Santa’s Crushed Xmas Tree Pomade

For the twelfth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Santa’s Crushed Xmas Tree Pomade. I bought this stuff last year specifically to review this year. I’m pretty stoked to try this one out.

This one is made by DAX, and then labeled by pomade-shop. They buy DAX’s Indian Hemp and then put their label on it. However, mine is a one of a kind. My good friend Don made me the Indian Hemp, with green color, and cherry scent to be more Christmas-like. Green color so it looks more like actual crushed Xmas trees. Cherry scent because every year my family always has cherry pie after Christmas dinner.


It comes in their standard 7oz plastic jar with the blue metal lid. The lid has “DAX” in white on it like their others do. The label is completely unique though. The only thing the same is the size and shape. In the center is jolly old Santa with his rosy cheeks. Just below him it says “Santa’s Crushed Xmas Tree Pomade” in a banner. There are two trees on either side of him. To the right side it has the directions in both English and German. The left side has the ingredients and company info, in both English and German. It’s a very very cool looking label!!


The pomade itself is a dark green grease with flecks of stuff in it. With the green color it looks like crushed pine needles and branches. I took a close up picture from the side so you can see the flecks of leaves and stuff in it.


It’s a very shiny grease, which is why I took a side view picture so you can see how it looks without the glare. It looks like it will be pretty light. Probably about the same as the veggie oils pomade. The scent on it is awesome!! It smells of cherry tarts and almonds. Very good smell, I’m glad I picked this scent. I would’ve loved to have it be pine scented, but that wasn’t an option. The cherry almond scent is really good though.


When I scooped it out I pulled out a pomade very similar in texture to their veggie oils pomade. It has a greasy feel just scooping it out. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like in my hands. You can see all the different types of things in the pomade when you scoop it out. They’re a lot bigger pieces than the ones in other Indian Hemps I’ve tried. I don’t know if that will be a good thing or a bad thing. It was very very greasy in my hands, just as I knew it would be. It was also very gritty. You can really feel all the pieces when you spread it around in your hands. Some of them were pretty large pieces too.

It goes in your hair super easy, like any light grease will. The pieces of stuff got lost in my hair when I applied it. I didn’t feel them anymore when I was applying the pomade. Even though it’s light it doesn’t go in evenly all the way with just your hands. But you can comb it around with a fine toothed comb, because of how easy it is to comb. I started to notice the pieces again when I was combing my hair. They started to show up in my comb towards the end of working it in.


I was surprised at the height I got with this pomade. It really let me comb a nice pomp despite it being such a light grease. I couldn’t get it as rounded as I wanted, but it was still nice. My pomp had more of a wedge look to it. It didn’t have as much shine as I thought it would though. That was pretty surprising to me since it’s so greasy. I did really like the smell of it when it was in my hair! The cherry really shone through and took on a cherry pie filling smell to it. Almond was kind absent when it was in my hair.


I was nicely surprised when I saw my hair hadn’t moved all day. I decided to snap a pic of it at the end of the day. I really liked that it held all day long. Especially since it is so light. With the weather being in the 50’s it wasn’t that surprising, but it was still a nice surprise. It does recomb very easily as any light grease does. However, when I recombed it, I lost all the hold and control. My hair wouldn’t stand up anymore, and all my waves and cowlicks really showed up too. That was kind of a bummer, I’m just glad it didn’t happen during the middle of the day. That would have really been a bummer.


The next day I couldn’t get any hold at all. The buildup was much too greasy, and weighed my hair down. So I just decided to kind of comb it back to the corner of my head. This time I had really shiny hair! So even though I didn’t get any height, it did have a shiny look to it. It didn’t have much hold to it though. I kept having to recomb my hair all day long, because it would start falling out of place. That’s definitely not something I’m fond of at all, but it’s easily avoidable. Just get most of the pomade out after the first use.

