Mom Made – Super Heavy

Hey guys last new pomade before we get going on the 12 Pomades of Christmas. Dawn over at Mom Made sent me a sample of her new super heavy formula and I was really pleased with it so she sent me a full tin to review. Thanks Dawn, you’re the best!! She just released these not too long ago so it’s still relatively new to the market. Let me show you what’s up with this pomade.


Just like her other tins it comes in a 4 ounce, stainless steel, slipcover tin. It has the lid label and bottom label like the others as well. This time the labeling is a light sky blue background. Is the sky blue signifying that this pomade will hold your hair up to the sky? Let’s see. The rest of the label is the same as her other labels. Mom in the center holding the can of pomade. Same wording around it and Texas state outline down below. The only difference wording wise is that it says “super heavy weight.” The bottom label is the same as the others as well, with the obvious color change. Still love these labels!! I think the red is still my favorite label though.


Opening the tin up you see a familiar white waxy pomade. On the surface it doesn’t look like it’s much heavier than the others are. It looks almost identical to the heavy. But it has some discoloration on the surface, probably from oils in the pomade coming to the surface. A smell of this stuff is awesome!!! It’s a light, fresh coconut lime scent, with a hint of like bath soap or something in there. At least that’s what my mom said it smelled like, coconut lime bubble bath. I just think it smells very fresh, not like soap or a bath. I think that I like this scent a smidgen better than the original scent.


When I dug my finger into this pomade I pulled out something I didn’t really expect. This stuff doesn’t feel that much different to their heavy weight pomade. It does have a higher wax content as you can see from the way it scooped out. However, the texture of it isn’t really that much different or heavier than the heavy. Which goes right along with this line, because the medium wasn’t much lighter than the heavy. This pomade isn’t a true super heavy, texture wise, as it’s softer than most heavies out there. But let’s see how it works in the hair before I cast judgement. We all know pomades have a funny way of shocking me sometimes.

In my hands I started to notice the first difference. It had more of tacky, what’s he feel to it then the other two did. It feels kind of like Nu Nile when it’s broken down in your hands. Maybe it will be like that one!!! I love that pomade. The coconut scent really shines through when it’s in your hands. It takes on a sweet note of the shredded coconut they use in candy! The lime stay present at the same time though. Applying it is almost identical to applying their heavy. The only difference is it’s slightly tackier and waxier. You’re able to get it decently worked into your hair with your hands. Combing it it quite a bit easier than you would think from it’s texture. But it combs very easily, just like if you were combing the other two pomades. Super smooth, decent pull to it, and very easily worked in all the way. It does have a little more resistance to it than the heavy, but not too much.


I was able to get about the same height as with the other pomades as well. I was hoping for a little more height, but maybe this one will hold like glue. The shine is definitely more of a matte rather than a gloss like the others were. I definitely do like the texture of my hair with this one it the best. It has a really nice feel to it. A lot like Steel Toe Pomade feels in my hair. I got quite a few comments on the scent throughout the day. Most people agree with me on the fresh scent, but one gal did say it smelled like a bubble bath. My hair pretty much stayed where it was all day long. A few stray hairs came out of place, but it didn’t split or droop or anything like that. When you go to recomb it, it feels about the same as when you styled it, texture wise. I like when pomades keep their texture in your hair all day long.

The buildup on this pomade is really really great!! Not much comes out so you only have to add a little the following days. It builds up a lot like the old High Life light did. One of my favorite build ups so far. I can tell this pomade is going to last me a while with how it builds up. Especially since I don’t have hardly any hair on the sides or back. After the new year I plan on using this stuff quite a bit. This stuff is definitely worth checking out! Lots of great stuff about it!! There isn’t really anything I disliked about it. So head over to
and pick up a can of this stuff! Grab the medium while you’re there too!! That stuff is awesome as well. Big thanks again to Dawn for making yet another great pomade!! Tomorrow we will start on the 12 Pomades of Christmas journey. I’m pretty stoked for this years pomades!!

Keep it greasy guys,


Holiday Giveaway!!

