Mom Made – Super Heavy

Hey guys last new pomade before we get going on the 12 Pomades of Christmas. Dawn over at Mom Made sent me a sample of her new super heavy formula and I was really pleased with it so she sent me a full tin to review. Thanks Dawn, you’re the best!! She just released these not too long ago so it’s still relatively new to the market. Let me show you what’s up with this pomade.


Just like her other tins it comes in a 4 ounce, stainless steel, slipcover tin. It has the lid label and bottom label like the others as well. This time the labeling is a light sky blue background. Is the sky blue signifying that this pomade will hold your hair up to the sky? Let’s see. The rest of the label is the same as her other labels. Mom in the center holding the can of pomade. Same wording around it and Texas state outline down below. The only difference wording wise is that it says “super heavy weight.” The bottom label is the same as the others as well, with the obvious color change. Still love these labels!! I think the red is still my favorite label though.


Opening the tin up you see a familiar white waxy pomade. On the surface it doesn’t look like it’s much heavier than the others are. It looks almost identical to the heavy. But it has some discoloration on the surface, probably from oils in the pomade coming to the surface. A smell of this stuff is awesome!!! It’s a light, fresh coconut lime scent, with a hint of like bath soap or something in there. At least that’s what my mom said it smelled like, coconut lime bubble bath. I just think it smells very fresh, not like soap or a bath. I think that I like this scent a smidgen better than the original scent.


When I dug my finger into this pomade I pulled out something I didn’t really expect. This stuff doesn’t feel that much different to their heavy weight pomade. It does have a higher wax content as you can see from the way it scooped out. However, the texture of it isn’t really that much different or heavier than the heavy. Which goes right along with this line, because the medium wasn’t much lighter than the heavy. This pomade isn’t a true super heavy, texture wise, as it’s softer than most heavies out there. But let’s see how it works in the hair before I cast judgement. We all know pomades have a funny way of shocking me sometimes.

In my hands I started to notice the first difference. It had more of tacky, what’s he feel to it then the other two did. It feels kind of like Nu Nile when it’s broken down in your hands. Maybe it will be like that one!!! I love that pomade. The coconut scent really shines through when it’s in your hands. It takes on a sweet note of the shredded coconut they use in candy! The lime stay present at the same time though. Applying it is almost identical to applying their heavy. The only difference is it’s slightly tackier and waxier. You’re able to get it decently worked into your hair with your hands. Combing it it quite a bit easier than you would think from it’s texture. But it combs very easily, just like if you were combing the other two pomades. Super smooth, decent pull to it, and very easily worked in all the way. It does have a little more resistance to it than the heavy, but not too much.


I was able to get about the same height as with the other pomades as well. I was hoping for a little more height, but maybe this one will hold like glue. The shine is definitely more of a matte rather than a gloss like the others were. I definitely do like the texture of my hair with this one it the best. It has a really nice feel to it. A lot like Steel Toe Pomade feels in my hair. I got quite a few comments on the scent throughout the day. Most people agree with me on the fresh scent, but one gal did say it smelled like a bubble bath. My hair pretty much stayed where it was all day long. A few stray hairs came out of place, but it didn’t split or droop or anything like that. When you go to recomb it, it feels about the same as when you styled it, texture wise. I like when pomades keep their texture in your hair all day long.

The buildup on this pomade is really really great!! Not much comes out so you only have to add a little the following days. It builds up a lot like the old High Life light did. One of my favorite build ups so far. I can tell this pomade is going to last me a while with how it builds up. Especially since I don’t have hardly any hair on the sides or back. After the new year I plan on using this stuff quite a bit. This stuff is definitely worth checking out! Lots of great stuff about it!! There isn’t really anything I disliked about it. So head over to
and pick up a can of this stuff! Grab the medium while you’re there too!! That stuff is awesome as well. Big thanks again to Dawn for making yet another great pomade!! Tomorrow we will start on the 12 Pomades of Christmas journey. I’m pretty stoked for this years pomades!!

Keep it greasy guys,


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5 comments on “Mom Made – Super Heavy

  1. NOAM says:

    great review. good hold and easy to use. nice. i need to buy this soon

  2. Chris says:

    hi, i have a question.

    i really like coconut/lime scents and want to try this one, but my hair’s not that long. is heavy hold designed more for longer hair or is it more about the strength of the hold than the length of hair?

    thanks – and love the site …

  3. Chris says:

    pleasure – and a tin of mom’s is on its way to hong kong. many thanks.

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