The 12 Pomades of Christmas

So in honor of the season and the song, I am doing “The 12 Pomades of Christma” again this year. It was such a cool and fun thing to do last year and I have acquired quite a few more holiday scented/themed pomades, so I figured I would do it again this year. Below is the list of pomades I will be reviewing this year. Not in any certain order, just listed for you guys to see all the ones I will be reviewing.

Santa’s Crushed Xmas Tree Pomade
Five Palms Brilliantine
Kustom Kreeps – Death Grip
Deluxe Pomade
Tuxedo Club
Schmiere – Doktor Corvus Haar-Balsam
Switchblade Pompadours SC Pomade – White Label
Mr. Ducktail
Dapper Devil (apple scent)
Crown Pomade – black
Bees Knees – Keeping the Tradition(memorial day pomade)
Softee – Indian Hemp

Stay tuned to see which one I review first! If you have any suggestions, thoughts, comments and things like that they are more than welcome. I am very excited to get to all of these pomades!! It’s going to be a fun holiday season journey in pomade!

I’ll be right back with the first pomade.

Merry Christmas guys,



7 comments on “The 12 Pomades of Christmas

  1. Rob says:

    You finally found some tuxedo club? Start with that!

  2. Luis says:

    Ryelliss please 🙂

  3. Luis says:

    thanks! i can’t stop reading all your reviews they’re very helpful

  4. willy says:

    In the page of mom’s made pomade i don’t see the super heavy one.
    And, talking about pomades i think that the pomade that says Luis, is very good, it isn’t so hevy but it shines a lot. Is the pomade that i was using, but i think that it’s very dificult to find on internet.

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