Slick Boy Deluxe (tan and red)

I’ve got one more new pomade for you guys. This one comes all the way from Bali. It’s named after a very famous pomade that was made for Mike Ness/Social Distortion. It’s Slick Boy Deluxe, and I’m starting with their tan and red can first. They also have a blue and black can as well. After seeing this on Facebook I had to contact the Rumble Cloth guys in Bali about buying some. It did take a little while to actually get the order going, but it shipped surprisingly fast. Big thanks to the Rumble guys for shipping out my order out so quickly!


This can is about the size of the old High Life cans, but is painted like Murray’s and DAX cans are. It has a tan background with red and black accents. In the very center is “Slick Boy deluxe” in two-toned Olde English style lettering. Around the edge are black and red stars. Above and below the name is some wording in Balinese. On the front of the can it says “Slick Boy deluxe Dari rmbl” in black lettering with two stars. The bottom of the tin has the same thing, plus the ingredient list. As well as both websites, and a sparrow holding a banner with an arrow behind it. Very Americana style design, would make a good tattoo. I love the design, color scheme, and layout of this tin. It’s a very cool looking pomade tin, and I’m happy to have it in my collection. It draws your eye to it.


When you open the tin, you see a tan colored waxy pomade. It kind of looks like Grandad’s on the surface, just a tad bit darker. Hopefully it will be nice and creamy like Grandad’s was!! I’m really digging the scent of this pomade!! When you first smell it, it reminds you of like a hazelnut cream coffee. The more you smell it, it kind of takes on a buttery scent to it. Almost like almond butter or something. Then there is a tiny little hint of flowers. Very unique scent for a pomade, smells more like a body butter or lotion or something. I like it though.


As I dug my finger in the pomade I was not surprised at all with what I pulled out. A waxy, yet very creamy pomade. It felt like a cross between Grandad’s, High Life, and Bees Knees. It had a tough surface and was kind of hard to break through. Once it did, it had a very creamy waxy texture. Then when I pulled out the second fingerful, it was really tacky. Once I got it in my palms and started spreading it around, it became super creamy. It had a nice silky, creamy feel to it, while still maintaining it’s waxy feel. It felt a lot like Stay Gold’s bad juju pomade did in my hands.

Then when you go to put it in your hair, it gains all it’s waxy feel back to it. It wasn’t hard to apply by any means, it just didn’t feel as creamy anymore. It wasn’t as easy to distribute through my hair with my hands as I thought it was going to be. It kind of wanted to stick on top at first and had some decent resistance to it. However, once I grabbed my comb, it turned to butter. This stuff is kind of throwing me for a loop. It’s one way one minute, then switches up completely the next. Very interesting pomade for sure. To my understanding, this pomade does not contain petrolatum. That could be one of the reasons it acts the way it does. Either way, I like it so far.


The first time, I was able to get an ok pomp going. It wasn’t as rounded as I’d like it, more flat across the top of the front. My hair had a really great texture to it though. And some pretty decent shine as well, although the picture doesn’t really show how shiny it was. After a few hours of having it in I decided to recomb my hair to try and get a better looking pomp. It ended up looking a lot different, both style and texture wise. I was much more please with how it looked later on. By that time the scent had died down quite a bit and I couldn’t really smell it anymore. The shine was a bit higher after I recombed it though. I was really happy with that, you know how much I like shiny hair.

The next day I got a huge surprise from this pomade! I was taking a shower, just using normal cheap store bought shampoo and ALL the pomade came out of my hair!! Yeah ALL of it was out with one wash of some cheap-ass “value buy” shampoo! This shampoo isn’t anything special either, it never washes out pomades. I only use it to kind of clean my scalp, so I didn’t think anything of it when I washed my hair. But lo and behold, this stuff washes out super easy. By far the easiest pomade to wash out! And, my hair felt bunny rabbit soft after my shower!! I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I normally want a nice buildup from a pomade, and like that pomades last a lot longer than creams, pastes, gels, etc etc, because you don’t wash all of it away each time you use it. However, I did really like how soft my hair was after my shower. My hair hasn’t felt this soft in a long time. Let’s see how it does the second time around though.