Hey readers!! In the spirit of this season, I decided to do a Christmas giveaway. I was originally just going to give away some of my products to a winner, but I came up with a different idea. So I decided to contact my friends at some of the other companies and see if they wanted to participate in the giveaway with me. To my surprise I got a HUGE response. I figured few companies would be in, but almost every company/friend I contacted said they would love to donate to the giveaway. They all seemed to love the idea of doing a holiday giveaway. And I am very excited to be giving back to the pomade community during this season. It has given me so much, I just felt giving back was the perfect thing to do. Plus what better time to give back than the season of giving?!

So I am doing a little random drawing for the winner. What I need from any of you who want to enter the drawing is a few things;

Your name, your address, your top 3 to 5 to 10 products(pomade, water based, tonic, cream, paste, etc etc), and a picture of your current collection. You will be emailing me these to

The pictures are going to be compiled in a later post to honor you guys, my readers, and show off all of your collections for the whole pomade community and world to see. Don’t be bashful if your collection is only a few products, we all start somewhere. My collection started with only 4 products! I really want people to see all the different types of collections out there, as well as the different products from around the world.

The top products you guys are emailing me are also going to be compiled into a future post. I am going to put together a list of my readers’ favorite products. Basically I will tally them all up and make a list 1 to whatever of the general consensus’ top products. That way people can check out what the public thinks are the best things out there to use. Just another thing that I think would be cool for new readers and pomade users to check out. Kind of a starting point so-to-speak.

Here is a list of all the companies that are donating with me. The winner will receive something from ALL of these companies!!

Barberside                    Bees Knees Pomade                    Black Jack Pomade                    Bona Fide Pomade               Cock Grease                   DAX                    Danny Boy Pomade                    Doc Elliott                 Fieldworks                Iron Society                    Johnny B.                    JS Sloane                    Layrite                    Lockhart’s                    Lone Star Pomade                  Lucky Dice              Murray’s                    Pomps Not Dead             Shiner Gold                Slicker Thn Hell                South Side Soaps              Steel Toe Pomade            Suavecito

Like I said A LOT of companies joined in!! I am still waiting to hear back from a few more too! You will have a chance to win something from all of these companies including my company. Basically a collection!!  Just remember to email me your name, your address, your list of top 3 to 5 to 10 products, and a picture of your collection. Send the email to , you have until Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 to submit your email.

Thank you all for reading! Good Luck!!

Happy Holidays,


Baxter of California – Hard Cream Pomade

Hey guys back to the new stuff, at least for a couple more reviews. I was contacted by Brittany over at Birchbox dot com about reviewing a limited edition pomade they were getting in for only 2 weeks. It’s made by Baxter of California, their Hard Cream Pomade. I gladly accepted the chance to review something for them. Thank you very much Brittany!!

I’m happy to say this one is packaged in a glass jar, and a heavy one at that! It’s a clear jar with a black plastic lid. The lid has the labeling printed right on it. This seems to be becoming a new trend these days. It’s pretty cool, and all of the ones I have except for one have lasted really well too. It’s just some white writing on the black lid. At the top is “Hard Cream Pomade” in block lettering. Below that is “firm hold/soft finish.” And in the center is the type of product it is in four different languages. Towards the bottom is “Baxter” in script, and “of California” in regular lettering. Probably the most simplistic labeling I’ve ever seen.


Unscrewing the lid I saw something very new to men’s hair care products, a foam seal. I’ve never seen a seal like this on any tin or jar or tub before now. It looks like the seals on vitamin jars. When you peel it off you see a pale pink, shiny, hair cream. It looks kind of similar to the Johnny B street cream on the surface. The scent is very strong, and not what you’d expect. It reminds me of this salon my lady goes to, very feminine. Totally didn’t expect that, I was expecting something much more masculine. Not sure if I like the scent at all. It doesn’t smell bad, it’s just kind of a chick smell. I’m not really partial to smelling like a girl, but I won’t make a final judgement just yet.


