Fieldworks – Another Close Shave

After loving their bar soap so much I had to get right on checking out another Fieldworks product!! I decided to try their shave gel Another Close Shave out first.

This stuff comes in an amber plastic jar with a silver screw top, pop top lid. It has just one big wraparound label that covers almost the whole bottle. On the front of the label in the same type of font as the bar soap, it says “Another Close Shave.” This label is the same background, but has a golden yellow border along with gold and red lettering. Above the name is the company name/logo, and below it is “With beneficial clay ~ The Original ~” and then “Concentrated shaving gel” with the weight info. On the right side of the label is a couple blurbs and info about the shave gel. On the left side is the ingredient list, the company info, and the barcode. I really love the look of these labels. They’re so cool looking.


Popping up the top you get a nice whiff of the gel. It smells almost exactly like the soap. Yes!!! The only difference I got was this one has a hint of rosemary in it as well as the vetiver, lime, and nutmeg. The rosemary really adds a nice note to the well balanced base scent. I may even like this scent better than the bar soap. But I have to try it out a few times before I make a final decision. The gel itself is kind of a burnt yellowish tan color and has a very high shine to it. The consistency of it is like cold maple syrup. The reason I compare it to that is, I had waffles this morning and didn’t take my syrup out of the fridge in time and had to pour it on my waffles while it was still cold.


I grabbed my bowl and brush and proceeded to lather this stuff up. I’m not sure if it will lather or not, but we will soon find out. I sprinkled a little water in the bowl with the gel and went a-swirlin. After a few seconds I started to see the familiar white lather. However, it doesn’t make a thick lather like a soap or brush cream does. It’s very thin, I think you are supposed to just apply this directly to your face with your hands. The bowl and brush lather technique doesn’t really work for this gel. No big deal at all, I don’t always have time or want to break out the bowl and brush. This stuff will be perfect for those days.

One thing I loved about it when I was trying to lather it was the freshly chopped wood scent it gained when I did that. It was so strong that my dog Solomon, my oldest male who loves to chew on wood pieces, came in the bathroom to investigate. I love this scent even more now!! I didn’t think that was possible, but it sure surprised me. When I rubbed the gel directly on my face it got a very tacky solid white lather. It was a thick lather but it wasn’t puffy like with a shave soap. It had more of a lather like that EvolutionMAN stuff I tried out.


The lather didn’t dissipate at all while I was shaving. I like that, some gels and creams kind of go away as you’re shaving. However, this stuff looked exactly the same on the last stroke of my razor as it did with the first. It allows for a really smooth shave too. Much smoother than a lot of other big name gels and creams. And after you’re done shaving your face is left nice and smooth. It also leaves a slight residue on your face. Not slimy like that other stuff I tried, but it’s not dry either. It’s feels like when you’re washing your face with soap and you go to rinse off, that feeling. So I just rinsed my face with water and it was all gone. I first tried wiping my face with just my hands and it started to lather again. So for you guys that do multiple passes, those stuff will lather up multiple times after you shave no need to re apply. Pretty awesome!


After you rinse it off, the scent goes away. Kind of a bummer, but at the same time I don’t currently have an aftershave that would go with this sent. Maybe they will make a liquid aftershave that smells like this stuff in the future, cough cough. They do have an aftershave balm though, which I will get to very soon. Overall, it’s a pretty decent shave gel. I’m not usually a fan of these, but this one I make an exception for. The scent alone is worth it, but the cool lather you get, the possibility of multiple lathers, and the softness your face is left with just add to it. The only thing I didn’t really care for was that I have to rinse it off before I apply my aftershave, but that’s not a huge deal. It isn’t a thick residue, and it only takes a few extra seconds so I don’t mind it. I can recommend this for you guy that like good smells, like to try new stuff, use shave creams and gels, and you guys who are quick, no hassle shavers. It’s really a decent shave gel, with a great scent and a cool label. Pick it up at their website
Make sure to take a gander at their other stuff as well while you’re there. Stay tuned for their next product!!




7 comments on “Fieldworks – Another Close Shave

  1. I’m kinda new to old fashion shaving and my brush is garbage. I’ve looked through your site and can’t find much about brushes, maybe i missed it but do you have any suggestions?

  2. Tom V. says:

    Loved the review. Ps: TUI!!!!!!!

  3. I decided to try their shave gel Another Close Shave out first. …

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