Gatti Genius – Ph7 Shop Scrub

Well I’m here with a new product. Not new per se, but new to my blog, and a new brand to the market. Today I’m writing my review on Gatti Genius’ Ph7 shop scrub. While buying their pomades I saw this stuff and said, why not? So I’m going to give it a go and see how it works.


This stuff comes in a huge 14oz black plastic tub with a screw on lid. It has just the one lid label on it. The label is a black background with an orange center. In the black, up top, it says “Rids hands of ink, dirt, and grease” in tan writing. Below in the black it says “Super concentrated ~ Easy to use” in the same writing. Inside the orange center is a few things in both tan and black writing. There’s a black line that divides is down the center. Up top are some tan stars and “GattiGenius” as well as “Ph7” in big letters. Below the line is “Shop Scrub” and “solvent-free hand cleaner.” At the very bottom it says “Made in U.S.A.” and has the weight info. Pretty cool looking label, very modernized, yet maintains a classic feel to it.


Inside the tub is a bright, highlighter yellow scrub. You can see it has a very gritty looking texture to it. It has a matte look to it as well, no shine or gloss whatsoever. This scrub looks like it’s going to be a dry scrub, it doesn’t seem to have much, if any, moisture to it. Kind of makes me wonder how it’s going to work. It almost looks like a bunch of yellow silica sand or something. The smell of this stuff is very chemically and soapy. It reminds me of this laundry detergent my grandma used to have. Very very soapy smell with chemically undertones. Makes sense, especially if you’re using this in a garage or shop. It would definitely help take away that motor oil and gas smell from your hands. I know I’ll use it when I’m working on my dirt bike or vehicles, my regular soap doesn’t do squat for me. Hopefully this one will.


Just as I thought it’s very dry. To get it out you have to scoop and pinch, almost like you’re getting a dip from a can of Skoal or something. You can see how it sticks together really well and how I had to pinch it to get some out of the tub. Not a big deal at all to have to pinch it to get it out. Just wanted to articulate that you can’t just scoop it out like say a pomade or something like that.

I was wrong about it not having moisture though. It has kind of a soapy liquid that’s holding the grains together. And yeah it is like a bunch of sand held together. It even feels kind of like moist sand in you palms. Crumbles like wet sand does too. You have to watch it or you’ll end up with some of it breaking away and ending up on your floor like I did. So watch out. I decided to press it into my palm instead so it would crumble everywhere on me again.

Rubbing it around in my hands it feels like really coarse, wet sand. With a waxy pomade on my hands I couldn’t really tell if it was working or not just yet. I did notice that the color was turning from highlighter yellow to more of a light banana pudding yellow. After scrubbing my hands for a bit then rinsing off the scrub I noticed that it worked pretty decently. It didn’t get all the pomade off my hands, but I was using a waxier pomade so that could be why. But either way it took quite a bit of it off my hands. I just wiped the rest on my jeans and went about my business.

Later on I used it with a lighter greasy pomade and all of it came off my hands. I didn’t have any grease left on my hands. Same thing when I tried it with a water based as well. I mean yeah they come off with just water, but this stuff took it all off my hands before I rinsed them. Just to put it to the actual test of what it’s intended for I tried it after I had worked on my dirt bike. You can see the dirty grease on my hands in the picture below.


Low and behold, it works!! Just like I knew it would. There isn’t one remnant of grease left on my hands whatsoever. Now it doesn’t work quite as well on pomade, but it does get most of it off your hands. I know some of you don’t like pomade on your hands after you apply it and have trouble getting it off you hands.


I can definitely suggest trying this stuff out! Not as just something to take the pomade off your hands after you apply it, but for all sorts of stuff as well. It works really great as a shop scrub, regular hand cleaner, helps get ink smudges off your hands, and as a degreaser. It comes in a decent sized tub and has a cool label. The scent isn’t my favorite, but luckily it doesn’t last like some soaps and hand cleaners do. As soon as you rinse your hands the scent, and whatever smell of the gunk on your hands, is gone completely. So go to their site
and pick up a tub of this stuff. They also have some pomades on there as well so check them out.

Take it easy guys,



3 comments on “Gatti Genius – Ph7 Shop Scrub

  1. NOAM says:

    I thought it was going to be better for pomades, didn’t work on waxy pomade 100 percent. that’s a bummer

    what about heavy pomades – not waxy? You tried it on heavy pomades?

    after i applied pomade i Cleans my hands when they dry and not wet with baby wipes on the waxy or greasy hands And it works 100 percent – no pomades on my hands Remaining, and after this i wash my hands one time with soap. To not smell like baby wipes

    but I suppose that one day I will buy it, and jc you wrote 14oz black plastic tub, and on the tub it 10 oz

    thank you for the review

  2. NOAM says:

    ok. thanks and I will buy it

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