This stuff feels exactly like Greek yogurt when you scoop it out. And now that I think of it, the surface looks like the brand I eat. Weird! Yogurt pomade. Definitely a unique texture to it. It kind of even looks like Greek yogurt when you scoop it out. As well as scooping out like it, this cream feels like yogurt in your hands. This stuff is weird. It’s very creamy, slightly tacky, and real soft. It’s curious how much this stuff feels like Greek yogurt.


It goes in a lot like Lucky 13 cream does. Super soft, almost like putting conditioner in your hair. No issue whatsoever with getting it spread around evenly with just your hands. And combing it is just like combing water through your hair, it’s that easy. It does kind of leave white streaks in your hair at first. You have to comb for a little while in order to work them all in, but only a couple minutes. With it being so light, it was a little difficult to style at first. Once it started to dry up a little bit I was able to work it a little bit more.

My pomp wasn’t too tall with this stuff, many because it was so light. It also left some gaps where my cowlicks are, because it doesn’t have a whole lot of hold. Oh whatever, I was pretty surprised that I was able to get the height that I was with such a light cream. It gives your hair quite a matte look to it, but it does have a tiny bit of shine to it. And because I waited forward to start to dry before I could style my hair, it completely dried in a short amount of time. This stuff doesn’t dry like you normally would think. It feels like you put honey in your hair and let it get cold. Very hard gummy hold, not a hard like water based. It held really nicely all day long, and the scent dissipated to where I couldn’t smell it anymore. I was pretty happy with that as I wasn’t crazy about the scent.


I decided to try and recomb it without water, and surprisingly I was able to. It did leave my hair very very matte afterward though. It stayed throughout the rest of the night without moving at all. And it does wash out. Not with just water though, you have to shampoo this stuff. It left my hair nice and soft after I washed it out too which was great. Although I don’t think I have used a paste or cream that has left my hair dry. Most creams are made to kind of soften your hair so it makes sense that this stuff left my hair soft.

I was pretty happy with this stuff overall. It has a really cool texture to it, holds great, recombs without water as well as with water, and leaves my hair soft after using it. The only thing I didn’t really like about it was the scent. However that disappears after a short while so it doesn’t really make much difference. I could see myself using this stuff in the future. Maybe not that often as I have a few creams that I really really like, and this one is limited edition. But I will use it again in the future for sure. Thanks again to Brittany for sending this out to me to check out!! They only sold this for a short time so you can’t buy it anymore. However, Baxter of California does make some other products and I believe you can get some at
I’ve got one more pomade review for you guys before we embark on this years 12 Pomades of Christmas journey!! So stay tuned!



DAX – High & Tight awesome hold

Hey fellas, enough with the new pomades. Today I’m using a “tried and true” favorite of mine, DAX’s High & Tight awesome hold. After talking with Don about which one I should review next, because they have so many and I love so many of them and couldn’t decide which, he recommended High & Tight. So that’s what I’m reviewing, plus it’s probably my second or third favorite from DAX! Let’s get greasin’!!


Now you can’t see the can, I know, so I’ll just have to do my best to describe it to you. It’s a desert-style camo background; tan, light brown, and dark brown with grey specks. It has white and red writing on it. The lid and front of the can have “High & Tight” in military style lettering in white. Then “awesome hold” in red, and “hair dress” in the white military letters again. On the lid below that it say “bring your hair to attention and attention to your hair.” On the back of the can is the directions in three languages and a blurb about the benefits of the ingredients in it. The bottom of the tin has the barcode, the ingredient list, and the company info. Pretty cool looking tin, and it blends in super well 😉. In all seriousness, I love camo, so the High & Tight tins are some of my favorites in my whole collection!


Opening the tin up you get blasted in the face, in a great way, with one of the best smells from a pomade ever! It’s a nice manly scent right up front, kind of like a barbershop mixed with an expensive cologne. In the middle is a slight floral note, and it finishes with a nice sweet smell, like powdered sugar. Some people don’t like the smell and I have absolutely no idea why. It’s definitely in my top favorite smells of all my pomades. The pomade itself is a dark tan pomade, with a bit of a shiny surface. It kind of looks like their Wave and Groom or Murray’s superior, just more greasy looking.