All in all it’s an ok pomade. It has it’s ups and downs. I liked it pretty good and can see myself using it again in the future. The smell alone is enough to use it again. I will most likely only use it one day though. I don’t really care for how it is on day two. If you want to get a jar of this stuff head over to
Check out their other stuff too! They have some stuff on there you can’t get here in the states. Well that concludes this years 12 Pomades of Christmas. Definitely a fun series, just like last years. I already have some cool stuff in mind for next years series! You all take care and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I’ll see you guys next year with some cool new products.

Stay slick,


More Christmas Presents!!

After getting some early Christmas gifts from some of the kind folks out there I was set to go. But then I got two surprise packages in the mail!! Awesome! First the guys over at star wax sent me one of each of their products. The toffee, clay, original, and crystal. Can’t wait to try those out!


Thank you very much guys!! I appreciate the gifts and chance to try them out and review them!

Then I got a complete surprise package this afternoon when I got home from taking my kid to the science center. On my doorstep when I returned was a white box addressed to me. Inside was the coolest heavy duty canvas and thick leather toiletry bag ever! The fine folks over at Birchbox sent me this bag full of goodies for Christmas! I can’t thank them enough. It really made my day!


Inside were some pretty cool products as well. I got a face wash, shower wash, and lotion made by Gentleman’s Brand Co. There was also a shaving cream made by Ernest Supplies. And finally was a set of 4 handmade wooden handled toothbrushes. Very very cool!! One of the best surprise gifts/care packages I’ve ever gotten. Especially since I have been looking at getting some canvas travel bags!

Thank you again guys, it really means a lot! I’ll be checking out all these products after the holidays are over. So stay tuned for these and many other new things as well. You all take care and have a Merry Christmas!


Switchblade Pompadours SC Pomade – White Label revisited

For the eleventh pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Switchblade Pompadours Pomade. I reviewed this one last year and used it during the summer a few times. I liked it so much I wanted to do a revisited review this year. Like my other revisited reviews it’s only going to be a quick recap of how the pomade works. However you can go check out the original review for the full details on the pomade.

I was surprised to find the scent had somehow changed a little bit since the last time I used it. Now it smells like bay and pine, mostly pine, but there is a hint of bay in there as well. After using heavy and super heavy pomades all summer I really got to like the texture of this pomade a lot. It’s right in between High Life medium and heavy weight wise, but has a firmer texture to it.


You can see that this stuff does wonders for my hair! I combed this pomp in 10 seconds. No bullshit, 10 seconds. You get a really nice tall and full pomp with this pomade. And the texture of your hair with this stuff in it is absolutely perfect. With it being cold and rainy out, my hair didn’t dry as quickly so there were a few flakes. However, they go away after about 5 minutes.


I snapped a picture of my hair at the end of the day and my hair hadn’t moved at all. This pomade is a great one! Perfect for a nice tall pomp all year round. The buildup is awesome too. Being such a waxy pomade, not much of it comes out of your hair. So this stuff lasts a long time, because you only have to add a tiny bit the following days. I love when pomades are like this! You get to enjoy them a lot longer in between buys.

I went for more of a classic contour the second day. And just like the first day, it was perfect. You can see the difference in texture with the buildup really clearly. It gives your hair a really nice look to it the second day. And with such a short haircut, even if it’s warm out, this stuff will hold your hair in place all day. But if for some reason your hair gets messed up, it’s really easy to recomb your hair. Your comb glides through your hair really nicely while keeping it’s resistance for great control.


There’s not much else I can say about this pomade other than I love it! You have to get yourself a tin of this stuff. As far as I know Matt is still making it, so to get a tin message him on Facebook. And I suggest you get some ASAP!! Well one pomade left. I saved the coolest one for last!

Merry Christmas,


Mr. Ducktail Shampoo

After trying the pomade the past couple days I had to check out the shampoo. I usually try to do that when there is a specific shampoo like this one. I figure it’s made by the same company and has the pomades name on it so it should be tested out after using their pomade.

I bought some of this stuff a while back when I got my super sized tin. Then when I picked up the Hairgum Road they were kind enough to send me some for free. Thanks guys!! Now that I finally reviewed the pomade, I figured I should review the shampoo as well. Let’s check it out, shall we?


