South Side Soaps – Shave Soap

Hey there gents. Finally back with another shave soap review. I know it’s been a while, I’ve just been sticking to my favorites as of late and haven’t tried anything new in a while. But….. I recently got a new soap from Claire over at South Side Soaps. So I’m gona try it out and see what’s up with it!


This soap isn’t like your typical cake. Well I guess it is, it’s just packaged differently. It comes in an amber plastic tub with a black lid instead of by itself like most shave soaps out there. It’s about the size of a hockey puck. The lid has the label on it which is a black label with tan coloring. In the center is an Americana style gypsy with flowers in her hair and a banner below her. The banner reads “South Side Soaps” in cursive style lettering. It’s not quite script, but is slightly cursive. Above and below her in the same lettering is “Bad Ass Bath and Beauty” and “Certified Cruelty Free.” Just under the banner is their etsy store info. Very simplistic but “bad ass” at the same time.


Opening it up you see an earthy greyish waxy looking soap. A few pieces came undone during transport so I put them back together. The surface is very uneven, which is kind of odd for a shave soap. We will see if that affects the performance or not. The scent of this soap is a nice balance of rosemary and mint. It also has a slight hint of clove. Being a chef in my previous jobs, I can appreciate the rosemary. Nice job with the scent Claire.


The lather isn’t like that of most soaps. What I mean is, you get a decent amount of lather from the soap, but it’s not a thick lather. It’s kind of an airy very bubbly lather. It’s not like any soap I’ve used so far. The scent doesn’t change at all once you lather it up. I like that with this soap because I like the scent quite a bit.


By the time I grabbed my camera almost all the bubbles had popped so the lather on my face kind of disappeared. But if I took my brush and just re-swirled it on my face the lather came right back. Kind of a weird lather. I’ve never had a soap do this before. Normally I like a nice thick lather to my shave soap. So I’m not sure about this stuff just yet. The lather leaves a nice cooling effect on your skin from the mint which is definitely nice. It’s not too overwhelming, but a nice mint chill on your cheeks and smell under your nose. I like it.

After shaving I didn’t notice too much of a difference in the softness of my face. Not all soaps give you a smoother/softer face though. This one seems to be kind of your average soap. It didn’t dry my skin out at all like a few soaps can. My skin just seemed to feel the same after my shave. I felt the mint chill still after I had wiped my face clean. It was about half as strong as it was when I first applied, but I still felt it.

Overall it’s a pretty decent soap. It has a cool label, nice scent and great mint cooling effect. It doesn’t lather that thick, but the lather works just fine. I’d say it’s one worthing giving a look. You can find it on Claire’s etsy site;
Check out her other soaps, pomades, lip balms on there too! Here tiki soap is AWESOME, and her absinthe pomade is great too. Thanks again Claire!! I’ll be back with her bay rum review pretty soon so stay tuned!

Stay fresh fellas,



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