Schmiere – Doktor Corvus Haar-Balsam

For the sixth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Schmiere Doktor Corvus. This stuff has been around for a little while now. I bought it back after it first came out and as soon as I smell but I knew I had to wait for this series to review it. I’m pretty excited to try this stuff out!


The Rumble 59 guys changed up the packaging with this one quite a bit. Instead of their usual big, flat tins, this one comes in a flip top rectangle tin. It’s a lot like an Altoids tin, without the paint and stamping. They did keep their black bird in the center though. This time he’s wearing a top hat and glasses. He also has a a suit and tie on. There is a flask-like bottle of booze tucked into the silk band in his hat. The background is tan and the lettering is black. There is some filigree in each of the four corners. Up top is “Schmiere” and down below is “Rumble 59.” On either side of the bird is “Prof. Doktor Med. Corvus” with some German writing just below them. And finally right under the bird it says “Haar-Balsam” with lightning bolts on either side of it. For some reason this label reminds me of a Ouija board. It’s not particularly laid out exactly like one, but it has the feel of one. It’s also kind of old timey as well.


When you pop open the lid you instantly gonna with of the pomade. It’s a delicious mint smell. Reminds me of starlight mints or candy canes. Mint is by far one of my favorite smells. Probably why the first pomade I made has a mint scent to it. The pomade itself is a very light green color. Not surprised as it goes with the scent very well. It seems to be a slightly waxy grease from the look of it. Hopefully it’s like their Mittel, I love that stuff!


As I pushed my finger into the pomade to scoop some out I was pulling out a pomade very similar to their mittel. It was a tad bit waxier, but it felt almost exactly the same. Once you get it out of the tin it takes on a more creamy meant smell. The lady said it smells like mint toothpaste. in your hands it feels almost exactly like you mixed the mittel and the hart together. I really liked the texture of it once I worked it in my hands.

It applies a lot like their mittel does as well. Goes in pretty easily, yet has a nice waxy feel to it giving you some resistance and control. You can work it in pretty evenly with your hands, but you don’t quite get the back side of your hair coated that well. Mainly because it likes to stick on top like most waxier pomades do. It seems to have a nice shine to it too. That may change when I comb my hair though.


I was pretty happy with how my hair looked after I combed it up. It had a nice look and texture to it. I was able to get a nice medium sized pomp going with this stuff. The hold is right in between their mittel and hart. Pretty much right where I knew it was going to be. My hair had kind of a slightly dry, fluffy look to it, but the hold was really good. The shine turned into more of a matte shine once I combed it up. I’ve had a lot of pomades do this lately, not a bad thing though. The hold was there all day, and it was very easy to recomb. Although, I lost a little bit of the control when I recombed my hair. My hair was still as tall, my waves were just more present than before. I was pretty pleased with how well it held up throughout the day though.


I liked it even better then second day with the buildup. Even though about half of the pomade came out of my hair in the shower, it still had a decent build up. It had even better hold the second day. Better look, texture, and shine as well. I liked the look of my hair much better the second day. It seemed to hold a little better throughout the day this time around. And I also didn’t really notice a loss when I recombed it. My waves didn’t come out now that I had the buildup in my hair. Second day was much better than the first when it came to the little details.

Overall it’s not a bad pomade. I think I like this one a little better than their mittel. The one major downfall to this pomade is the tin. It’s already quite a bit smaller than their other tins. Then because of the hinges they can only fill it about halfway up. So you get about 1/4-1/3 of what you get in the other tins/products. However, it’s about the same price as the other tins, so it’s kind of a bummer. Obviously not a huge one because I bought the stuff, but I just wish it came with more pomade. After only two days, I’m like 1/8 of the way through the tin. But the label is cool, it has a great scent, awesome texture, good hold and perfect buildup. So I’d say if you don’t mind paying about $15 plus shipping for 2oz of pomade, buy it and check it out. It’s unique from their others so I will definitely buy another tin when I’m out. Pretty much all of the online retailers carry this stuff so head to any of them to pick up a tin of this stuff. Halfway there, kind of happy and sad at the same time. I always have such a good time doing this series, it’s kind of a bummer to see it end. But hey we still have 6 more to go!

Merry Christmas,


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2 comments on “Schmiere – Doktor Corvus Haar-Balsam

  1. NOAM says:

    great review, thanks, and your hair look good especially now when your sides a bit shorter

  2. The German text says: After a tried and tested formula – for daily use.

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