Softee – Indian Hemp

For the seventh pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Softee Indian Hemp. I bought the stuff over a year ago and have used it here and there. Then the guys over at Softee sent me more of it a little while back. It’s one of my favorite products from them! Now to show you guys why I love it so much.


This tub has their old labeling on it, but it comes with different labeling now. It comes in a 5oz clear plastic tub with a black screw top lid. The label is a clear sticker with black writing. On the front it says “Softee Indian Hemp Hair & Scalp Treatment” and “Light & Natural.” This one has lanolin, herbal essential oils, and vitamin E in it to help with dry brittle hair according to the label. It also says “More Value” in a string across the top of the label like the Herbal • Gro did. The left side has the ingredients and a warning next to the barcode. The right side has the ingredient list, which is very lengthy.


You can see that it’s a yellow pomade through the clear tub. But when you open the lid you get to see what type of pomade it actually is. It seems to be a thick grease, kind of like their Herbal • Gro only thicker. It has dark and light brown flecks of something in it. Hopefully those won’t shop up in my hair where you can see them. The scent of this pomade isn’t really a holiday scent per se, but it reminds me of something increasingly prevalent this time of year. It smells just like the fruit flavored candy canes they have now, ie Jolly Rancher or Skittles or Starburst candy canes. And I mean exactly like them, to the T!! I love the scent of this stuff so much!! One of the best smelling greases I have for sure.


When you scoop it out it’s not as soft as you think it would be by the look of it. It actually scoops out more like a medium pomade. It’s actually a pretty firm grease. It’s consistency is similar to Electric Grease or Black & White. When I worked it around in my hands it softened up quite a bit though. It became a bit more greasy/oily after I rubbed my hands together. It isn’t as soft as their Herbal • Gro, but it’s a bit softer once you spread it around in your palms.

When I applied to my hair it did hardened back up a little bit. It went it easy and all, but it gained back it’s firmness. Pretty easy to coat all sides of your hair with just your hands. It combs very similar to Electric Grease as well. Nice and easy, yet you have quite a bit of control with it. It also has a slight tacky feel to it when you’re combing your hair.


As you can see this stuff gives you some really nice height. I couldn’t get a really bulbous pomp going with this stuff though. I was still happy with how well it held my hair. The cool weather really works with this stuff. I really like the shine it has too! It’s just as shiny as their Herbal • Gro is. High pomp, nice look, great shine, fantastic smell, what more do you want from a grease?! Hold that stays all day and easy recombability? Well the hold does last all day, with the exception of your hair getting slightly shorter if you’re out in the sun for too long. And recombability, it’s just as easy as recombing a light pomade or hair dressing.

This stuff is one of the better greases out there. It’s too bad so few people know about it. I like it almost as much as the Herbal • Gro. It has more hold sure, but for some reason the Herbal • Gro just works really great with my hair. The shine I’d say is actually better with this pomade. I like the scent of this one a bit more as well. I’m really glad the little flecks of plants and whatnot didn’t show up in my hair too. They seemed to just disappear. This stuff isn’t hard to wash out either, very easy for a pomade. You guys should definitely check this grease out! Head over to
and get a tub of this stuff and check out their other products while you’re there! There have tons of good products, so I’m sure you’ll like their other stuff as well. Plus they’re really well priced, you get a great deal on great products.

Keep it greasy,


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One comment on “Softee – Indian Hemp

  1. NOAM says:

    thanks a lot. its sound very good, i need to buy one, Question it has more hold than Mango Butter and Herbal Gro?

    The name Indian Hemp scares me a little Because I smelled the Indian Hemp of dax and the smell was stink but i will try this Softee

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