Black & White – Skin Soap

Hey gents, today I am sharing my experience with another bar soap. This one is from a very popular pomade company, Black & White. They have quite a few different kinds, but I figured I’d start with their basic skin soap first.

Like most bar soaps it comes in a cardboard box. This box is pretty similar to their pomade container. It’s an all white background with black writing. It has “Genuine” in cool script in the center. Then “Black & White” in a circle next to it. “Skin Soap” and the weight info are towards the bottom of the box face. Simple and awesome, just like their pomade jars.


On the back is a little blurb about the soap and their other products. In the lower left corner is all the company information and next to that is the barcode. It’s almost like they just copy and pasted their pomade label format onto the box. I happen to like this style of labeling. Simple, unique, classic, easy to spot, cool.


The bar itself is wrapped in a white wax paper. So you have to open this one twice. Once you get the wrapping off you see and smell the soap. It’s a burnt brick orange color with “Black and White Skin Soap” stamped into it. It has a very strong soapy smell to it. Reminds me of this bar soap that my grandparents used to use. It was the same color and smell, but was an oval shape. It also kind of reminds me of Dial bar soap, which is also the same color and smell as well as shape. Dial is just a bit bigger. This one is on the smaller side of bar soaps. Being only about 3″ long, 1 1/2″ wide, and 1″tall, it’s the smallest bar soap I’ve used so far. Maybe it will go farther than the bigger bars do.


It lathers up like pretty much any other bar soap you can get in the supermarket or drug store. The lather on this one isn’t white like other soaps though. It has so much coloring in it that it lathers a light orange. I happen to like that, it’s pretty cool to see. It doesn’t color your skin or anything, just the bubbles are orange. After just a few mins in the shower the scent was starting to get to me. With the water, lather, and steam, the scent got really really strong. I’m not too big on straight soap smells as it is, but when they’re super strong it can be too much for me. So the scent isn’t my favorite at all.

The lather was really nice throughout the whole shower and my skin felt very clean after using the soap. After I dried off completely and got dressed I noticed my skin start to feel a bit tight and kind of dry. Sometimes my skin will do that when I switch to a new soap so I have to try it out more to see if it’s the soap or not. Thus far I’m not super impressed with the soap though. Other than the cool looking lather and the extra clean feeling it’s pretty average. Not a bad soap by any means, but it’s not an “I’m switching” type of soap. But I’m going to use the entire bar before I make my final decision on this soap.

After using it for a while I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not that good of a soap. It didn’t last that long, about a week less than a bar of Irish Spring. It leaves my skin really dry and I ended up having to use more lotion everyday to combat that result. After about a week and a half the bar started to separate height wise into a bunch of 3″x1 1/2″ flakes. I kept having to put them back together to reform the bar so I could use it. The scent is too strong of soap for me. And it wasn’t very cheap, cost me $5 at a beauty supply store. The only things I liked about it were the cool box it came in, and the orange lather it made.

So I can’t really recommend this soap. Unless you’re a collector, it’s not really practical to have or try out. But like with pomade, soaps can work differently for people. So if it is something you want to try, just check out your local beauty supply stores for it. That’s where I got mine. It wasn’t a big store though, just kind of a mom and pop type place. I tend to like those better than the bigger chains, which is why I stopped in. Anyway, check it out if it strikes your fancy. If not, pass on it and try something else. I had to try it for my curiosity/since it was a B&W product, because I love their pomades so much and had to see what it was like, and for you guys/the review. Someone has to do the dirty work, well clean work actually in this case. Take care and stay tuned for a new soap company’s bar coming up real soon!

Stay fresh fellas,



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