The texture of it when you scoop it out is like a slightly softer Green and Gold. It has a decent pull off to it, soft scoop, but maintains it’s medium-firm feel. It also kind of reminds me of Nu Nile a little bit too. Now once you scoop it out, you really get a nice whiff of the scent. And it’s even better smelling out of the tin! I can’t express enough how great this pomade smells!! When you break it down in your palms it takes on a nice thick, smooth and greasy feel to it. Feels a bit like mixing Green and Gold with Electric Grease in your hands. I love pomades that have textures like this. However, the texture kind of deceives you, I’ll show you why in a little bit.

It goes into your hair fairly easily. Like putting in a medium pomade. Some decent resistance, but you’re able to spread it around all throughout your hair with just your hands. It doesn’t stick on top like some medium pomades do, and it isn’t overly greasy either. Combing it is also very easy, it does maintain it’s resistance while combing. You can tell it’s going to have a decent amount of hold when you comb it. Another great thing when you comb it is the way the scent kind of aerates and fills up your bathroom.


Now I said the texture kind of deceives you. It doesn’t feel like it will hold much by it’s feel, but I can do a Mohawk with this stuff, as you can see. You can also get a super tall pomp going with it. I decided to stick with a nice medium pomp for the day though. I very rarely rock a tall pomp, and my Mohawk days are long gone. Haven’t had one in about 7 years. Anyway, this stuff has a lot of hold to it, hence the name. It also has quite a bit of shine to it as well. I love it when pomades hold great and have shine to them, which is one reason I love this stuff so much. And it holds all day long. My hair didn’t move hardly at all, mostly just the back because it’s too long and getting unruly. The sides and front stayed perfectly all day though. The scent lasts all day too, but it’s not overwhelming at all. It’s perfect!


Can’t say enough good things about the buildup of this stuff either!! You don’t have to hardly add any to your hair. I had to add a bit to the back and sides because it came off while I slept. However even with that I only needed 1/2 a fingers worth. And it holds even better the more you use it, not that you need it, but you get it. I didn’t notice any significant change in the shine though, it pretty much stayed the same each day. Same thing with the scent, it never gets to be too much. It dissipates at the end of each day and you start fresh the next day. I always get compliments on my hair when I wear this stuff, both on look and smell. The ladies LOVE the smell of this stuff.

I can’t recommend this pomade enough. It is a must for every pomade user. You have to buy a tin, or three, of this stuff. Yet another winner from DAX! Although I have been using it for a while I have to give it to you guys straight. Pomades don’t get much better than this stuff. What else would you expect from the DAX family? They make great stuff, I still haven’t tried a product I didn’t like from them. Head to their website straight away and buy some of this stuff and pick up a few others while you’re there! After all their products are very reasonably priced.
Don, thanks for helping me choose which pomade of your guys’ to review next. And DAX thanks for making such a great pomade! Until the next DAX product….

Keep it greasy guys,


Slick Boy Deluxe (tan and red)

I’ve got one more new pomade for you guys. This one comes all the way from Bali. It’s named after a very famous pomade that was made for Mike Ness/Social Distortion. It’s Slick Boy Deluxe, and I’m starting with their tan and red can first. They also have a blue and black can as well. After seeing this on Facebook I had to contact the Rumble Cloth guys in Bali about buying some. It did take a little while to actually get the order going, but it shipped surprisingly fast. Big thanks to the Rumble guys for shipping out my order out so quickly!


This can is about the size of the old High Life cans, but is painted like Murray’s and DAX cans are. It has a tan background with red and black accents. In the very center is “Slick Boy deluxe” in two-toned Olde English style lettering. Around the edge are black and red stars. Above and below the name is some wording in Balinese. On the front of the can it says “Slick Boy deluxe Dari rmbl” in black lettering with two stars. The bottom of the tin has the same thing, plus the ingredient list. As well as both websites, and a sparrow holding a banner with an arrow behind it. Very Americana style design, would make a good tattoo. I love the design, color scheme, and layout of this tin. It’s a very cool looking pomade tin, and I’m happy to have it in my collection. It draws your eye to it.


