the old High Life medium pomade. For being a soy wax pomade it has a nice creamy texture to it and isn’t that greasy. The one time I tried to use only soy wax in a pomade it came out pretty greasy. Even in my hands it had a nice creamy texture and spread out very easily. The scent gets really strong once you work the pomade around in your hands. I really like the texture of this stuff, now to put it to work.

It goes into your hair like butter! It combs almost as easy as a non waxy pomade. And it works in very evenly with just your hands. Mainly because you can run your hands through your hair so easily. Combing it in all the way took about 30-45 seconds. I decided to comb it a little longer, because I loved the way it felt when I was combing my hair. It has such and awesome texture in your hair that it makes combing your hair almost fun. Getting my pomp to behave took a little longer than I expected. I think I am way past overdue for a hair cut. I think I’m going to go see Eric or Tim on Monday for a fresh new cut and do.


I was able to get a nice medium sized pomp going. I probably could’ve gotten a taller one, but my hair is a little too unruly and it’s too hot out here so I know it won’t stay no matter what. So I decided to go with a medium one that would most likely stay throughout the day. I like the way this pomade makes my hair look. It didn’t tame all of my cowlicks and waves, but I think it did a pretty good job. It does have some nice shine to it as well, which I’m pretty happy about.

All day long I got compliments on my hair, both on the look and scent. And surprisingly my hair didn’t really move throughout the day. My main cowlick in the front and the two in the back did kind of split though. But they do that was almost any pomade I use, especially if it is hot outside. I was really surprised that the scent of this one lasted all day long. When I got home my lady said that my hair smelled almost as strong as it did the morning. Even though the scent lasted as long and stayed pretty much it is strong, it’s not an overpowering or overbearing scent. It’s a very well-balanced scent, it doesn’t annoy you throughout the day.


I really loved the buildup of this stuff as well. I didn’t hardly have to add any pomade to my hair each day after the first. Even though I didn’t really smell it in the morning before I reapplied the pomade, the little but I did add brought the scent back to life. I noticed a little bit more shine each day after the first day I used it. I think my hair looked even better the second day that I used this pomade. My lady really like the look of it better the second day, and the smell of it better.

This is one pomade that I can highly recommend you guys try out! Wade did a really good job with this one and I think it could work as a great pomade all year round. To order tin or two head over to his etsy store.
He also has a few other pomades and all of them can come in whichever of his scents you want so hit him up for some great pomade ASAP!! Thanks for the tin Wade I really appreciate it!

Stay Gold pony boy!


Dr. Rubin’s – Firm

Finally getting to another Dr. Rubin’s pomade, this time is their firm. I ordered it forever ago, but hadn’t gotten around to using it until now. Maybe this one will stand up to the AZ heat!


This one comes in the same tin as their original, a brass tin with a lid label and a can wrap. This one has a olive green label with the same red medical style cross on it. Inside the cross it says “Dr. Rubin’s finest holds” and “pomade” below the cross and “firm” to the left of it. The side label has a picture of a scientist with a microscope and it reads “100% Always Natural. No additives, preservatives, or artificial anything.” Both the top and side label have “Based upon a formula created in 1944. Handcrafted in Alhambra, CA” on them. The bottom and side label list their ingredients and location. Also next to “pomade” on the can wrap it says “Firm.”


Opening the tin up you see a white colored waxy pomade and this one has a big crack in the center so you know it’s super waxy. I’m kind of bummed it cracked though. It doesn’t have any gloss so I don’t think it will have much shine in my hair, but their original looked the same way and that one was really shiny. So who knows, maybe this one will have some shine. The smell is the same as their original, just not quite as strong.


Trying to get this stuff out of the tin is almost as hard as scooping Schmiere’s knupplehart pomade. Very very waxy, but once you are able to break the surface it’s a bit softer. Even though it’s softer, it still has a very waxy and tough feel to it. I am probably going to have to really work this pomade. The scent kind of dies down when you get it out of the tin. That’s kind of a bummer for me since I love the scent of this and the original so much.


As I thought this pomade was one I really had to work in my hands. I took my routine that I use for putrescence and applied it to this stuff. I rubbed my hands together fast which heated it up and it became a little more workable. Then to get it to be more workable I kind of clapped my hands together and that made it nice and tacky. Just like putrescence, before I clapped my hands together it didn’t really come off my hands. But once I got it workable it came off my hands and went into my hair a little easier. Going in my hair it was a lot like putrescence too, just not as shiny.

