Kustom Kreeps – Death Grip Pomade

For the first pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be….Kustom Kreeps Death Grip Pomade. I got this pomade from Sourpuss Clothing a while back and wanted to save it until this Christmas because of the scent. I’ve been pretty excited to try this stuff out for a while now, so let’s get to it.


The tin is a flat 4oz slip cover tin, and it has just the one lid label. The label is badass too! I’m a huge fan of psychobilly so this label was an instant like for me. It has a dark charcoal, almost black background with grey and blue on it. In the center of the label is a skull with a very tall wedge and two switchblade combs behind it for the cross bones. Around the skull are some spider webs and it says “Kustom Kreeps Death Grip Wood Scent.” Then on the outer ring it says 4oz genuine hair pomade” twice with spades separating them. Very cool label, doesn’t really fit the season, but it’s still rad.


Opening up the tin you see a dark blueish grey waxy pomade. It looks kind of like the Rockabilly Deluxe Magazine pomade, just darker in color. If it’s anything like that stuff I’m sure I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this pomade. The scent is not necessarily a holiday scent per se, but it is relevant to the season. It has a nice wood scent to it. Like a pile of fire wood sitting next to your fire place. Now each year my family and I start chopping and burning wood around this time of year so it goes hand in hand with this season for me. It’s not a very strong scent, so you won’t be smelling like a lumber yard worker all day. It’s more of a subtle scent that will give off slight whiffs of wood. I really like it quite a bit!! I do wish it was a tad bit stronger though.


When I dug my finger into the pomade I pulled out a very waxy pomade. It reminded me of a heavier version of the Rockabilly Deluxe stuff. You can tell just by scooping it that it’s a blend of micro-wax and beeswax. It’s slightly smooth, but very very firm to the touch. When it’s out of the tin the scent does get a smidgen, but not much. It fells a lot like the Rockabilly Deluxe pomade in your hands. However it is a little bit more waxy than that stuff. Once you start to work it it feels a lot like old High Life heavy. Hopefully it will be like that pomade, I loved that stuff.

However, when I went to apply it I was met with something way different. This stuff went in like the Knockout pomade stuff. Kind of hard to work in with my hands at first and it wanted to stay on top of my hair. After a little working and applying with my fingertips I finally got it to coat most of my hair. Combing it was just as difficulty as combing that Knockout pomade was. Quite a few hairs were left in my comb after I got done trying to work it in. It took a long time for me to get it all spread around evenly, and it left a lot of flakes!! So much so that it looked like I had terrible dandruff. I am really bummed with this stuff right now.


For a heavy hold pomade, it didn’t really do a very good job of holding my hair. There is a huge gap in the front and my waves didn’t get controlled very much at all. It was a decent height for a gapped, wavy pomp. You can see all the flakes in my hair from the pomade. I’m definitely bummed out about this stuff right now. I decided to comb my hair into more of a contour since I had that huge gap in my hair. It didn’t look much better after I combed it down though. The flakes eventually melted into my hair about halfway through the day. When they did my hair still had a very matte look to it due to the wax. I decided to try and comb a pomp again towards the end of the day and to my dismay this stuff flaked again. Even though it had been in my hair all day and the first flakes melted into my hair, the moment I touched it with a comb, the flakes came right back. I have never had a pomade do this before, or even understand why it’s doing this. Total Bummer!! Day one of this journey and this pomade is looking pretty dismal. Before I make a final decision I will try this stuff out one more day. I want to put this stuff up and move on, but I really should try it for one more day for the review’s sake.


After a bummer of a first day I decided to get a little bit of the pomade out of my hair so I could give it another decent go and see what happens. It went in about the same as the day before, but this time it didn’t just stick on top. I could work it in a little bit easier the second day. Combing it felt exactly the same way, only this time very little flakes. And the few flakes there were, were a lot smaller this time. They ended up working in pretty quickly and I was left with a nice matte look with zero flakes! Yes!! It held a lot better today too! I went for a style slightly resembling that on the one on the tin. That’s why my eyes are open real wide. Just goofin around and having fun with it. You can see, no gaps, no flakes, no waves, nothing bad going on today. Such a relief! I was worried it was going to be a dud of a pomade. Stuff held all day long, I did have to recomb toward the end of the, day because my hair started to lean to the right. No flakes this time when I recombed it either! Complete 180° this stuff pulled from day one to day two. I noticed the scent a bit longer today too, which I liked quite a bit!

I have to say I was really surprised with this pomade. At first look, smell and feel, I loved it! Then once I got it in my hair I hated it, all day. The second day, restored my hope in this stuff. I can safely recommend trying this stuff now. You should heed my caution in that you may hate it the first day, but give it more time if you do. It will turn around on you and really start to work nicely. Now this stuff isn’t one of my top favorites, mainly because it kind of sucks the first day. However, I can see myself using it again in the future, just not that often. I love the label, and the scent of it!! So that makes it a keeper in my collection. If you want to try out a tin of this stuff just head on over to
and snag yourself a tin. They have 3 other ones in their line on there. I plan on getting to all of those as soon as possible!! Well 1 pomade down 11 to go! Stay tuned for the next one.

Merry Christmas,


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One comment on “Kustom Kreeps – Death Grip Pomade

  1. athar says:

    Hey JC, I know this isn’t related, but are you already try tancho pomade?

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