Stay Gold Pomade – Bad Juju

Hey guys I’m back with another brand new pomade. My friend Wade who owns Stay Gold Pomade is releasing a new heavy pomade and I was one of the fortunate ones to get one of the first couple cans he made. Needless to stay I’m pretty excited to try it, especially because he let me pick the scent I wanted it to have! I went with Viva Vanilla!


This one comes in the increasingly popular black flat 4oz slip cover tins. It has just the lid label, but the label is awesome! It’s very simple, but very eye catching at the same time. The background is a bright emerald green and it has black writing. In the very center is a voodoo shrunken head with a pomp. He has both of his eyes sewn shut a bone through his septum and his mouth sewn shut. So awesome!!! I’m into the macabre and oddity type stuff so this label is right up my alley!! Above him it says “Stay Gold” and below him is “Pomade.” I was a little bummed that “pomade” kind of got cut off though. On either side of his head is the pomades name “Bad Juju.” I absolutely love this label! Great job with this one Wade!


The instant the lid was off of this pomade the scent hit my nose. It smells exactly like vanilla cake! And it smells good enough to eat. Although, don’t be that awkward kid and actually eat it, it probably won’t taste good. The color of it is a nice slightly off-white color. It has a super waxy look so I’m sure it’s going to have really nice hold.


Surprisingly it scooped out really easily even though it was really waxy. It feels a little bit thicker than the old High Life medium pomade. For being a soy wax pomade it has a nice creamy texture to it and isn’t that greasy. The one time I tried to use only soy wax in a pomade it came out pretty greasy. Even in my hands it had a nice creamy texture and spread out very easily. The scent gets really strong once you work the pomade around in your hands. I really like the texture of this stuff, now to put it to work.

It goes into your hair like butter! It combs almost as easy as a non waxy pomade. And it works in very evenly with just your hands. Mainly because you can run your hands through your hair so easily. Combing it in all the way took about 30-45 seconds. I decided to comb it a little longer, because I loved the way it felt when I was combing my hair. It has such and awesome texture in your hair that it makes combing your hair almost fun. Getting my pomp to behave took a little longer than I expected. I think I am way past overdue for a hair cut. I think I’m going to go see Eric or Tim on Monday for a fresh new cut and do.


I was able to get a nice medium sized pomp going. I probably could’ve gotten a taller one, but my hair is a little too unruly and it’s too hot out here so I know it won’t stay no matter what. So I decided to go with a medium one that would most likely stay throughout the day. I like the way this pomade makes my hair look. It didn’t tame all of my cowlicks and waves, but I think it did a pretty good job. It does have some nice shine to it as well, which I’m pretty happy about.

All day long I got compliments on my hair, both on the look and scent. And surprisingly my hair didn’t really move throughout the day. My main cowlick in the front and the two in the back did kind of split though. But they do that was almost any pomade I use, especially if it is hot outside. I was really surprised that the scent of this one lasted all day long. When I got home my lady said that my hair smelled almost as strong as it did the morning. Even though the scent lasted as long and stayed pretty much it is strong, it’s not an overpowering or overbearing scent. It’s a very well-balanced scent, it doesn’t annoy you throughout the day.


I really loved the buildup of this stuff as well. I didn’t hardly have to add any pomade to my hair each day after the first. Even though I didn’t really smell it in the morning before I reapplied the pomade, the little but I did add brought the scent back to life. I noticed a little bit more shine each day after the first day I used it. I think my hair looked even better the second day that I used this pomade. My lady really like the look of it better the second day, and the smell of it better.

This is one pomade that I can highly recommend you guys try out! Wade did a really good job with this one and I think it could work as a great pomade all year round. To order tin or two head over to his etsy store.
He also has a few other pomades and all of them can come in whichever of his scents you want so hit him up for some great pomade ASAP!! Thanks for the tin Wade I really appreciate it!

Stay Gold pony boy!


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6 comments on “Stay Gold Pomade – Bad Juju

  1. NOAM says:

    Do you think it suited for curly hair? And who has more hold – this one or Original Stay Gold?

  2. Wade Spalti says:

    Thank you for the Kind words J.c., and friends this man makes a damn good product of his own. Sorry for the bad label I’ll send ya a good one.

    • jchmotox57 says:

      Hey Wade,

      You’re most welcome sir! Thanks for letting me be one of the first to try it out! Thank you for the kind words about my pomades, I really appreciate that!! No worries it happens, thanks for sending me out a new on though that’s awesome!! I’ll be reviewing your other stuff soon as well, probably the Scarlet first!



  3. NOAM says:

    please. I’m waiting for an answer

  4. NOAM says:

    thank you jc

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