When you open the tin, you see a tan colored waxy pomade. It kind of looks like Grandad’s on the surface, just a tad bit darker. Hopefully it will be nice and creamy like Grandad’s was!! I’m really digging the scent of this pomade!! When you first smell it, it reminds you of like a hazelnut cream coffee. The more you smell it, it kind of takes on a buttery scent to it. Almost like almond butter or something. Then there is a tiny little hint of flowers. Very unique scent for a pomade, smells more like a body butter or lotion or something. I like it though.


As I dug my finger in the pomade I was not surprised at all with what I pulled out. A waxy, yet very creamy pomade. It felt like a cross between Grandad’s, High Life, and Bees Knees. It had a tough surface and was kind of hard to break through. Once it did, it had a very creamy waxy texture. Then when I pulled out the second fingerful, it was really tacky. Once I got it in my palms and started spreading it around, it became super creamy. It had a nice silky, creamy feel to it, while still maintaining it’s waxy feel. It felt a lot like Stay Gold’s bad juju pomade did in my hands.

Then when you go to put it in your hair, it gains all it’s waxy feel back to it. It wasn’t hard to apply by any means, it just didn’t feel as creamy anymore. It wasn’t as easy to distribute through my hair with my hands as I thought it was going to be. It kind of wanted to stick on top at first and had some decent resistance to it. However, once I grabbed my comb, it turned to butter. This stuff is kind of throwing me for a loop. It’s one way one minute, then switches up completely the next. Very interesting pomade for sure. To my understanding, this pomade does not contain petrolatum. That could be one of the reasons it acts the way it does. Either way, I like it so far.


The first time, I was able to get an ok pomp going. It wasn’t as rounded as I’d like it, more flat across the top of the front. My hair had a really great texture to it though. And some pretty decent shine as well, although the picture doesn’t really show how shiny it was. After a few hours of having it in I decided to recomb my hair to try and get a better looking pomp. It ended up looking a lot different, both style and texture wise. I was much more please with how it looked later on. By that time the scent had died down quite a bit and I couldn’t really smell it anymore. The shine was a bit higher after I recombed it though. I was really happy with that, you know how much I like shiny hair.

The next day I got a huge surprise from this pomade! I was taking a shower, just using normal cheap store bought shampoo and ALL the pomade came out of my hair!! Yeah ALL of it was out with one wash of some cheap-ass “value buy” shampoo! This shampoo isn’t anything special either, it never washes out pomades. I only use it to kind of clean my scalp, so I didn’t think anything of it when I washed my hair. But lo and behold, this stuff washes out super easy. By far the easiest pomade to wash out! And, my hair felt bunny rabbit soft after my shower!! I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I normally want a nice buildup from a pomade, and like that pomades last a lot longer than creams, pastes, gels, etc etc, because you don’t wash all of it away each time you use it. However, I did really like how soft my hair was after my shower. My hair hasn’t felt this soft in a long time. Let’s see how it does the second time around though.


It applies the same as the first day, and combs the same too. I got a little bit better of a pomp the second go ’round. More full and rounded, little bit more shine out of the gate, and a better look/texture in my opinion. The rest of the day pretty much went the exact same as the first, except I noticed a little more hold. I didn’t get any more height, it just stayed in place better and longer. I decided to wash my hair that night to see if it would wash out again, or if that was a one time fluke. Nope, it washed out again, and my hair was super soft again/still. Crazy pomade!

This stuff is like a roller coaster of a pomade. Up one minute, down the next, taking you for turns, mellowing out, throwing you for a loop, then a nice smooth finish. Stuff is crazy! I still don’t know what to make of it. I know that I really like it though!! Everything about it! From the can, to the scent, the texture, application and hold, look of my hair with it in, the way it leaves my hair after I wash it out. Just great stuff. The only downside I see to this stuff is the price and longevity of it. It’s foreign, so naturally you’re going to pay more. This stuff is around $27 per can after shipping and whatnot, or $6.75/oz. However, it washes out each time you use it, so it won’t go nearly as far as your average pomade does. So it’s more like using a paste, or cream, or ringing gel, with it not lasting as long. Which makes it in the price bracket of like Uppercut and other high end stuff like that. However, because I loved how well this stuff worked for me, I don’t mind paying that much for it. I just won’t use it as often as other go-to pomades of mine.