It was a little difficult for me to spread evenly throughout my hair. It wanted to stay on top and kind of gum up in certain areas. I also noticed at first it flaked, a lot! But with me trying to get it worked in evenly the flakes disappeared so nothing to actually worry about there. You can see what I mean by gum up and stay in one place towards the back of my part. There’s that white patch where the pomade just didn’t want to work into my hair.


I also had some trouble getting my pomp going with this stuff. For some reason it didn’t want to lift my hair, even though it’s a heavy pomade. You can see the left side of my pomp, towards my part, is more of a ramp than a rounded pomp. And this one is a straight matte finish, no shine whatsoever to it. Bummer. That’s to be expected from a heavy pomade though. That’s what they make toppers for right?

Now after about an hour my hair got really really poofy. I have no idea why, but the sides and back poofed out and got very round and refused to stay down. It’s weird I have never had a pomade do that before. Maybe my hair is just too long and I need to cut it. After a few hours, I noticed my hair had also sunk and split. Ugh, another one bites the dust. This damn heat out here is just brutal. So I did what I have done with all the other pomades, just combed my hair back. I left it parted and went about my day.

The following few days the same thing happened each day. A little difficult to apply. Wouldn’t let me get a nice pomp going. Poofed the sides and back of my hair out. And didn’t hold up to the heat. However the last day I added a greasy medium pomade to the buildup and that held up much better throughout the day. Maybe I need to do combos out here during the summer instead of just heavies. I think I may try that now that I’m done with this review and find a good heavy base and use a greasy medium for a topper/extra hold.

Overall, this pomade isn’t quite for me on its own. I think if I mixed it with their light or ultra shine it would work a lot better for my hair. But I know plenty of guys that love this pomade a lot. And as heavies go, it’s a nice heavy waxy pomade. I know a lot of you guys love those, so pick this one up. It has a great scent and is a really heavy pomade. You can find it on their site
While you’re there pick up their original as well, that’s stuff is awesome. Check out their other products too. They have other great pomades, lip balms, and lotions.

See ya at the next one,


What is pomade?

Hey guys. I have gotten a lot of emails and messages regarding this topic so I figured I would make a whole post about it for everyone. This is a pretty talked about topic on Addicted to Pomade and other Facebook groups as well as face to face conversations. Sometimes people can get pretty heated over it too! Rest assured I won’t be getting heated in this post. All I am going to do is list some facts, research notes I have acquired in the process, and my personal opinion on the things we are talking about today. So, what is pomade? What is a water based? What is a vegan pomade? And what are the differences between them? Well that’s what we are here to find out. After getting countless emails on the subjects I decided I had to make this post. I mean I know the differences but not everyone does so I felt the need to help y’all out. I will also put a link to this post in my FAQ page once I get it up and going. Let’s dive in shall we!

Here’s the different definitions I’ve found of the word “Pomade” and its origins.

Wikipedia says that pomade is “-a greasy and waxy substance that is used to style hair. Pomade makes hair look slick, neat and shiny. Unlike hair spray and hair gel, pomade does not dry and often takes several washes to remove. It can easily be removed using a high-detergent shampoo or other de-greasers such as dishwashing liquid and/ or using olive oil or oily shampoo and rinsing with warm water.”

Webster’s and Dictionary.com said pomade is “-a scented ointment, especially one used for the scalp or for dressing the hair.”

I also looked up the definition of pomade in my encyclopedia and it said pretty much the same thing Wikipedia did.

The origin of the word pomade is actually French, their word pommade, meaning “an ointment” came from the Latin pomum (fruit, apple) via the Italian words pomata from pomo, meaning “apple”, because the original recipe contained mashed up apples in it. I bet their hair was a hot mess back in the day! Apples are sticky as all get out! Now it’s not know for sure what all was used back then in the said “ointment” they made, but I would imagine oils and maybe even beeswax. I did some research on ancient “hair dressings” and most of the romans and greeks used perfumed oils to dress and condition their hair. Egyptians also used oils and sometimes mud in the hair of the living. In their dead they would use oils and then coat all the hair with fat to seal the oils in for the afterlife. So I would imagine when they started making “pommade” they would have put oils in them as well.

Here is a little history on “Pomade” for you guys.

In the early 19th century bear fat was a common pomade ingredient, but by the early 20th century petroleum jelly, beeswax, and lard were more commonly used. I don’t think I would ever put lard in one of my pomades, but I do remember my great grandma telling me that her father would use that with his boars hair brushes to straighten his hair and make it shiny.