It’s not your average bottle of shampoo by any means. It’s more like a toothpaste tube or gel tube. The top is crimped off and it has a screw on bottom. The front labeling is the same as the pomade’s. Then under that it says “Shampooing Antiwax Degreasing Shampoo Wash Your Hair, Not Your Soul” and has the weight and company name. The back has the same labeling, then all the other standard stuff on it. Basically the same info that the pomade has on it.


When I got the free one I noticed a slight difference in them, so I will be trying them both out. The first one I bought is a darker brown, almost cola colored, gel like shampoo. It feels, and looks, like Softee’s protein styling gel. That shampoo smells kind of like the pomade, minus the carbonation scent. It smells more like a flat coke. The one they sent me is a light yellow colored, thick gel type shampoo. It looks kind of like Bona Fide, and has the texture of wet gummy bears or slightly hardened JELL-O. This one has the same scent as the other one, flat cola.

Now for the test. I tried the older one first. It went in really weird. Just kind of stuck to my hair, didn’t lather hardly at all. However the scent got really really strong in the steam! It smelled a lot like the Haribo cola gummy candies, I loved it. By far the best smelling shampoo I have ever tried! Unfortunately it didn’t take any of the pomade out of my hair at all. I could still feel it I my hair. And it has little beads in it that I was hoping would help take the pomade out. However, they didn’t, and were a pain to get out of my hair.

While I was still in the shower I decided to try out the newer one. Maybe the old one had just expired. This one lathered up a whole lot!! So much so that I didn’t think the lather would ever stop! This one had a little bit of different smell in the steam. I mean it did smell like the other one, but there was also a lemony hint in there. Almost like coke with a lemon slice in it. The beads in this one were even harder to get out of my hair than the first one. I hate these little bastards. My hair did feel a little bit degreased, but not much.


When I got out and dried my hair off a little I realized that none of the pomade came out at all. Bummer. It seems like none of the “degreasing” shampoos out there work. Maybe one will one day though. It’s almost pointless buying them since they never work. Plus I make my own so it’s not like I need them. But hey, someone has to do the dirty work and test them out right?

I can’t really recommend this stuff as a degreaser on the basis that it doesn’t get any pomade out of your hair. However, it does have a great smell! And I’m sure it would be a nice regular shampoo. So if you want a great smelling normal use shampoo I say try it out. I loved the smell a lot, and I think it will work as a scalp cleaner. So I can see myself using it as that type of shampoo quite often. You can find it on
if you want to try it out. I want to thank the folks at Hairgum for sending me a bottle of this stuff! I really appreciate it, that was very nice of you! I’ll be checking out more Hairgum products next year, so stay tuned for them.

Merry Christmas,


Holiday Giveaway Winner!!

Hey guys it’s that time! After over 100 entries poured in I was very excited to pick a winner. So I wrote down all the names, cut them out, and put them in a bowl. I stirred it around a few times then had my son draw the name out of it and hand it to me. Drum roll please………….


Congratulations goes to Anthony Barron!!! You won the giveaway! I will be shooting you and email today and sending out most of your winnings. Due to the post office and customs being a little slow a couple companies’ products haven’t arrived. But I want to get you the bulk of your stuff by Christmas so I’m mailing the two large boxes now and the rest when they arrive.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! I want to personally thank each of you who entered, it was awesome to see such a big response. Also a HUGE thank you to all the companies that participated alongside me in donating products to the giveaway!! It was so awesome to have such a large turnout from you guys! And it means a lot that you’d help me give back to the pomade community. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you guys, your families, and staff as well!!



Mr. Ducktail

For the tenth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Mr. Ducktail. This stuff is a pretty popular pomade all around the world. I’ve had it for a while but I put off reviewing it until now. I figured it would go great in this series. Let’s see what this motherkutter has to offer.