I highly recommend you guys check this stuff out!! It’s a little hard to find though. I hit up the Rumble Cloth guys on Facebook in order to buy some, but I’m pretty sure they’re working on a website for it now. So hopefully that will be up soon for you. Until then, like this page on Facebook and message them for ordering info;
Thanks again guys for letting me order some of this stuff and for shipping it so quickly! Seriously get some of this stuff! And their blue can while you’re at it! Next up will be one of my tried and true pomades.

Stay slick boys,


Bona Fide Pomade – revisited/new formula

So I’m sure most of you know that Bona Fide went through a revamp recently. Well after chatting with Luis about it and some other stuff he decided to send me a tub of their new formula for a revisited review. To be completely honest, I was really stoked to try it out. Especially since I loved the last formula so much. Thanks Luis!!! Hopefully this one isn’t too different, because I really liked the old formula. Let’s check it out shall we?


It comes in the same sized tub, with the same labeling. The only thing I noticed that was different with the labels was that they weren’t shiny like the old ones. These new ones have a non-gloss coat on them, giving them more of a matte look. I also noticed the red isn’t quite as dark as the last labels. But at first glance they look exactly the same. The matte look and lighter red make no difference to me, I think the labels look just as good as the last ones did. No change so far.


Opening up the tub you notice the first big difference. You can actually see through the tub this time. The second big difference is the scent. Now it has a more citrusy scent to it rather than the fresh scent of the old formula. This citrus scent still maintains a nice freshness to it though. I happen to like the smell of the new formula much better than the old formula.


Scooping this one out is very similar to the old formula. I noticed it didn’t come out with as smooth or round of a surface though. This formula has more of a flat surface like Tres Flores water based does. The scent takes on a slightly more fresh scent once you get it out of the tub, kind of reminding you a little of the old scent. In your hands it feels almost identical to the old formula. It is slightly more tacky and has a little bit more resistance to it. But other than that it’s just the same as the old formula.

Just as I thought, it applies to your hair just like the old formula. So apart from the scent nothing has changed really. I’m able to really work it in really nicely and evenly with just my hands. And like the old formula it combs like a light product too. I started to comb my hair and noticed another difference, it has a bit more pull to it when you go to style your pomp. My first styling produced a pomp about the same height as with the old formula. However, I decided to see how tall I could comb the front. To my surprise I could comb up the front really tall. I didn’t try for a full one or anything, just wanted to see how tall I could comb it up. If my hair was a bit shorter I think I could have even combed it up even a bit taller. Just like the old formula, it holds all the little hairs in. Most water bases don’t do that, which is one reason I enjoy this stuff so much. This one also has the same high shine as the old formula as well. So far so good, nice job guys!!


After about 30 minutes or so it dried up. Here comes the next difference, this formula hardens up. Unlike the last one that more gummed up and allowed you to recomb it, this one hardens like most other water bases do. Kind of bummed about that, I really liked how the old formula didn’t harden up. My hair stayed exactly in place all day long, not one hair out of place. Gotta like that. I also noticed that this one leaves your hair really soft after you wash it out with water. I dare to say even softer than the last formula left my hair.


The second day I had pretty much the exact same experience. My hair came out a bit more rounded than the first day. I liked the look of my hair better the second day though. It gave my hair a nicer look/texture to it the second day. Usually that doesn’t happen with water bases, but it did with this one. Then I noticed something very peculiar about this one. The second day, it felt exactly like the old formula when it dried, gummy not hardened. Weird how that happened, but I like it. And just like with the old formula, I could recomb it this time. And my hair was still nice and soft when I rinsed it all out.


Have to say I really like this new formula. Better than the old formula in fact! Same great product, but with a better scent and more hold. What more could you ask for in an updated formula? You guys have to go get some of this from their site
Just like I said with the last stuff, worth every penny. Luis and the whole Bona Fide team, first off, thank you very much for the opportunity to try out and review the new formula! Second, great job with the new formula! Great product you have here guys!!!