It applies the same as the first day, and combs the same too. I got a little bit better of a pomp the second go ’round. More full and rounded, little bit more shine out of the gate, and a better look/texture in my opinion. The rest of the day pretty much went the exact same as the first, except I noticed a little more hold. I didn’t get any more height, it just stayed in place better and longer. I decided to wash my hair that night to see if it would wash out again, or if that was a one time fluke. Nope, it washed out again, and my hair was super soft again/still. Crazy pomade!

This stuff is like a roller coaster of a pomade. Up one minute, down the next, taking you for turns, mellowing out, throwing you for a loop, then a nice smooth finish. Stuff is crazy! I still don’t know what to make of it. I know that I really like it though!! Everything about it! From the can, to the scent, the texture, application and hold, look of my hair with it in, the way it leaves my hair after I wash it out. Just great stuff. The only downside I see to this stuff is the price and longevity of it. It’s foreign, so naturally you’re going to pay more. This stuff is around $27 per can after shipping and whatnot, or $6.75/oz. However, it washes out each time you use it, so it won’t go nearly as far as your average pomade does. So it’s more like using a paste, or cream, or ringing gel, with it not lasting as long. Which makes it in the price bracket of like Uppercut and other high end stuff like that. However, because I loved how well this stuff worked for me, I don’t mind paying that much for it. I just won’t use it as often as other go-to pomades of mine.

I highly recommend you guys check this stuff out!! It’s a little hard to find though. I hit up the Rumble Cloth guys on Facebook in order to buy some, but I’m pretty sure they’re working on a website for it now. So hopefully that will be up soon for you. Until then, like this page on Facebook and message them for ordering info;
Thanks again guys for letting me order some of this stuff and for shipping it so quickly! Seriously get some of this stuff! And their blue can while you’re at it! Next up will be one of my tried and true pomades.

Stay slick boys,


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27 comments on “Slick Boy Deluxe (tan and red)

  1. NOAM says:

    great review (y) i need one asap πŸ™‚

  2. tafarel says:

    I actually live in indonesia, and this one just cost about 4 dollar in here

  3. Aldho says:

    Nice review man. I live in Indonesia, we have many local pomades here such as Slick Boy Deluxe, Death Pomade, Oesman’s Pomade, MLG Pomade, Toar and Roby Homebrew, Sidedish Pomade, etc. You should try and check them! πŸ™‚

  4. Aldho says:

    check me on twitter @TheBengkocks. I’ll explain and give the pics πŸ™‚

  5. Aldho says:

    so, what social media do you have?

  6. Aldho says:

    Done! i just have uploaded all the pics and tagged your instagram. Just check it out πŸ™‚

  7. Aldho says:

    Those pomades come from different shops. I can buy it all and ship it all at once. But i don’t have a paypal. I’m still looking for my friend who have a paypal. Do you want to buy it all?

  8. NOAM says:

    jc. here is the email of Oesman’s Pomade, send him a message to buy

  9. Aldho says:

    Dude, why you didn’t reply my email?

  10. aad says:

    wow, Romansa Sopir Truk, pomade from member SID band, price in Yogyakarta City 130,000 RUPIAH ($12)

  11. Venusia says:

    Thank you for the good review, we love it!! I know it need times to prepare it, as we have Galungan day (Hindu big day like xmass for Christiam) when you purchased those items πŸ™‚ Next time, better service sir. Let us know if you visit Bali, so we can hang out. Big hug from us. *cheers

  12. zico says:

    As far as I know the word on the bottom of black marked at the ingredients can is “VASELIN” and vaselin is just another name of petrolatum.. But, as I understand RMBL says if slickboy is organik.. Soo, I think SLICKBOY DELUXE is yet organik..

    No offens, just sharing.. Because im once of SUPERMAN IS DEAD FANS.. And im a pomade maker to.. *regards

  13. Yusron says:

    Hey guys! You can buy the oesman’s pomade, death pomade, MLG pomade, Gyrr grease, toar and roby, and etc. From they twitter page and they have a blackberry messanger pin.

  14. hahahaha says:

    Kenapa ya wong indonesia kalo lagi dapet pujian dr orang luar langsung keluar ndeso nya….. hahahaha

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