This pomade is packaged in a pretty unique tin. It’s about the size of a shoe polish tin, maybe 2-2.5oz volume. It is an all black tin with white writing and a brass rim. The lid design is pretty awesome! It’s painted on there and you can’t feel any variation in texture. Up at the top it has the name in The Misfits lettering, but there’s ooze coming from the tops of the letters. The way I was able to tell it’s The Misfits letters is by the “M.” It has the same little notches at the bottom of the letter. I think it’s pretty badass that they use that lettering for this!! I grew up on that band. Just under the name it says “Rock and Roll Motherkutter!” in plain text. Then in the center of the lid is a skull with a trunk and da. He has a little flared out mustache and Guy Fawkes goatee. Under him, for the cross bones, are a straight razor and switchblade. To either side of him are nautical stars. At the bottom it says “Demon Barber of Carnaby St.” and has a banner with “London” in it. Pretty cool design!! The bottom of the tin has all the basics on it. Barcode, ingredients, warning, size, company info etc etc. And on the edge of the tin it has “Hairgum” in their lettering.


Being such a small tin, I’m glad that they filled this one to the brim. It’s pretty expensive, so every little bit counts. The pomade itself is a nice white, greasy looking pomade. The surface is nice and shiny, and looks like it will have some nice thick texture to it. What would the holidays be like without those classic Coca-Cola commercials? The ones with the bears and the ones with Santa? Plus the holiday cans and bottles. Well this pomade smells exactly like a fresh poured coke. Somehow they managed to even get the carbonation smell in there. Very cool. I love this scent. People say it’s cherry coke, but I make a cherry coke scented pomade and this one doesn’t smell like that. There’s no cherry notes in there at all, just classic cola.


It has a texture very similar to High Life light or Black & White. It’s almost the perfect texture for me. You really get that carbonated cola scent once you dig it out of the tin. One thing that is a bummer about this pomade is that, one scoop and you’ve used about 1/10 of the pomade, and are already hitting the bottom of the tin. With it being $13 or more per tin, it can be a bit discouraging. Luckily I bought one of the huge tins back when they were on sale and still available, so I have a lifetime supply of this stuff. It doesn’t really get any lighter in your hands like other pomades do. It keeps its really nice firm greasy texture to it while spreading it around in your hands. Definitely one thing I like about this stuff.

It goes in a lot like High Life light does. Really smooth, but nice firm texture which gives you nice control. You can work it in pretty evenly into your hair with your hands, but not all the way. It combs like butter! It’s just as easy to comb as my Atomic Pomade is or Royal Crown pomade. It combs so nicely that I had to stop myself from continuing to comb my hair. It’s definitely one of the best combing pomades I’ve tried thus far.


Being a grease you’re not going to get a whole lot of height and hold with it. However I was pleased with the hold I got. It didn’t quite tame my cowlick all the way, but it held it better than most greases do. It had moderate shine to it, not quite matte, but not quite glossy either. It was more of a middle range type of shine. With the heat wave still in effect the hold didn’t stay all day long. I was out doing some sticking stuffer shopping and mailing out pomade orders so my hair was in the sun a lot. But it was pretty easy to recomb back into a shorter pomp. It didn’t stay for very long, which ended up in me recombing my hair about five times throughout the day. All in all not a bad first day.


Today it was all rainy and overcast so I knew it would hold better. But the buildup was just awesome!! It really felt nice and firm, more like a waxy pomade, with the buildup in my hair. Definitely liking this a lot! The shine was way more glossy today too, liking that a lot! With it being cold outside, it held much better today. Although, I think with how good the buildup is, even on the warm day it would hold up well. I didn’t have to recomb my hair at all throughout the day. My hair stayed in the exact same place all the way till about 10:30. I love this stuff!!

Get yourself a tin of this stuff ASAP, it’s great. One of the better greasy pomades I’ve used. I think the only downfall to this stuff, is its price. It’s $13+ for only 1.3 fl oz. So it’s definitely on the more pricy side, being about $10/oz. However if you can find the large tin, it’s only like $45-60 for about 20oz of pomade.


