Tuxedo Club

For the second pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Tuxedo Club. This stuff is a discontinued product, and has been for a little while now. However there are a few places that still have some here and there. I got it from a friend of mine back east. Thank you again Vaughn!! I appreciate you helping me get a tin of this stuff.


It’s packaged in a tin just like Royal Crown. This one is a taller, skinnier one thought. It’s all red with white writing on it, and a red lid. On the front it says “Tuxedo Club Pomade” and has a gentleman in a tuxedo in between the words. Below that is the weight information in black. The barcode is off to the left of this, and the right side has the company info. No instructions or anything like that on this one. It’s pretty straight forward and simple. I like it though, it’s classic!


It looks a lot like Royal Crown Pomade texture wise too. It is slightly tinted yellow, and doesn’t have any bubbles in it, but texture wise it looks pretty similar. And it smells exactly like Royal Crown! Literally to the t, exactly like RC. Nice cinnamon scent, with a tiny hint of sugar or frosting. One of my favorite scents out if any pomade I have. It reminds me of my great grandpa.

When you dig it out of the tin it feels a lot like RC too. It does have a longer pull off than RC does though. And doesn’t keep quite as much of a bulb either. But feel wise, it’s pretty much the same pomade when you plunge your finger into the grease. The scent really gets nice when you scoop it out too! I think I actually might like this one better than RC. It has a slightly better cinnamon scent, in my opinion.


It’s a really nice grease and it goes in your hair beautifully. It felt a lot like my Atomic Pomade when I was applying it. Very easy to work in and around with your hands and fingers. Right away it gives your hair a nice high sheen to it, and I haven’t even combed it yet! It combs in a lot like Electric Grease does. It’s nice and greasy yet has a slight resistance to it. It also works in evenly really fast. I didn’t have to sit there and comb it a bunch.


This stuff has a really nice hold to it for a grease. I was able to get a really nice round pomp with this stuff. My cowlicks weren’t completely tamed, but my hair was staying where I combed it. I love the way my hair feels with this pomade in as well. It has a slightly greasy feel to it, but it also has the feel of a light wax is in it as well. It’s kind of weird, but I like it a lot. I went about my day, and it was about just before subset when I realized I hadn’t been paying attention to how this stuff had held. To my pleasant surprise my hair hadn’t really moved at all! My cowlick in front did part a little bit more, but other than that it hadn’t moved.

Another Mistake! Great crucial HxC band check them out!

I decided to take a pic of how shiny this stuff is. As you can see it’s a really high shine. I really love the shine on this stuff. And how well it holds. I still had a pretty decent pomp at the end of the day. Great first day with this pomade. I didn’t lose that much from sleeping either. Mainly just the oil in the pomade was gone. My hair didn’t feel greasy and oily in the morning like it does with other lighter pomades. Definitely liking this, so far the buildup feels really nice. Can’t wait to get to day two.


Applying it with the buildup was perfection. A little more resistance, yet it still went in super easy. The shine seemed to be a little bit higher today, and I also had more control with it. I decided to go with a different hair do today, slicked with a Gentleman’s part. I like the feel of my hair a little better the second time around with the buildup. It didn’t look quite as nice, more greasy, but it felt really nice to the touch. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the shine was really nice as well. My hair held all day long except for a couple strands over my left ear. Mainly because they didn’t have any hairs to cling to or lay on since my sides are so short. Nothing a comb can’t fix though. I only had to recomb them back a few times all throughout the day, which was nice. The cold weather helped them stay in place as well.

I was well pleased with how well this stuff did both days. There isn’t anything bad about this pomade whatsoever. Cool tin, great smell, nice consistency, good hold, fantastic shine and decent buildup. If you can get ahold of a tin of this stuff, do it! Immediately! It’s a classic pomade that’s had been around for a while. Now that they don’t make it anymore, that’s even more reason to get ahold of some! Well two down, see you in a couple days with # 3.

Keep it greasy,


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4 comments on “Tuxedo Club

  1. Luis says:

    JC. Would you say it shines as much as Royal crown but with better hold?

  2. I would say they are about equal on both hold and shine. This one has a greasier feel to it, but holds just as well as RC.


  3. tafarel says:

    Is this one smell like RC pomade? Because I like the smell of rc a lot

  4. W. Burch says:

    Sure would like to find some. Haven’t seen it in years. Used to apply to hair, put on a stocking cap, then put on a hot towel to melt grease. By morning hair looks like it has been fried dyed and laid to the side. Yes i’m from the 60s and never had a process. Can you dig it?

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