Fieldworks – Bar None Body Brick

I’ve really been wanting to check out some non-traditional bar soaps lately, as that’s what I use in the shower and I’m tired of the same old stuff. So when Karamy over at Fieldworks contacted me about trying some of their products including their bar soap I jumped at the chance. It was really cool to be contacted by them about trying out their stuff! And I got a bunch of stuff from them super quickly!! Thank you very much Karamy!!!!

I decided on trying their bar soap first because I really wanted to try out a new soap. Especially after using that Black & White soap. I’ve been really wanting to find some cool soaps to use on a regular basis. I mean I like my “main stream” bar soap, but I’ve been using it forever and want something new. So let’s check out this soap.


It comes in a box like most bars soaps. However, the box isn’t like most boxes. It’s a tray with a covering sleeve. The design of the sleeve is pretty cool looking. It’s a light grey background with olive green borders. On the front in big bold red letters is “Bar None” which is the name of the soap. Pretty cool name and play on words at the same time! Above that in the company name “Fieldworks Supply Company” with a red handprint. Below the name is “With Beneficial Clay” then “~The Original~” and “Body Brick” at the very bottom. Very simplistic, but really cool at the same time. Sometimes simple can be boring, big I love this companies label designs! On the sides are a couple explanations and blurbs about the soap. Then on the back is the company info, their website, the ingredient list, and the barcode. Very cool label all the way around!


The bar itself, well brick I guess. Or brick bar? Either way, it’s olive green in color and looks like a brick with sharp edges. It’s a solid bar, not clear like some soaps out there. It has a very matte look to it, not like the mainstream bars that have a gloss to the surface. The scent of this soap is awesome!!! It has a strong first note of vetiver, then comes a nice hit of lime, and you get a tiny whiff of nutmeg. It smells slightly reminiscent of The Iron Society pomade, which makes me really like the smell of this soap. I haven’t seen a soap like this one before so I am very excited to try it out!


This soap takes a minute to get the lather up to a nice consistency. Once it absorbs the water and gets nice and soft, the lather rivals any big brand soap bar you’d find at the drug store or supermarket. And man, the scent!!! In the steam, the scent gets nice and strong and the lime really comes through! I love the scent even more once I get it lathered up. One thing I thought was a little weird was the soap was kind of difficult to rub over my skin. Almost like rubbing lathered soap over dry skin, only my skin wasn’t dry. However after a few showers that went away and it’s like any other bar soap out there, glide wise.

I noticed my skin was nice and clean after each shower I took. It felt more clean than when I use my normal bar soap. Definitely really liking this body brick! Another positive thing I noticed is that my skin felt nice and soft after a shower. Unlike some bar soaps that leave your skin dry, or itchy, this one leaves your skin feeling soft, clean, and moisturized. Even more so than any other bar soap I have tried thusfar.

After using this bar for a while, I have to say I’m extremely pleased with it. It is by far the best bar soap I have used. It leaves your skin nice and clean after a shower. As well as giving you skin a nice soft, moisturized feel to it. The soap has a great lather to it, and allows for fast washing. The soap lasts quite a long time. So far it seems like it will last about 50% longer than a regular bar of soap, or longer. The scent is just awesome! And the packaging it comes in is just plain cool. The only question I have is, why don’t you own a bar of this stuff already? Chances are you’re like me and haven’t heard of them til now. That’s ok, because now I’m going to give you their website, which is also really cool looking.
Make sure you check out their other stuff as well!! They have some awesome products on there!! I want to thank them again for sending me all the cool stuff they did and giving me the opportunity to try out and review their stuff! I really appreciate it guys. Stay tuned for more of their products, I still have quite a few to check out. I think next I might try one of their shave products.

Keep it clean,



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