Until next time,


Fieldworks – Another Close Shave

After loving their bar soap so much I had to get right on checking out another Fieldworks product!! I decided to try their shave gel Another Close Shave out first.

This stuff comes in an amber plastic jar with a silver screw top, pop top lid. It has just one big wraparound label that covers almost the whole bottle. On the front of the label in the same type of font as the bar soap, it says “Another Close Shave.” This label is the same background, but has a golden yellow border along with gold and red lettering. Above the name is the company name/logo, and below it is “With beneficial clay ~ The Original ~” and then “Concentrated shaving gel” with the weight info. On the right side of the label is a couple blurbs and info about the shave gel. On the left side is the ingredient list, the company info, and the barcode. I really love the look of these labels. They’re so cool looking.


Popping up the top you get a nice whiff of the gel. It smells almost exactly like the soap. Yes!!! The only difference I got was this one has a hint of rosemary in it as well as the vetiver, lime, and nutmeg. The rosemary really adds a nice note to the well balanced base scent. I may even like this scent better than the bar soap. But I have to try it out a few times before I make a final decision. The gel itself is kind of a burnt yellowish tan color and has a very high shine to it. The consistency of it is like cold maple syrup. The reason I compare it to that is, I had waffles this morning and didn’t take my syrup out of the fridge in time and had to pour it on my waffles while it was still cold.


I grabbed my bowl and brush and proceeded to lather this stuff up. I’m not sure if it will lather or not, but we will soon find out. I sprinkled a little water in the bowl with the gel and went a-swirlin. After a few seconds I started to see the familiar white lather. However, it doesn’t make a thick lather like a soap or brush cream does. It’s very thin, I think you are supposed to just apply this directly to your face with your hands. The bowl and brush lather technique doesn’t really work for this gel. No big deal at all, I don’t always have time or want to break out the bowl and brush. This stuff will be perfect for those days.

One thing I loved about it when I was trying to lather it was the freshly chopped wood scent it gained when I did that. It was so strong that my dog Solomon, my oldest male who loves to chew on wood pieces, came in the bathroom to investigate. I love this scent even more now!! I didn’t think that was possible, but it sure surprised me. When I rubbed the gel directly on my face it got a very tacky solid white lather. It was a thick lather but it wasn’t puffy like with a shave soap. It had more of a lather like that EvolutionMAN stuff I tried out.


The lather didn’t dissipate at all while I was shaving. I like that, some gels and creams kind of go away as you’re shaving. However, this stuff looked exactly the same on the last stroke of my razor as it did with the first. It allows for a really smooth shave too. Much smoother than a lot of other big name gels and creams. And after you’re done shaving your face is left nice and smooth. It also leaves a slight residue on your face. Not slimy like that other stuff I tried, but it’s not dry either. It’s feels like when you’re washing your face with soap and you go to rinse off, that feeling. So I just rinsed my face with water and it was all gone. I first tried wiping my face with just my hands and it started to lather again. So for you guys that do multiple passes, those stuff will lather up multiple times after you shave no need to re apply. Pretty awesome!


After you rinse it off, the scent goes away. Kind of a bummer, but at the same time I don’t currently have an aftershave that would go with this sent. Maybe they will make a liquid aftershave that smells like this stuff in the future, cough cough. They do have an aftershave balm though, which I will get to very soon. Overall, it’s a pretty decent shave gel. I’m not usually a fan of these, but this one I make an exception for. The scent alone is worth it, but the cool lather you get, the possibility of multiple lathers, and the softness your face is left with just add to it. The only thing I didn’t really care for was that I have to rinse it off before I apply my aftershave, but that’s not a huge deal. It isn’t a thick residue, and it only takes a few extra seconds so I don’t mind it. I can recommend this for you guy that like good smells, like to try new stuff, use shave creams and gels, and you guys who are quick, no hassle shavers. It’s really a decent shave gel, with a great scent and a cool label. Pick it up at their website
Make sure to take a gander at their other stuff as well while you’re there. Stay tuned for their next product!!