Pomades used to be a lot more popular than they are today, although they have made somewhat of a comeback especially with the creation of and market for water bases and other washable products. Pomades are mainly associated with the slick men’s hairstyles of the early to middle 20th century. Other more modern hairstyles involving the use of pomade include the Ducktail, Pompadour, and Quiff. Sometimes nowadays kids use them for wedges, mohawks and other hairdo’s similar to those.

Here are some examples of very popular pomades that have been around since the early 1900’s. Royal Crown Hair Dressing, originating in 1936 and is owned by J Strickland Co. Murray’s Superior Pomade, originating in 1924. Dixie Peach Hair Pomade was a popular pomade in the USA from World War II through the 1960s. Black and White, first came on the market in 1922 and has been used ever since, because it’s that awesome(buy a tub soon!). The oldest company that I know of that is still around and being used is Morgan’s Pomade which originated in 1873! Yeah its that old, and they are still making pomade from what I have seen.

Above I mentioned that there has been a recent market for water bases and other washable products. From what I have researched the reason for their invention is people not wanting greasy hair and the effects of having greasy hair. They wanted heavier hold, but something that wouldn’t leave their hands, clothes, pillow case and hair greasy. Enter the hair spray and hair gel. Now we won’t be talking much about those as they don’t pertain to this post. I will refer back to gel though.

So what is a water based you ask? Well there is no definition of the words anywhere I could find so I will just have to do my best to define it, some people also refer to them as “ringing gels” by the way. Water bases are thickened gels that allow you to style your hair like you would with a pomade and have similar holding effects to pomade, but that harden unlike pomade. They generally leave your hair with a matte finish unlike most pomades that have shine to them and are washable with just water.

Now most of the current water bases on the market, ie Layrite, Cool Grease, Suavecito, etc etc have only been created in the past decade. Layrite is the oldest I could find having been founded in 2001. All of these companies have taken older stiffened/ringing gel formulas from the 80’s/90’s and made them their own. My mom and her friends used to use Redken’s Water Wax and other salon products like that along with hair spray for their “big hair” days. I tried the Redken water wax back in like ’96 and it was basically the forerunner to the current water bases out there. By the way they still make that stuff, I saw it the other day and was taken back to my middle school days when I used it. More and more of these companies are popping up due to the popularity of these products. Murray’s being one of the most recent ones to hit the market. They put out their “Edgewax” earlier this year. However they don’t call it a pomade like Suavecito, Layrite, Shiner Gold, Grant’s, and Uppercut do, they call it a “premium gel.” Why is that you ask? Well because it is in fact a gel not a pomade, so are all the other ones out there. And being as Murray’s has been around for 89 years making hair care products, I think they know what they’re talking about. Why do the others refer to them as “pomade” and not gel then? Simple. Marketing. If you were creating a product that styles hair similar to the way a pomade does and wanted pomade users to use it you wouldn’t call it gel. What do most of us think when we hear gel? DEP, La Looks, that big tub of soft goo that you buy at walmart. Those gels are the most common among the general public. So what’s the difference between those and the water bases out on the market? Well in terms of chemical make up, not too much. They both have water as the main ingredient as well as other common ingredients like, propylene glycol, polysorbate-20, hydrogenated castor oil, methlyparaben, propylparaben, dmdm, hydatoin, fragrance and color. There are only two or three ingredients that differ from gel to gel and gel to water based. So essentially water based “pomades” are actually gels not pomades at all. However, there are a couple water bases out there that have real wax, lanolin, and essential oils in them and still wash out with just water. The most common one is Layrite’s Super Shine, so that one is actually a water based pomade in my opinion.

Now on to vegan pomades. These are relatively new as well with the growing popularity of veganism. So what is a vegan pomade exactly and what makes it vegan? Well that I had a little bit of a hard time with because vegans have different rules as to what they can use person to person. I will do my best to distinguish what separates regular pomades from vegan pomades and both from all natural pomades for you guys.

Vegan pomades generally contain nothing that is chemical, coming from animals or from petroleum. They mainly are made up of soy wax, castorlatum, and essential oils. Soy wax is a derivative of soy bean oil. Castorlatum is an all-vegetable substitute for petrolatum/petroleum jelly. Its made from castor oil, which comes from castor beans. Essential oils are oils that come from directly from plants, often they are distilled to be made. Vegans generally only use things that come from plants or the earth. However, a few that I know are ok with using pomades that contain petrolatum. But the general consensus from the vegans I have asked is, if a pomade contains petrolatum, lanolin, beeswax, paraffin wax, or microcrystalline wax it is not a vegan pomade. But if you’re not a vegan it probably doesn’t matter to you what’s in it. If you are a vegan you know what you can and cannot use, just read the ingredient list and see what’s up with it. As far as all natural pomades those mainly consist of things that are naturally found, ie no chemicals or chemically enhanced ingredients.