As you can see the tin is gargantuan in comparison to the little tin. I’m not sure if they’re in regular production or not as of now, but I’m sure you can find a tin somewhere out there. To get some of this stuff head over to
They have all kinds of other stuff there as well so check it all out. I’ll be reviewing the Mr. Ducktail shampoo as well right now. So check out that review. Hopefully that stuff works!! Well only two more pomades left guys. It’s been a pretty fun series so far, can’t wait for the last two pomades!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Motherkutters,


Dapper Devil (spiced apple scent)

For the ninth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Dapper Devil Pomade. When I heard that Fernando came out with another scent t the beginning of the year I had to get a tin of it. Especially after loving the original pomade so much. As soon as I got this pomade in, I knew I had to save it until this series. It smells so fantastic! I can’t wait to try this stuff out.


Fernando changed up the packaging with this one. It’s still a 4oz tin, but now it’s a flat tin instead of a tall tin. The label on it is also much larger. Definitely a good thing, if the other label size was on this lid it would look tiny. The label is basically the same, with only a couple minor differences. The white border is no longer there, and there is some added words on the label. Just above “Dapper” it says “The Original.” Everything else is the same on the label. The background does look a little bit lighter than the old one too.


The color of this pomade is white instead of yellow like the old one. It kind of looks like the inside of an apple, color wise. It appears to be the same pomade just by looking at it. Now for the smell, it is absolutely perfect. Right off the bat you smell nice Apple sent. That is immediately followed up by nice spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. There’s also a hint of lemon in there as well. It reminds me of homemade apple cider that my family makes. This stuff really gets me into the holiday spirit!!


When I dug my finger into it I was surprised to find a lighter pomade than the original. It looks waxier, but it’s not. For some reason it scoops out in long wax ribbons, yet it’s pretty light to the touch. It’s not a whole lot lighter than the original, but you can tell that there is a difference. You really notice a difference when you work it around in your hands. It’s gets really greasy and light when you start to warm it up. The scent takes on another note when you do that too. I got a kind of oaky, wood type note in there. It didn’t last very long, but I definitely got that note.

Applying it to your hair is as easy as Royal Crown. Hardly any resistance to it at all. You could probably just style your hair with your hands, if you know how, it’s so easy to work in. I had it all worked in really evenly with just my hands. So as you may have guessed, combing this stuff is a breeze. I didn’t spend more than 20 seconds combing my hair. I didn’t need to, because of how well this stuff dispersed into my hair with just my hands.


The height I got was kind of surprising to me for how light this stuff is. I got as much height, if not more, than with the original formula. I’m definitely liking that!! I’d say the shine is about on par with the other stuff. I really liked the texture of my hair, and how it looked with this pomade in it. Unfortunately for some odd reason we had a heat wave the past couple days and the temperature was in the 80’s. So this pomade didn’t hold up as well as I’d hoped it would since I was outside all day.

Both days I wore it the middle of my pomp, in the center of my head, would end up sagging toward my scalp. Why the hell it’s over 80° in the middle of December, I have no idea. I know for sure if it hadn’t been that hot and I wasn’t outside all day long running errands and whatnot, it would have held a lot better. I didn’t get much buildup the second day because most of the pomade washed out of my hair in the shower. So for you guys that don’t like buildup this one would be perfect. I did see a little more control the second day, but because of the heat it didn’t stay all day long. It was very easy to recomb though. So I just quickly recombed it into a nice contour and went about my day. The shine was like polished chrome after being in the sun for a little bit too!! I loved it.


All in all, it’s a great pomade. Not one I would use in the summer, but I live in Arizona. So don’t let that shy you away from using it in the summer if you live somewhere cooler than here. It does hold pretty well if it’s not hot and you aren’t in the sun for 7+ hours. The scent was just outstanding!! And so was the shine. Just a great pomade all around. I’m not sure if Fernando is still making and selling it or not, I haven’t chatted with him in a while. But head over to the Dapper Devil Facebook page and message him about getting a tin of this stuff.
Pick up the original while you’re at it!! They’re both great pomades. Only a few more pomades left in the journey, kind of sad.

Stay slick guys,