Bona Fide Pomade – revisited/new formula

So I’m sure most of you know that Bona Fide went through a revamp recently. Well after chatting with Luis about it and some other stuff he decided to send me a tub of their new formula for a revisited review. To be completely honest, I was really stoked to try it out. Especially since I loved the last formula so much. Thanks Luis!!! Hopefully this one isn’t too different, because I really liked the old formula. Let’s check it out shall we?


It comes in the same sized tub, with the same labeling. The only thing I noticed that was different with the labels was that they weren’t shiny like the old ones. These new ones have a non-gloss coat on them, giving them more of a matte look. I also noticed the red isn’t quite as dark as the last labels. But at first glance they look exactly the same. The matte look and lighter red make no difference to me, I think the labels look just as good as the last ones did. No change so far.


Opening up the tub you notice the first big difference. You can actually see through the tub this time. The second big difference is the scent. Now it has a more citrusy scent to it rather than the fresh scent of the old formula. This citrus scent still maintains a nice freshness to it though. I happen to like the smell of the new formula much better than the old formula.


Scooping this one out is very similar to the old formula. I noticed it didn’t come out with as smooth or round of a surface though. This formula has more of a flat surface like Tres Flores water based does. The scent takes on a slightly more fresh scent once you get it out of the tub, kind of reminding you a little of the old scent. In your hands it feels almost identical to the old formula. It is slightly more tacky and has a little bit more resistance to it. But other than that it’s just the same as the old formula.

Just as I thought, it applies to your hair just like the old formula. So apart from the scent nothing has changed really. I’m able to really work it in really nicely and evenly with just my hands. And like the old formula it combs like a light product too. I started to comb my hair and noticed another difference, it has a bit more pull to it when you go to style your pomp. My first styling produced a pomp about the same height as with the old formula. However, I decided to see how tall I could comb the front. To my surprise I could comb up the front really tall. I didn’t try for a full one or anything, just wanted to see how tall I could comb it up. If my hair was a bit shorter I think I could have even combed it up even a bit taller. Just like the old formula, it holds all the little hairs in. Most water bases don’t do that, which is one reason I enjoy this stuff so much. This one also has the same high shine as the old formula as well. So far so good, nice job guys!!


After about 30 minutes or so it dried up. Here comes the next difference, this formula hardens up. Unlike the last one that more gummed up and allowed you to recomb it, this one hardens like most other water bases do. Kind of bummed about that, I really liked how the old formula didn’t harden up. My hair stayed exactly in place all day long, not one hair out of place. Gotta like that. I also noticed that this one leaves your hair really soft after you wash it out with water. I dare to say even softer than the last formula left my hair.


The second day I had pretty much the exact same experience. My hair came out a bit more rounded than the first day. I liked the look of my hair better the second day though. It gave my hair a nicer look/texture to it the second day. Usually that doesn’t happen with water bases, but it did with this one. Then I noticed something very peculiar about this one. The second day, it felt exactly like the old formula when it dried, gummy not hardened. Weird how that happened, but I like it. And just like with the old formula, I could recomb it this time. And my hair was still nice and soft when I rinsed it all out.


Have to say I really like this new formula. Better than the old formula in fact! Same great product, but with a better scent and more hold. What more could you ask for in an updated formula? You guys have to go get some of this from their site
Just like I said with the last stuff, worth every penny. Luis and the whole Bona Fide team, first off, thank you very much for the opportunity to try out and review the new formula! Second, great job with the new formula! Great product you have here guys!!!

Until next time,



3 comments on “Bona Fide Pomade – revisited/new formula

  1. NOAM says:

    thanks man

    Each one says something else, Some say is harden some say no harden

    have you tried it in the third day? if yes it was harden again or gummy again?

  2. says:

    wondering how this product and some of the others would work with DA’s especially keeping a hold in the back..great to see a back combed view on some of these products. the sides seem easier to control, many guys have more curly or wavy hair in the back and want a more sleek look, so are always checking out slicked control looks for the back for a straighter or DA style.

  3. NOAM says:

    you right, most guys with curly hair has more curls in the the back, after this in the sides

    that’s why i do undercut, Because it is difficult to sleek the back and the sideburns

    But I understand that you like DA’s style, so you can not do undercut

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