I think I have covered everything and hopefully I did so in an unbiased way. If you guys still have any questions or comments, feel free. Thanks for reading!



The Iron Society – Firm

Hey guys, back with another heavy pomade for you. Today I’m going to check out the firm version of The Iron Society pomade. It has been out for a little while, but I wanted to wait until the summer to try it out.

This one comes in the same really cool, old looking amber glass jar with a black screw-top lid. It has just the one sticker/label on the front like the original, which is very vintage looking, circa 1930′s.


This label is black instead of white like the original. It’s basically the negative of the other one, or the other one is the negative of this one. Whichever it is, the label reads “The Iron Society” inside a banner. Just under the banner indicates that its the “Firm Hold.” In between “iron” and “society” is their insignia/symbol. It is a “t” and an “i” next to each other with an “s” wrapping around them. Also on either side of the insignia it says ” handmade in brooklyn.” Underneath that it says “Old Fashioned Mens Grooming Aid.” The label also has their ingredients and the net wt, 3oz. On the very bottom of the label it says “be easy, friend.” Still one of my favorite labels out there these days, just badass.


Opening this jar you get the same smell as the original, just not quite as strong. I really like the smell of these pomades! They have a very manly scent to them. The look of this one, is pretty similar to their original, only this one is shinier on the surface and smoother looking. It looks like this is one going to scoop out easier than the original did. This one could be made with microcrystalline wax instead of or as well as beeswax. We’re about to find out aren’t we!


Just as I thought this one scoops out quite a bit easier and is smoother than the original did. Now being that this one is a firm hold, it is most likely made with microcrystalline wax since it scoops out easier. Beeswax is a much harder wax, therefore making it more difficult to scoop. The texture of it reminds me a lot of Bonecrusher. Once you get it out of the jar the scent gets a little bit stronger, but it still isn’t as strong as the original.

In my hands it does spread about the same as the original, but it feels more tacky. I can tell this is going to hold more than the original did. So far I am really liking this pomade a lot! Applying it is also a lot like applying Bonecrusher. And being as how I loved that pomade quite a bit, I think I’m going to like this one just as much. It was very easy to spread around with just my hands and fingers. I didn’t get any kind of tangles or snags or anything like that. And it wasn’t like other waxy pomades that only want to stay on top of my hair, this one went in pretty evenly with just my hands.


Because it has been so hot out here I decided not to comb a tall pomp. I just went for medium pomp and I’m going to see how it holds all day long. I was really pleased with how well this stuff made my hair look. And it has quite a bit of shine to it as well, I love that. This stuff could quickly move up the ladder to my top 10 favorites. Yes, I’m liking it that much. But, I have to see how it holds and how the build up is, etc. etc.

I was really surprised how well this stuff held up in the heat. I started work at 7 AM and I didn’t finish until after 4:30. At 4:30 my hair and hardly moved and was still as tall as it was in the morning. I did have some flyaways and a dip in the center of my head, but other than that my hair was in the same place. Great job with this stuff Chris!!! Also when I looked at my hair at the end of today, it had much more shine to it than it did in the morning. Love this stuff!


I took a shower that night because I’d been sweating all day, and surprisingly virtually none of the pomade came out of my hair in the shower. For me, that’s a good thing, I happen to like build up and I know that some of it is going to come out of my hair while I sleep. You will have to decide for yourself whether or not that is a good thing for you. The next morning I noticed only about a quarter of the pomade had come out. So I wasn’t going to need to add too much to my hair.

The second day I liked how my hair look even better. And it was a little bit shinier than the first day as well. Just like the first day my hair didn’t really move at all. This time the only place that moved was my cowlick above my right eye. It split on me, so I recombed my hair. And let me tell you, recombing this stuff is just awesome! One of my favorites for sure. At the end of the second day my hair was so shiny it looked like I had put a super greasy pomade in it. I was really digging how much shine my hair had to it because of this pomade.

So I have to tell you, go and get yourself a jar of this immediately. This is one of the better pomades I have used in a long time. I can’t really say anything bad about it. The only thing I can say, is it could have a little more hold to it. However, I was thoroughly pleased with it so you’ll have to decide if it has enough hold for you. So head on over to
and pick up a jar from Chris. While your there pick up a jar of the original as well, it’s worth it.

