Crown Pomade (black)

For the third pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be……Crown Pomade. I had seen this stuff on Etsy for a while and put off buying it until a few weeks ago. I’m not sure why I took so long to buy it, or what the sudden urge to buy it was. However, I got it and now it’s time to see what it’s like.


This pomade comes all the way from Australia an is packaged in a pretty unique tin. Well unique size and color, the style is familiar. It’s a gold, screw top, metal container. It’s like the Grant’s and Bone Crusher tins, just half the size. It has a lid label and a bottom label. Both a super simple design wise. The lid label is in the shape of a shield, pretty awesome, and is a white background with black lettering. It’s reads, from top to bottom, “Crown Pomade vivere est vincere Black oil based 100g.” Super simple just the name, type, and weight. The bottom label is the same way. Circle label, white background with black lettering. It has the ingredients, where it’s made, and the weight info again. I love the shape of the lid label, totally cool!


Opening up this tin, you see what else? Black pomade. I really like black pomades a lot! So I’m really excited to try this stuff out. It looks to be a slightly waxy pomade from what the surface shows. The reason there is a ring around the outer edge is the lid has a foam disc inside it which touched the pomade. Now the scent is just heavenly! It’s a bay rum scent, with nice hints of clove and cinnamon in there. Perfect for this season! Totally reminds me of my grandmas house at Christmas time. She always had those pine cones out that smell like cinnamon and clove.


When you dig your finger into this ebony pomade you pull out a really nice feeling pomade! It’s very similar to Murray’s beeswax, only slightly more waxy, not much though. It has almost the exact same feel to it. It’s a really well balanced pomade, between greasiness and waxiness. Hopefully it holds as good as it feels like it will. It quickly becomes nice and soft in your hands. And boy is this stuff a true black. Midnight black in fact. It’s cool when you use a black pomade, you can see where all the pomade covers your hands. I love the contrast, it looks really cool. But don’t worry, this stuff doesn’t stain your hands. A little hand soap and it’s all gone. So it won’t dye your hair, but it will tint it darker while the pomade is in your hair.


It goes in kind of like Murray’s beeswax does, just not at much resistance. It feels kind of like High Life medium too. It has a nice resistance yet is light enough that I can spread it around pretty evenly. It seems to have some nice shine to it already, but that could change when I start combing it. It’s fairly easy to comb, while maintaining it’s waxy feel. It combs a lot like Steel Toe Pomade does. I didn’t have to comb it too much to get it worked in. It was evenly distributed throughout my hair after only a little bit of combing which was nice. I don’t really like having to comb my hair for a long time to get pomade worked into it evenly. Luckily this stuff really combs in nicely and fast.


It has decent hold to it as well. I got a pretty nice pomp going with this stuff. And the shine stayed after combing my pomp as well. I’m really liking how this stuff is making my hair look. I was really surprised that I could still see the brown tint to my hair with this stuff in it. I’m guessing this stuff doesn’t stain your hair, since it didn’t stain my hands and I can still see brown. I’m not sure if it will stain fabrics or not though, we’ll see soon enough. It held all day long too, only one area didn’t stay. My cowlick on the right side of my head split wide open. For some reason it has been really bad about not staying as of late, it’s starting to piss me off.


Not much of this stuff came out of my hair after sleeping and showering so I didn’t have to add much to my hair. I’m not sure how I feel about the build up though. It kind of weighed my hair down. I wasn’t able to get a nice full pomp the second day, I just decided to go for more of a low pomp/contour instead. The shine was a bit higher the next day and the hold was about the same. My hair did feel quite a bit greasier though, instead of the nice balance the first day. Not necessarily a bad thing, just wasn’t expecting that from this stuff. I think that may be what’s weighing my hair down. The second day it held all day as well, and my cowlick didn’t separate as much. Definitely happy about that! Both days I really enjoyed how the scent stayed with me all day long. Towards the end of the day the cinnamon and clove kind of disappeared and all way left was the bay oil, but I still really liked the scent. It wasn’t overbearing either, nice a soft throughout the day.

I liked this stuff. It was a pretty good pomade. Definitely worth taking a look at. And for you guys and gals with lighter hair they have a natural colored pomade so check that stuff out. This stuff makes a cool addition to my collection, especially the gold tin! To snag yourself a tin or two of this stuff head to their etsy store;
Thanks to Johnny for shipping this stuff out to me in time for this series. I appreciate it man, I’ll be reviewing the natural after the 1st so stay tuned! See you at the next pomade of Christmas!

Stay slick,


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One comment on “Crown Pomade (black)

  1. NOAM says:

    yes. i think that’s what weighing your hair down – the greasens of the pomade, i love Murray’s beeswax but always when i use him Through the day My cowlick on the left side of my head split wide open

    great review. thank you

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