Baxter of California – Hard Cream Pomade

Hey guys back to the new stuff, at least for a couple more reviews. I was contacted by Brittany over at Birchbox dot com about reviewing a limited edition pomade they were getting in for only 2 weeks. It’s made by Baxter of California, their Hard Cream Pomade. I gladly accepted the chance to review something for them. Thank you very much Brittany!!

I’m happy to say this one is packaged in a glass jar, and a heavy one at that! It’s a clear jar with a black plastic lid. The lid has the labeling printed right on it. This seems to be becoming a new trend these days. It’s pretty cool, and all of the ones I have except for one have lasted really well too. It’s just some white writing on the black lid. At the top is “Hard Cream Pomade” in block lettering. Below that is “firm hold/soft finish.” And in the center is the type of product it is in four different languages. Towards the bottom is “Baxter” in script, and “of California” in regular lettering. Probably the most simplistic labeling I’ve ever seen.


Unscrewing the lid I saw something very new to men’s hair care products, a foam seal. I’ve never seen a seal like this on any tin or jar or tub before now. It looks like the seals on vitamin jars. When you peel it off you see a pale pink, shiny, hair cream. It looks kind of similar to the Johnny B street cream on the surface. The scent is very strong, and not what you’d expect. It reminds me of this salon my lady goes to, very feminine. Totally didn’t expect that, I was expecting something much more masculine. Not sure if I like the scent at all. It doesn’t smell bad, it’s just kind of a chick smell. I’m not really partial to smelling like a girl, but I won’t make a final judgement just yet.


This stuff feels exactly like Greek yogurt when you scoop it out. And now that I think of it, the surface looks like the brand I eat. Weird! Yogurt pomade. Definitely a unique texture to it. It kind of even looks like Greek yogurt when you scoop it out. As well as scooping out like it, this cream feels like yogurt in your hands. This stuff is weird. It’s very creamy, slightly tacky, and real soft. It’s curious how much this stuff feels like Greek yogurt.


It goes in a lot like Lucky 13 cream does. Super soft, almost like putting conditioner in your hair. No issue whatsoever with getting it spread around evenly with just your hands. And combing it is just like combing water through your hair, it’s that easy. It does kind of leave white streaks in your hair at first. You have to comb for a little while in order to work them all in, but only a couple minutes. With it being so light, it was a little difficult to style at first. Once it started to dry up a little bit I was able to work it a little bit more.

My pomp wasn’t too tall with this stuff, many because it was so light. It also left some gaps where my cowlicks are, because it doesn’t have a whole lot of hold. Oh whatever, I was pretty surprised that I was able to get the height that I was with such a light cream. It gives your hair quite a matte look to it, but it does have a tiny bit of shine to it. And because I waited forward to start to dry before I could style my hair, it completely dried in a short amount of time. This stuff doesn’t dry like you normally would think. It feels like you put honey in your hair and let it get cold. Very hard gummy hold, not a hard like water based. It held really nicely all day long, and the scent dissipated to where I couldn’t smell it anymore. I was pretty happy with that as I wasn’t crazy about the scent.


I decided to try and recomb it without water, and surprisingly I was able to. It did leave my hair very very matte afterward though. It stayed throughout the rest of the night without moving at all. And it does wash out. Not with just water though, you have to shampoo this stuff. It left my hair nice and soft after I washed it out too which was great. Although I don’t think I have used a paste or cream that has left my hair dry. Most creams are made to kind of soften your hair so it makes sense that this stuff left my hair soft.

I was pretty happy with this stuff overall. It has a really cool texture to it, holds great, recombs without water as well as with water, and leaves my hair soft after using it. The only thing I didn’t really like about it was the scent. However that disappears after a short while so it doesn’t really make much difference. I could see myself using this stuff in the future. Maybe not that often as I have a few creams that I really really like, and this one is limited edition. But I will use it again in the future for sure. Thanks again to Brittany for sending this out to me to check out!! They only sold this for a short time so you can’t buy it anymore. However, Baxter of California does make some other products and I believe you can get some at
I’ve got one more pomade review for you guys before we embark on this years 12 Pomades of Christmas journey!! So stay tuned!




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