Be easy friends,


Uppercut – Deluxe

After trying multiple waxy pomades and them not holding up I decided I’m going to try a couple water bases. The Grant’s worked good, so now I’m going to give one that some people rave about a try. Let’s see how Australia’s Uppercut Deluxe works out.


This one comes in a 4oz painted tin with a screw top lid. It’s a pretty unique tin, I’ve never seen other tins like this one before. The lid has a red border with a chrome starburst in the center. In the center of the starburst are two well groomed boxers above their logo. Simple yet not at the same time, it’s a really cool design. On the side of the tin is “Deluxe,” “formulated by barbers,” their logo again, and “super strong – water soluble ‘for that knock out look’.”


On the back/bottom of the tin is a whole bunch of stuff. Up at the top is the directions just below five stars. Then lose the weight information, a silhouette of Australia, their logo, and some packaging symbols. Below that is a quote, the barcode, and the ingredient list. At the very bottom is some information on the product itself. This tin has a whole bunch of stuff all over it, but the lid is pretty simple.


As you unscrew the lid you’re met with the familiar sight of a water based goop. I was pretty bummed when I opened this tin for the review. When I first got it a few months ago the goop was a ruby red. Now it’s more of a brownish brick red amber color. And it looks slightly dried out. Well that’s already a big letdown. None of my other water bases dry out like this stuff does. On the plus side this stuff smells really good. I can’t place the exact item but it has a very sweet scent. It reminds me of some sort of sweet cake or cookie or pastry. But like I said I can’t put my finger on which item exactly. It’s still a really good smell either way.


The feel of the stuff is quite unique as well. It’s good so kind of like very thick jam. I know, weird analogy, but it was very tacky and gummy. I haven’t really come across any other water bases that scoop out like this one does. Another thing that I was really bummed out about it is that when scooping out, just one scoop and you’re already at the bottom of the tin. With this stuff being around $22-$25 per tin, that is a really big bummer. You can see in the bottom left part of the picture the tin and my scoop out of it showing the bottom of the tin. Way too expensive for such a little amount.

And just like the texture in the tin, it’s very tacky in my hands as well. Kind of hard to spread around evenly, I kept getting patches that didn’t want to spread out. I have a feeling it’s not going to go into my hair very easily. Once it’s in your hands the scent kind of changes a little bit and turns into more of a sugary scent. The scent so far is the only thing I’m liking about this stuff. Hopefully it gets better.

Applying it and combing it was pretty difficult for me, because of the super tacky texture and my hair being pretty long. It even kind of felt like combing a really thick, tacky jam through my hair. I spent a good five minutes trying to get it combed through my hair and dispersed evenly. However, even after I got it worked in good, it was still kind of difficult to comb. I’m guessing it’s because of this stuff being slightly dried out.


I couldn’t really get my hair to do what I wanted to with this stuff in it. As you can see my “pomp” is very uneven and slightly crooked. I was pretty disappointed with that. One good thing, I guess, is that this stuff makes your hair pretty shiny. I mean I like my hair to be shiny, but if my hair’s going to look like crap there’s not really any point.

The first day I wore it I had a pretty long route, so I would be out in the sun for quite a while. At about 10 o’clock my hair was flat against my head. I guess another one bites the dust when it comes to the Arizona heat. Being so soft from the heat I was able to recomb it, but it would not stay up. So I just combed it to the side and back. This one was pretty similar to Grant’s putty in the fact that it was kind of hard to wash out for being a water-soluble product. I think that is yet another result from it being slightly dried out.

The second day I wore it I had a short route and then a lot of errands to run so I didn’t even bother trying to comb a pomp. I just combed a straight slick back with a DA instead. After a few hours of being on my route my hair softened up and started splitting where my cow licks are. Bummer! I was pretty bummed about that so I just threw my hat on and went the rest of the day with a hat. It was just as it was the first day when I went to wash it out. Now it wasn’t hard to wash out, it just didn’t wash out with only water like most other water bases do.

So overall, I’m not very happy with this water based. For one, it cost me $25. Two, it starts to dry out after just a couple months. Three, once it starts to dry out it’s hard to apply and comb. Four, it doesn’t even hold that well. So I don’t know if I’m going to use it again or not, but I know I’m not going to be buying another tin of it. I think the only two things that I liked about it was the smell and the shine it gave my hair. However if you guys want to check this stuff out you can find it on their website or some of the other pomade shop websites.
I will be checking out their other stuff once it starts cooling off.

Take it easy,