Five Palms Brilliantine

For the fourth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Five Palms Brilliantine. This stuff is kind of a rip off Tres Flores Brilliantine. However I saw it at the Mexican market and had to buy it!! I’m pretty excited to try this one out. Let’s get started!


It comes in the same type of plastic jar as Tres Flores, it’s just not as clear. This one has a yellow lid instead of a green one, and one rectangle front label. The label is a black background with white writing. There is a green and yellow border, and a yellow line through the middle of the label. In the center it says “Five Palms Brilliantine” above and below the yellow line. In the two upper corners are groupings of five palm trees, each one in a different color. The bottom left corner is the barcode and the bottom right has the ingredients, weight, and company. Super simple, not sure if I like this one that much though. Just not very cool looking I don’t think.


Opening the jar up you’re met with a great holiday smell. Banana pudding with Nilla wafers!! My family makes that stuff every year during Christmas time, and I love it!! One of my favorite desserts ever. It has a really nice vanilla banana scent to it, but it’s not too novelty. It’s really a great scent! The pomade it self looks to have a slight waxy texture to it. However it’s just petrolatum and fragrance. Most likely it’s not a super refined petrolatum, they tend to have more texture to them than say Vaseline or Equate. Hopefully it holds well, as I think it will.


Scooping it out was very oily/greasy feeling. Much more oily than Tres Flores. It feels like there is more than just petrolatum and fragrance in it. Definitely a very light grease, probably won’t have much hold to it at all. It’s not a bad thing if it doesn’t have hold to it though. It could be good for hairstyles that don’t require a lot of hold. In your hands it feels very oily and greasy. Feels quite a bit lighter than Tres Flores. Doesn’t seem to have much shine in my hands. Hopefully that will change once I get in my hair.

It applies almost exactly like Tres Flores does. Nice light grease, easy to working with your hands, and very easy to spread around. Running your comb through your hair is no problem at all. I didn’t even need to use the wide tooth end of my comb, the finetooth side worked perfectly. Really love it when pomades are really easy to apply and comb like this one is. I tend to take a little more time just combing my hair because of how easy it is to comb. I like the way the feel in my hair when they are very easy to comb like this one is. It also has some decent shine to it, but not as much as I was expecting.


Being such a light pomade, it’s not expected to have much hold, which it didn’t. However, you don’t always need to have a really tall pomp. Sometimes a nice medium or even a small one is good. I didn’t really like the hold the stuff had right out of the gate. Along with not being able to get even a medium pomp with this stuff, it also didn’t give me much control. My pump wasn’t even all the way around, and the little flyaway hairs stuck out. Which really surprised me, because my cowlick looked a lot better today.

Towards the end of the day pretty much all the grease seem to be out of my hair. My hair was left with absolutely no holding it just felt oily. Almost like I had never applied it, and only used an oil tonic or something like that. I’m kind of disappointed with this stuff. It doesn’t stay well at all. The build up will be nonexistent. And with my hair being so oily I will probably have even less hold. One good thing is that it washes out pretty easily. One shampooing and almost all of the residue was out of my hair. But that also means no buildup whatsoever. Then again, with only oily hair you wouldn’t get much anyway.

Overall I didn’t really like this stuff other than the scent. But it was only a dollar, so it’s not a big deal that I didn’t like it. I can see myself using this as a topper quite often in the future. I may also use it when I need something light on the days I don’t want a strong hold, and just need my hair to look ok while I’m out running around or doing stuff around the house. If you guys want to try this stuff out check your local dollar stores and see of they carry it. Well so far I have had a couple of dud days, hopefully things will get back to being good.

Merry Christmas,



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