Holiday Giveaway!!

Hey readers!! In the spirit of this season, I decided to do a Christmas giveaway. I was originally just going to give away some of my products to a winner, but I came up with a different idea. So I decided to contact my friends at some of the other companies and see if they wanted to participate in the giveaway with me. To my surprise I got a HUGE response. I figured few companies would be in, but almost every company/friend I contacted said they would love to donate to the giveaway. They all seemed to love the idea of doing a holiday giveaway. And I am very excited to be giving back to the pomade community during this season. It has given me so much, I just felt giving back was the perfect thing to do. Plus what better time to give back than the season of giving?!

So I am doing a little random drawing for the winner. What I need from any of you who want to enter the drawing is a few things;

Your name, your address, your top 3 to 5 to 10 products(pomade, water based, tonic, cream, paste, etc etc), and a picture of your current collection. You will be emailing me these to

The pictures are going to be compiled in a later post to honor you guys, my readers, and show off all of your collections for the whole pomade community and world to see. Don’t be bashful if your collection is only a few products, we all start somewhere. My collection started with only 4 products! I really want people to see all the different types of collections out there, as well as the different products from around the world.

The top products you guys are emailing me are also going to be compiled into a future post. I am going to put together a list of my readers’ favorite products. Basically I will tally them all up and make a list 1 to whatever of the general consensus’ top products. That way people can check out what the public thinks are the best things out there to use. Just another thing that I think would be cool for new readers and pomade users to check out. Kind of a starting point so-to-speak.

Here is a list of all the companies that are donating with me. The winner will receive something from ALL of these companies!!

Barberside                    Bees Knees Pomade                    Black Jack Pomade                    Bona Fide Pomade               Cock Grease                   DAX                    Danny Boy Pomade                    Doc Elliott                 Fieldworks                Iron Society                    Johnny B.                    JS Sloane                    Layrite                    Lockhart’s                    Lone Star Pomade                  Lucky Dice              Murray’s                    Pomps Not Dead             Shiner Gold                Slicker Thn Hell                South Side Soaps              Steel Toe Pomade            Suavecito

Like I said A LOT of companies joined in!! I am still waiting to hear back from a few more too! You will have a chance to win something from all of these companies including my company. Basically a collection!!  Just remember to email me your name, your address, your list of top 3 to 5 to 10 products, and a picture of your collection. Send the email to , you have until Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 to submit your email.

Thank you all for reading! Good Luck!!

Happy Holidays,



One comment on “Holiday Giveaway!!

  1. tafarel says:

    Hey JC, I know this isn’t related to this, but do you already try tancho pomade? If you do, what you think about that pomade?

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